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How to choose a fitness mentor: tips for beginners

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How to choose a fitness mentor: tips for beginners

The contents

  • Why we need a fitness trainer?
  • Who better as a coach – man or woman?
  • Training and exercise program
  • External data fitness instructor
  • Professional skills
  • Approach to work
  • The manner of communication
  • The price for the service
  • Where to focus attention in the classroom?

People who decide to seriously engage in sports, but don’t know how or what to do, without fitness trainer cannot do. A professional mentor will help to make a correct plan and schedule of training to master the technique of execution of exercises and tell you how to adjust the power. How to choose a qualified fitness instructor to classes gave the result, time and money are not wasted?

First, you need to decide on the club – it is desirable that he was closer to home. Otherwise, the long road, and easy in traffic will quickly reduce the desire to play sports there. When the institution selected, you can decide with the mentor. Here you need to pay attention to several points: the professionalism, qualifications, physical fitness, approach and style of communication, as well as the cost of services.

Why we need a fitness trainer?

Many beginners coming into the sport, think about whether they need a fitness trainer or you can do without it. Unfortunately, in practice it turns out that workouts that are inexperienced athletes without a professional mentor, unproductive. Several reasons for this:

  • Choosing the wrong fitness program.

Often those who want to lose weight, you come into the room and begin to engage in power sports. Conversely, people who want to build muscle, choose cardio.

  • Equipment violation.

It is the leading cause of injury and lack of effect from exercise. A fitness instructor will help you not only learn correct technique but will also back in training with weights and how to vary exercises to suit your ability and needs.

  • A lack of stimulus.

A professional coach must be a motivator. In the course of communication he should be able to find the right words, incentive for quality work and desire to play sports.

Who better as a coach – man or woman?

Many young athletes attach to this factor of great importance. Women as coaches of women and men prefer trainers-men. In fact, the professionalism of the mentor does not depend on gender. A woman coach may conduct fitness classes for men and Vice versa.

Training and exercise program

Of course, arriving at the club, you must be familiar with the selected coach special education and proof of it. However, as practice shows, a large number of diplomas and certificates can be in no way associated with the qualification and skills of a fitness instructor. Today there are many organizations issuing such documents for money.

In addition, coaches often are people who have achieved success in losing weight on their own. Or those for whom a power or aerobic fitness was a passion. Communication – the best way to determine the professionalism of the mentor. It needs to have an idea about human anatomy, muscle function, metabolism, to know how to calculate the load and draw up a training program, possess knowledge about nutrition, etc.

External data fitness instructor

Muscle bulk, great physical shape and the dazzling smile of the coach is not a guarantee of his professionalism. It is important to remember that all of these qualities can be a condition of employment, the result of good genetics, self-care, regular exercise and even the use of illegal drugs.

Paying attention to the appearance of a fitness instructor, you should analyze the conformity of the age and his physique. If the coach for about 50 years, and he is not very slender and athletic physique, it does not signify lack of competence in sports. But the young instructor, who abides not in the best physical shape should be alerted.

Professional skills

To fitness gave visible results, you need to choose a mentor with experience, not with a mediocre attitude to the sport. Again, learn about his skills will help communication. First, in a personal conversation, you need to find out from the coach, how many years he works in the institution, and whether worked somewhere before. Second, it is possible to communicate with his clients and learn how the specialist is competent and whether to address him.

Approach to work

When we first met before the start of classes professional fitness instructor must ask a beginner athlete the following questions:

  • Are there health problems and any diseases?
  • Was informed of the injury and whether there is a propensity for injury?
  • What are the goals of fitness and what you want to achieve in the near future?
  • After communication, the mentor should offer a warm-up, light load or a test of flexibility. All this will help him to determine the physical fitness of the athlete to continue to create the right training plan.

    The manner of communication

    It should also pay attention because of comfort in communicating with a coach also depends on the effectiveness of training. Someone needs a gentle mentor that will not irritate their sharpness, and someone, on the contrary, more rigid, able to give at the right moment, the psychological and motivational boost.

    The price for the service

    An hour lesson with a qualified, educated and experienced fitness instructor is much more expensive than training with Amateur or novice mentor. What pays the athlete:

    • experience;
    • personal approach;
    • time taken;
    • a structured fitness program and exercises based on the needs and anatomy of a person;
    • security during training.

    If there is a desire to engage with the instructor, but the cost of subscription is too high, you can try to attend group sessions. Better of 2-3 people, no more. Otherwise the mentor is not physically have time to keep track of all wards.

    Where to focus attention in the classroom?

    So, familiarity with the coach and the first week of classes behind. Now you need to pay attention to the following points:

    • results achieved: improvement of physical form, dropped weight, degree of endurance, strength, etc.;
    • overall well-being.

    If there is no moral and physical comfort when working with a fitness trainer, or no results from training, should think about, and not to change the coach. If all is well, the instructor helps to achieve the goal, to move on and is interested to success – you made the right choice.

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