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How to choose a treadmill for home fitness workouts

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How to choose a treadmill for home fitness workouts
The contents

  • The types of cross-country trainers for home training
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electric equipment
  • The device treadmill
  • Choosing a trainer for home fitness workouts
  • The main producers of equipment for cardio exercise

Many prefer home practice training in the gym. Now even for running do not have to go to the polluted city streets, look for the nearest stadium or suitable routes in the Park. It is sufficient to choose a treadmill that will fit into the interior size and fit for the price. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of options, among which you can choose the best one for your home gym.

The types of cross-country trainers for home training

There are two main types of treadmills, suitable for home cardio training. They differ in the type of the used thrust:

  • mechanical models: do not use other types of energy, except for the efforts of the athlete;
  • electrical: equipped with a motor.

Mechanical equipment

Treadmills mechanical type driven by the muscular force of the person.

Despite the simplicity of the device hardware, it is supplied with an information screen. It reflect the main indicators of fitness training: distance, speed, pulse rate, number of lost calories. The speed and intensity of the training, the athlete chooses their own.

There are magnetic models of the mechanical type, which operate more smoothly, making cardiovascular exercise more comfortable and safe.

Advantages of the simulator of the mechanical type are:

  • affordability;
  • small size;
  • the lack of power.

The disadvantage of this type of simulator is that the incline is not adjustable. This makes it impossible for fitness training, for example, with simulated uphill.

Cons can also be considered that such models are not designed for heavy loads and can quickly fail. The lack of depreciation are doing classes on mechanical tracks quite traumatic.

Electric equipment

A heart simulator of this type is an electric motor. He leads the track into motion and can also change its tilt angle to 22 degrees relative to the horizon.

For both beginners and more experienced athletes are advised to opt for home fitness workouts it is the electric treadmill.

The advantages of simulators of this type:

  • The presence of the monitor with all the basic indicators.
  • The ability to set an exercise program.
  • High level of functionality.
  • Ability to work silently and smoothly.
  • The durability of the structure.
  • Some models have a safety key to stop the shutter in the event of a fall athlete.
  • The device treadmill

    To understand which path suits you, you can understand the specifics of the device.

    If the treadmill belt moves due to the operation of an electric motor, its power is determined by the speed and maximum weight of the athlete.

    Rubber band — belt — may be different widths and lengths. The most popular option — 50 and 120 cm, respectively.

    The monitor control panel located at the front of the machine. The athlete can control the speed, the distance traveled, your heart rate and how many calories burned during a workout. Pulse meter can be on a panel, fixed on the earlobe or on the chest of the athlete.

    Another part of the simulator — deck, which makes the training safer: it reduces the load on the spine, softening the impact force when running.

    Choosing a trainer for home fitness workouts

    To make the right choice, you need to listen to these tips.

  • Before buying will not be superfluous to consult an expert: a trainer, an experienced athlete, gym instructor.
  • It is necessary to accurately determine the size of the simulator. If you perform cardio exercises it will be a few people, the track is selected with reference to the tallest and heaviest of them.
  • The choice of the simulator depends on the character and fitness goal. Mechanical model suitable for irregular and low-intensity training. If well planned continuous training, it is better to choose an electric option with the possibility to set different programs.
  • An important technical feature of the simulator is the engine capacity. It is higher in the planned speed and weight of the athlete.
  • Most electric models are equipped with shock absorption system to reduce knee injuries that make exercise not only safer, but more enjoyable.
  • The tape should move smoothly and steadily, without jerks.
  • The thickness of the fabric should be at least 2.5 cm. Many models have double-sided tape, turning that will extend the life of the simulator.
  • To avoid problems in case of breakage of the simulator, you must select a device with warranty.
  • Not to make the wrong choice will help test several models of exercise equipment right in the store.
  • Management track should be simple and intuitive.
  • An important advantage is security: the availability of emergency stopping strips.
  • The main producers of equipment for cardio exercise

    Different manufacturers offer treadmills for every taste and budget.

    • Torneo, Italy.

    The trainers of this brand are characterized by an optimal ratio “price—quality”. Their average cost is $ 600. They have engine capacity of 1-3 horsepower. The angle of incline variable. It is possible to specify one of eight training programs.

    • AeroFit, Taiwan.

    Motor power is 1.5—5 HP. The number of programs to 20. The maximum weight of the athlete Minus 200 kg. the manufacturer is that the adjustable angle of the canvas only available in more expensive models. These simulators belong to the category of expensive sports equipment. The average price is about $ 2,000.

    • Bremshey, Germany.

    Equipment of this brand is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes. The average cost of a treadmill is $ 1500. With the engine power of from 1 to 3 horsepower simulators suitable for athletes weighing up to 150 kg can be laid from 6 to 23 training programs. The angle of incline can be adjusted. Measuring pulse can be touch and chest.

    • Champion, USA.

    Plus equipment from this manufacturer is the ergonomics and a large number of programs at an average price. Engine power varies from 2 to 3 horsepower. Maximum weight of athlete — 140 kg.

    With all the wealth of selection to choose a treadmill for cardio exercise is not difficult. The main thing that it was the right size, had all you needed for functions and fit for the price. Then each home training will bring not only favor, but also fun.

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