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How to choose a bike for fitness training and leisure activities

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How to choose a bike for fitness training and leisure activities
The contents

  • Effective fitness training on a Bicycle: how to choose a shell
  • Classification of Bicycle varieties of physical activity
  • Selection of bike configuration
  • The choice of bike for age, height and weight of men

The bike is one of the most accessible, effective and useful rounds for fitness training. Age when using the bike is not important: it can drive by both children and adults. Cycling is a cardiovascular workout that provides the body aerobic exercise. It can help you to get rid of extra pounds, strengthen the muscles of the thighs, legs, buttocks, develop endurance, improve cardiovascular and respiratory system, and also to bring the body to tone.

In the modern world produces a huge number of different sizes, functions, and purpose of the bike. Ignorant people find it difficult to purchase a shell, correctly to Orient in a huge range. It is especially difficult for men, it is not always clear what the Bicycle will be the best solution for tall or big men. To understand the range and pick the best bike for fitness training will help professional advice.

Effective fitness training on a Bicycle: how to choose a shell

To acquire a reliable two-wheeled “horse” and subsequently not to regret about your choice, consider all possible aspects:

  • the purpose of the purchase (weight loss, Cycling, extreme pastime, a means of transportation, etc.);
  • age, height and weight of a potential host vehicle;
  • the quality of the roadway;
  • the cost of the bike.

Classification of Bicycle varieties of physical activity

Typology of two-wheeled vehicles comprises over a dozen models. Each in its own way manifests itself in an aerobic fitness training.

  • Road city velobike.

This type of bike is designed to move in the city. This variant of two-wheeled transport is the most practical and comfortable. It is quite durable and easy to operate. As a rule, on this bike you can ride to school, work, to make Cycling. A road bike is suitable for men of any age, including children and adolescents. Another important advantage of the model — reasonable price, regardless of appearance.

The model is equipped with all the basic attributes of the vehicle: lights, brake pads, seat, and protectors against dirt, moisture and spray.

  • Mountain bike.

This bike is not designed for targeted fitness training, but it is ideal for vigorous walking on uneven bumpy roads, including mountain ranges.

The configuration of this kind of two-wheeled transport implies a solid construction of reinforced frame, disc brake system, superior cushioning, compacted and thick tires wheel spokes. This design is a great choice for men who prefer Cycling over rough terrain. Riding on this bike will provide a powerful strain on all the muscles and will help to develop stamina.

  • Sports velobike.

Fans of extreme outdoor fitness will like a sports bike. Unlike mining, it is not intended for travel along difficult routes, but for sports not find anything better. It is a powerful product comes with large rugged wheels, a beveled frame and a deep tread patterns on the tire for operative removal of dirt, water and sand.

Sports bike is the best tool for fat burning and study of the topography of the feet. The model provides intensive physical activity its wearer with the ability to control the resistance level of the pedals.

  • Cruisers for long trips.

Cruiser — variant two-Wheeler produced for long trips with a high level of comfort. This type of transport is very popular with older men who are to maintain the health necessary to moderate but effective exercise. Simplified fitness training on the cruiser will help to provide all cells with oxygen, increase joint mobility and improve tone your calf muscles.

Cruiser is from the leisurely trips to parks, stadiums and coastal areas. In its configuration includes an enlarged seat for stable landings, curved handlebars and a reliable foot-brake.

  • Touring bicycles.

Tourism — a combination of cruiser and mountain bike. Designed for long journeys on different types of road surface, including rocky, sandy, country road. Unlike a mountain bike, for riding on mountain ranges is not suitable. From cruisers it is distinguished by the presence of a hand brake with quick and simple switching. Has a wide seat, strong frame and deep tread.

  • Velobike for fans of extreme training.

Among these are the bikes small BMX. It’s a compact bike that can barely get men to mid-thigh. They are designed for extreme loads: tricks, turns, jumps, driving on ramps. A distinctive feature of this bike is small size, low wheel with thick tires and a diamond frame.

Selection of bike configuration

What bike to choose for fitness, some for walking or extreme driving? To answer this question will help the two main attribute of the vehicle frame and brakes.

  • Frame.

The right size is determined by the growth of the owner. The higher a man is, the longer should be the Bicycle frame. In this case, the wearer’s weight and physical activity will be distributed evenly, without overloading the wheels of the product. The most durable material for frames is considered as the steel and titanium, but the most durable, wear-resistant and at the same time light carbon frame.

  • Brake system.

In the modern market the most popular bike brakes are disc and the rim. Disk — the most common. They attach to the disk on the wheel. The main advantage — reliable braking performance (shorter braking distance in any weather) and prompt replacement of parts. Minus rapid amortization.

Rim brakes are less powerful, stop the transport softer, without jerks, but on wet roads are worse. Replace the rim system more difficult and costly to Finance. Plus rim brakes — longer than the disc lifetime.

The choice of bike for age, height and weight of men

The choice of bike is determined not only by model type and configuration of the product, but also height, weight and age of its future owner.

For younger children and Teens prefer to buy city bikes. They are the safest, but their Assembly is perfectly suited for a comfortable ride child up to 15 years.

After 14-15 years, many teenagers begin to look to compact BMX. Subject to safety this bike will help develop the child’s agility, strength and power of muscles.

To choose the vehicle accurately for growth, you can use a special table that lists all types of bikes with a recommended frame size. For example, for growth in the 170-185 cm size frame to velobike extreme type will be about 48 cm, and for urban and tourist — about 51 cm.

Selection of two-wheeled transport on the weight of the owner is complicated by the fact that most models are not designed for men with large body mass. The standard weight of a normal bike of any configuration up to 90 kg and Men weighing up to 120-130 kg, must look to mountain sports and velobike. They endure greater physical exertion and can withstand impressive weight due to the high density of Cycling cells.

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