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How to choose a good fitness trainer for classes in the hall

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How to choose a good fitness trainer for classes in the hall

The contents

  • Error trainer in the appointment of certain physical exercises
  • Signs of lack of experience of coaching fitness classes
  • Requirements for a good instructor in fitness training

Fitness classes, rehabilitation and effective way of dealing with the flaws, represent a system of complex effects on the body. The performance in the gym depends on many factors. These include: proper preparation of the programme and correct implementation of all its elements, adherence to the principles of proper nutrition, regular workouts and their intensity, initial level of fitness, type of body training and the personality of the coach. Skilled and experienced instructor is able to organize training process, taking into account all the aforementioned factors. As a result of his work the physical exercises are extremely effective and safe, so the services of a coach should not be neglected.

Error trainer in the appointment of certain physical exercises

Inexperienced and non-professional instructors when you include physical exercise in fitness programs often make the following errors:

  • strongly recommend beginners to perform squats in the simulator Smith. This sportsmachine sets a clear direction for movements of the trunk and lower extremities, but the trajectory of squats every person is different, so often beginners in fitness training at work this treadmill hurt my knees and menisci;
  • I propose to use the simulator Smith for other purposes, for example, zimowych movements of upper or lower limbs in the supine position on the floor under the fingerboard;
  • suggest to include in a fitness program dynamic lunges with barbell on shoulders. When performing this training movement, especially using large work weight, get overworked joints. In addition, making such attacks, it is very difficult to keep the balance, but when you consider that you are working with heavy shells, the exercise becomes extremely traumatic;
  • it is recommended to do bends and inclinations in the parties with the use of a large operating weight. With such a load the spine undergoes tremendous strain;
  • make the fitness program workout for beginners with overweight and with back problems, and joint and ligamentous apparatus, salageanu on the platform, various jumps, and work with the hemisphere bosu and TRX-loops, which are designed for people with a high level of physical training. Such loops were originally used by the us military during training in the field, so you need to have a well-developed musculature to perform the exercise with this exercise equipment without breaking the equipment;
  • do not correct technical errors, which include, for example, bringing the knees towards the head when performing presses with feet;
  • I propose to wrap the film places the maximum localization of body fat to stimulate the fat loss process. This procedure is performed during fitness classes, negatively affects health and can lead to undesirable consequences.

Signs of lack of experience of coaching fitness classes

In addition to the above errors made by the instructor on fitness training, its lack of professionalism and lack of experience can speak of the following symptoms:

  • when a person squats, the coach does not focus on such a thing as not allowing the knees over an imaginary line formed by the toes of the feet. Moreover, the instructor encourages women to squat with a barbell, and perform several other basic exercises with the weights, for example, the chest press and flexion for the biceps;
  • applies standard approach to use a method of mnogopoliarnosti for the study of the topography and operation of milopotamos for muscle building;
  • stops to drink water during exercise;
  • his fitness program includes only insulating the training, not focusing on basic movements mnogosloinykh training;
  • claims that after a workout is necessary to drink a protein shake;
  • insists on conducting a half hour cardio before and after strength and fitness;
  • recommends to reduce the caloric content of the diet by 20 percent or more, and completely avoid carbohydrates in order to speed up the process of reducing excess weight;
  • advises all one and the same program of exercises, not even varying in weight, and thus do not take into account the individual characteristics and needs of each visitor to the gym.

Requirements for a good instructor in fitness training

High professionalism of the trainer can be judged by such of his actions:

  • before drawing up a fitness program is interested in the condition, said the presence of diseases that may be contraindications to certain types of physical activity, measuring fat percentage and body size;
  • after a few weeks of exercise produces regular measurements and tracks results;
  • not insisting on individual work, and does not generate dependency training from the instructor. Thanks to this professional approach of the person over time can equally successfully deal with any other coach or to work independently in the gym or at home;
  • a professional coach does not distribute sports nutrition among their clients and the fitness program does not depend on the mandatory use of additives;
  • fitness instructor qualifications, not having a diploma nutritionist, does not form the diet. It can give General advice on nutrition, but never take responsibility for menu planning;
  • the coach behaves correctly as possible regardless of age and gender who train regularly and not allow yourself to harsh criticisms and tactless behaviour.
  • professional fitness instructor, even with major sporting past has certificates confirming his qualification in coaching.

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