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How to cheat your brain and lose weight?

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What makes people eat more than required and gain weight? Own the brain is a sophisticated computer that controls all the action. To lose weight, you need to trick the brain.


The brain of any man is stronger than the most powerful computer in the world. It is with high precision processes thousands of thoughts, keeps millions of memories, but at high power the brain has not only advantages but also disadvantages. The brain determines every action, including and habits, provides the response to an impact. Most people continually overeat and gain weight because of the peculiarities of the brain. In order to lose weight, you need to trick the brain to help those tricky techniques.

Attentive food

The focus of attentive power that person during the meal only focuses on food. No need to be distracted by conversations, TV, smartphone, or book, or even thinking about work or home problems. Mealtimes must be food, if you block extraneous thoughts, the products will gain a more intense taste and smell will become more satisfying. Sensing the taste and smell of every bite of food you eat mindfully and stay in the moment when it comes satiety.

Red plate for unwanted products

The pursuit of weight loss and nutrition don’t have to give up all harmful products, from time to time you’ll want to indulge in a little sweetness or other snack. Get red plates and drink junk foods exclusively with them. Psychologically the person perceives the color red as a sign of anxiety, attract attention, some of it associated with blood and horror. Red is like a stop signal, red plates will remind you that you have to be careful with harmful food.

Take a plate in hand

One of the biggest problems facing people in the less is hunger. Less food allows you to feel full, so people want more and more. The signal of saturation, which is a joint activity of the stomach and brain, you can fool one and the other organ. In order to fool the stomach, you can drink before meals a glass of water or use other common methods for filling. To trick the brain slightly more complicated – you need to take the plate in hand, then you can feel the weight of the plates and lying in her food.

During every meal, often take the plate in hand and focus on her weight.
Minus 20%

Most people impose themselves too large portions, then it becomes a pity to throw away food, and they eat up everything until the end. It’s one of the jokes of the brain, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds. Observations have shown that the majority of people eats at least 20% more than required. Do servings is 20% less, you’d be surprised, but this is enough.

The meal in silence

Around you the sounds are powerful irritants, you may not realize it, but the brain will be constantly on them to be distracted. Experiments have shown that when eating food in silence, people eat a lot less. The reason is because silence allows you to hear the sound of my own chewing, the saturation comes faster.

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