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How to choose a fitness type figure?

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How to choose a fitness type figure?
The contents

  • Five types of figures
  • Figure Apple shape: fitness slimming
  • Fitness for pears: recommended exercises
  • Shape-rectangle: exercises for slimming waist
  • Fitness classes for the figure “inverted triangle”
  • Hourglass

Fitness for General health is, of course, very good. But women always want to achieve the most effective results. How to organize fitness classes to get your dream figure that is not a shame as the beach show, and Instagram to spread?

Five types of figures

It’s hard to remember who had the idea to divide all the ladies at the fruit, and geometric principle, by combining the diversity of their shapes into five characteristic types, based on which, the ladies choose their own clothes.

But do not have a lifetime to hide the incorrect proportions of under garments. The body can to some extent correct, and without the aid of plastic surgery.

It is enough to choose a suitable fitness. Well-constructed exercises will help to emphasize the main advantages of the figure and fix the cons. So, it is customary to distinguish five characteristic types of body structures: two geometric inverted triangle, and a rectangle, two fruit — pear with Apple and the last one was perfect, at least so says society, in particular representatives of the male — hourglass.

Figure Apple shape: fitness slimming

Characteristic features of the body in the form of Apple’s large Breasts, almost no waist and slim shapely legs. Fat accumulation in this case are predominantly in the abdominal area and sides.

Women with this body type should choose fitness slimming, because the main goal of training becomes the weight loss. It is recommended to focus on aerobics. During class, you should pay special attention to the cardio. To start with 20 minutes, gradually increasing the load time to 45 minutes.

Fitness classes for weight loss should be carried out through the day. As trainers suitable stepper and treadmill. Rest between training on simulators is also recommended to minimize, then fitness for weight loss will result.

Fitness for pears: recommended exercises

The main parameters of this shape are narrow shoulders and wide hips. Body fat, usually located in the thighs and buttocks.

Fitness classes for women with a figure in the shape of a pear should be chosen for working through muscle groups of the back and shoulder girdle. Experts recommend to pay special attention to such exercises as pull-UPS, presses the weights up and the like. It will not hurt as not too intense cardio — walking the stairs, playing on the ellipsoid, treadmill.

There is a perception that women that have a shape type pear, metabolic processes occur more slowly than others. Therefore, the use of flour and sweet products it is desirable if not eliminate, then at least limit.

Shape-rectangle: exercises for slimming waist

The girls, having a shape similar to a rectangle, the size of the chest, waist and hips almost the same, and the breast is large. It is considered that metabolic processes they occur slightly faster than the rest. On the one hand it is good because it decreases the probability of overweight. But on the other — may appear difficulties with the recruitment of muscle mass.

The main advantage of this type of figure — showevent and strong muscles, quickly reacting to fitness classes. And yet, to create an attractive shape will have to work hard.

Task fitness in this case is to make the waist thinner, and buttocks rounded. Therefore, emphasis should be given to intensive training with more weight, and exercises must be performed very slowly.

Perfect pull rod to the belt and a press of a bar lying. It is also recommended that the bench press the weights up. Fitness for owners of a rectangular body assumes a soft cardioactivity, for example, training on a treadmill and stationary bike. However, the track must have a certain slope, and an exercise bike — resistance. Fitness classes can be supplemented with training on the stepper, spin the hula-Hoop and perform exercises to strengthen the press.

Fitness classes for the figure “inverted triangle”

The figure in the form of an inverted triangle wide shoulders with a narrow waist and hips. In women with such a figure the fat is predominantly deposited in the upper body, i.e. the arms and shoulders. There is a possibility of the appearance of the abdomen.

Fitness classes in the triangle needs to have in their cardio program, for example, a stepper and a treadmill with incline. And now, training on elliptical machines should be abandoned when it’s weak muscles, the workload could be too heavy.

Effective in this case would be squats with heavy weight, bench press the lower extremities, retraction, and raising the legs. Fitness for this type of shape may involve lunges with dumbbells or a light barbell. To strengthen your arm muscles, you can use a rowing machine, but the main focus still need to do exercises for the muscles of the lower body. The recommended sports — speed skating and cross country skiing.


Such a figure represents is the same size chest and hips with slim, well defined waist, round curvy buttocks and slim beautiful legs.

Fitness workout for women with this body type needs to be integrated with the alternating strength and cardio training. This will give the opportunity to accelerate the metabolism and make the body almost perfect. But do not forget that the human body can appear addictive to a certain type of exercise, so every two months it is recommended to change the fitness program classes, and in the process themselves of training constantly alternate machines. For example, when to do cardio alternately on a treadmill and the elliptical trainer. Particularly effective in this case of circuit training on different simulators (3-4 rounds).

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