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How to choose a fitness trainer: tips for beginners

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How to choose a fitness trainer: tips for beginners
The contents

  • Recommendations for choosing a trainer for fitness
  • Selection criteria of instructor in physical exercises
  • Tips for choosing a fitness trainer for kids

The coach plays an important role in the effectiveness of the exercise. Choosing a fitness instructor, you need to understand what qualifications and experience depends not only the final result, but, above all, health and safety training. That is why, having made the decision to regularly exercise in the gym, you need a very responsible approach to the choice of the coach.

Recommendations for choosing a trainer for fitness

When choosing instructor fitness need, first and foremost, use these guidelines:

  • read the reviews about the trainer or ask a friend who already had the experience of training with a specific instructor about their impressions of the training under his leadership;
  • to sign up for a trial lesson at the hotel. Most sports clubs and gyms offers a trial workout before you buy a subscription, for a limited time or number of sessions. By visiting this activity and assessing the first impression of the fitness trainer, you can more carefully make the decision on cooperation with him;
  • during the trial lesson you should not miss the opportunity to communicate with the instructor. Competence and friendly attitude can play a decisive role in the choice of mentor for the exercise.

Using these recommendations, you can pre-evaluate whether to spend time and money on more familiarity with the selected fitness instructor.

Selection criteria of instructor in physical exercises

Choosing the person who will be an experienced mentor and a reliable assistant in the gym, should be guided by the following criteria:

  • qualification.

It is not necessary to evaluate a coach based on sex, age or appearance. All of these factors are not important, except in those cases where a person, for whatever reason, frankly unpleasant. The main thing that the fitness trainer had knowledge and experience that will be useful in achieving positive training results;

  • psychological comfort.

The person who visits the gym should be comfortable with who teaches his technique of exercise, recommends the appropriate training program, suggests the specific nuances of the training process and, if necessary, corrects the errors. Some people need to motivate strict attitude. This approach stimulates in their body, the adrenaline rush, and under its influence people can achieve maximum productivity and fitness. Other people do not accept such treatment, and training in such an environment will cause them stress. Accordingly, exercise performed in the stress, have minimal effectiveness;

  • education.

The sport instructor must have officially confirmed the specialty of medical or sports focus. It is also desirable that he was in possession of pedagogical skills, since it is directly linked to training and, in some sense, the education of the people. Diplomas and certificates on special education, though are not an absolute guarantee that the fitness coach is an experienced professional in the business, but they can be considered as an indirect sign of the presence of the instructor fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and other specific basic knowledge;

  • personal achievements.

People who have achieved significant results in professional sports or fitness, is much more confidence than a coach with an appropriate education, but a flabby figure. This symptom indicates that the instructor, at best, has a theoretical knowledge, but unable to apply them in practice, or has no desire to work regularly on myself. In such a situation the probability that it will make every effort to ensure that visitors to the gym have achieved significant results in the formation of the perfect body, is negligible;

  • personal qualities, including friendliness, attentiveness, sociability, tact, compassion.

They can be assessed only in the process of communication. Coach high-class must first ask the state of health, subjective opinion about the level of fitness, goals that one seeks to achieve through workouts, daily menus and traditional way of life. Beginners should not be afraid of these questions, to hesitate to answer them and to embellish the reality, as these data are extremely important. Based on these, the instructor may be the most appropriate in each specific case, the fitness program. Moreover, you should pay attention to the fact whether the coach is to answer any questions in the process of training questions regarding exercise technique, working muscles, the intensity of stress, dietary habits and other factors, which may affect the effectiveness of the training. If the instructor finds it difficult to answer such questions, it is an occasion to think about further cooperation with them;

  • individual approach.

The duties of the professional fitness trainer includes not only the preparation of training programs, an explanation of proper technique and control of its implementation, but also the correction of the training process in accordance with the individual characteristics of the person and the achieved intermediate results. If the initial plan of physical exercise could be basic, in the process, usually there are various nuances, such as imbalance development of muscles or “plateau”. An experienced instructor should know how to solve arising in the course of the exercise problems in each case.

Tips for choosing a fitness trainer for kids

In choosing a fitness trainer for children, parents should be as responsible as children are not able to assess the professionalism of the instructor. Moreover, in most cases the children during a visit to the sports clubs remain without supervision of parents, so the latter must trust the person with whom the child spends a lot of time. Not to be mistaken with the choice of coach for your child, adults can use the following guidelines:

  • read the reviews about the fitness instructor or to ask the opinion of parents whose children already attend or previously engaged with a specific teacher;
  • communicate with the coach, ask him some questions professional and pedagogical orientation. On the basis of communication, to make a subjective opinion;
  • to attend the class and observe the teacher communicating with children and discipline in the group. If there is a negative impression, you should think about changing the coach.

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