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How to choose a pedometer for fitness?

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How to choose a pedometer for fitness?

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  • Gadgets for a healthy lifestyle: pedometer
  • How to choose a pedometer for fitness?
  • Rules of practice walk

Industry HLS is actively developing all over the world. Improved old and new gadgets for sports and fitness. They make life easier for fans of training, make the training process more comfortable, productive and safe. Among the modern fitness gadgets are very popular pedometers. This simple device is a great help in the struggle for a beautiful figure and good health.

Gadgets for a healthy lifestyle: pedometer

The name “Pedometer” indicates that this device performs the function of counting steps. Fans of HLS actively use pedometers since the 60-ies of the last century. At that time the Japanese Yoshiro Hatano has developed and released a new electronic pedometer called “10 thousand steps”. Since it is believed that as many should be held per day adult to stay in good physical shape. The pedometer helps to track the implementation of this norm.

There are mechanical and electronic pedometers. A mechanical device similar in appearance to a conventional clock with hands. Inside it consists of gears, wheel balance weights and springs. When walking the fluctuating load causes the gear and the arrow on the dial shifted one step — one division. Such devices do not have high accuracy and are considered obsolete.

Electronic pedometers equipped with Electromechanical sensors that respond to shaking, transforming it into an electrical impulse. Readings the user reads the electronic display. Many electronic pedometers have advanced features. In addition to counting steps, they measure distance, show speed, count calories burned, etc.

Electronic pedometers are part of standard modern gadgets for fitness, such as smart watches or fitness bracelets. There are also special applications-pedometers that can be used by smartphone owners.

How to choose a pedometer for fitness?

Walking is the most accessible and safe form of exercise. Fans of a healthy lifestyle often practice walking for weight loss, promote health, improve physical fitness. Pedometer — a device that helps to extract from the classes walking the most benefit.

Advice for beginners on choosing a pedometer:

  • You must immediately determine which method of attachment of the pedometer is preferred. Pedometer wristband, worn on the wrist, is the most convenient option for those who are planning often to take readings. Convenient and accurate in the calculations of the model that are attached to the belt. But these pedometers you need to correctly position and constantly ensure that they are not shifted during movement. Apply other ways of wearing the pedometer in a pocket, on a neck string on my foot.
  • The device must be easy to use, compact, lightweight and durable.
  • In addition to counting steps, the pedometer may perform additional functions: to measure heart rate, count calories, to serve as a timer, alarm clock etc. But the more functions a pedometer has, the more expensive it is. Whether to pay more — everyone decides for himself. By and large, new to fitness could do with a simple pedometer with no extra options.
  • When searching for a suitable products necessary to study the characteristics of the models, read the customer reviews, compare appliances at cost. Not necessary to buy the most expensive pedometer, but the cheapest option to choose not worth it.
  • To verify the accuracy of the pedometer, you need to reset the data, go a short distance (20, 50, 100 steps) and check the instrument. The error should not exceed 10%. It is also desirable to follow the behavior of the device in transport: during the trip the numbers on the screen should not increase.

    Rules of practice walk

    Walking is a popular way to lose weight and bring the body back into shape. But it is important to plan and keep track of the load during training. Gadgets for fitness help to do it. Many modern pedometers, along with step counting, can record speed, distance, show calorie consumption, etc. If the device is simple and provides information only about the number of steps, the necessary calculations relating to other practice settings, can be spent freely.

    It is easy to calculate how much you need to go through to lose 5, 10, 15 kg. When passing 1 km on flat terrain at a leisurely pace without weights burns about 70 calories. This is an approximate figure, since all people have different metabolism, weight, level of training, etc. it is also Known that 1 kg of fat in the human body, equal to 7716 kcal. To find out how many steps in one mile, you need to divide 1000 meters by the average step length. With the growth of 1.75 m, the average stride length is 0.7 m.

    Fitness for weight loss will be effective only under condition of regularity of classes. The advantage of walking is that it is not necessary to specifically allocate time. You can just walk as often as possible. The main thing — to perform the daily norm. Thanks to the pedometer can accurately measure the required amount of load. We would like to go Hiking, as outdoor fitness particularly useful. In bad weather you can continue walking home, only need to get a treadmill. Additional steps can dial, if you give up Elevator and less use of transport.

    To speed up weight loss, need to move actively. Beginners should start with walking at a leisurely pace: 70-90 steps per minute. More advanced trainees should try to move with the speed 91-110 steps per minute. This speed of movement ensures good health benefits. If you want to increase calorie consumption, it is necessary from time to time to accelerate up to 111-130 steps per minute. To improve the efficiency of the walk you can take a load, such as a heavy backpack. It is also helpful to frequently climb the mountain. If you want to lose weight quickly, your route is better to lay on a place where a lot of UPS and downs.

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