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How to change your life: food rules and fitness classes

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How to change your life: food rules and fitness classes
The contents

  • Rules of trainings and their schedule
  • Fitness and lifestyle
  • Nutrition and drinking regime during training

Fitness classes require a lot of willpower and good self-discipline. Almost every one of us at least once in life wanted to start to play sports, but lack many of these qualities was an obstacle even at the planning stage. In order for the sport to really benefit and improve the quality of your life, it needs to do its part, often the most difficult is “start”. It certainly requires breaking out of your comfort zone and the ability to tune in to a lot of hard work, which at first will not give obvious results. When the first step is overcome, you should start gradually to introduce regular training in their way of life, changing and adapting it all its spheres.

The recommendations below will allow you to understand the direction in which to move, to determine the points that need to gradually change in your life to improve your health and health, appearance and physical form.

Rules of trainings and their schedule

Healthy lifestyle involves proper nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle and regular physical activity. The transition to a healthy lifestyle should begin with entry into the training process, smoothly to do that is by using these recommendations:

  • Conduct training in the morning.

Many people prefer to do in the evening after work, but when the motivation is not too high, there is a temptation to refer to fatigue and to cancel the lesson. That is why it is best to start learning about fitness through a morning workout, when the body is rested and the body requires energy for the whole next day.

  • Do the workout short.

Much better to play short and intensive training than long training sessions of endurance. Exercises using force will lead to lower motivation to do so until it brings you pleasure.

  • Combine different types of exercise.

Alternating cardio and strength fitness is not only good for your figure and health, but also helps to vary the exercises to make them more interesting and attractive.

  • Do the exercises in the supine position.

If you like an extra hour to lie on the couch, add to this the pleasant occupation of much use performing exercises, getting out of bed. The advantage is that there are a huge number of such exercises, which, moreover, are totally devoid of hazards.

  • Dose of physical activity.

Start with small loadings, and increase them gradually, listening to your body and really assess its capabilities. Remember that it is better to train at a moderate pace than at the limit of their forces.

  • Make clear the training schedule.

Working out in the same days of the week at a certain time, you will be able to develop the habit of those trips to the gym, and she is firmly entrenched in your daily life.

  • Leave time to recover.

It is not necessary to do every day, depleting the body; optimal frequency fitness workouts through the day, ie three times a week. Excessive loads can cause the state of chronic fatigue that will affect the effectiveness of training, motivation for their continuation and quality of life.

  • Work with a coach.

Find such an instructor, with whom you would want to take an example that will become your inspiration for your own improvement, will be able to give sound advice, make a fitness plan and control the correct execution of the exercises.

Fitness and lifestyle

To get lasting benefits from fitness activities, implement the activities in their lives, gradually changing. To achieve this, the following tips will help:

  • Conduct mini-trainings.

Use any free time to sports activities. You can perform minimal exercises while watching a favorite TV show, standing in the kitchen or cleaning the house.

  • Get ready for training.

Prepare for trips to the gym a separate bag and clothes and also other accessories; collect all required for morning classes in the evening to begin training without haste and in readiness.

  • Find like-minded people.

Among their friends or simple acquaintances find people who want to go to the training together with you. This will give you motivation, give training the competitive moment and just make them more fun.

  • Make your life more active.

Most try to walk, climbing stairs instead of riding the Elevator, rarely using transport and making the evening Hiking in the picturesque places.

  • A short workout is better than nothing.

If you don’t have time to do a proper session, select at least 10 minutes for minimal physical exertion.

  • A good night’s sleep.

In order to avoid the body time to fully recover, allow yourself at least 7 hours of healthy sleep.

Nutrition and drinking regime during training

Proper nutrition provides a significant part of the success if you wish to build a beautiful body. Obtaining good results during a fitness adds a significant amount of motivation, they are also largely dependent on diet and nutrition. Use these suggestions and get inspired by the positive effect of the training:

  • Take a snack before exercise.

How to deal with on an empty and on a full stomach is not desirable, but a little snack before an intense workout and correct healthy diet even useful. This will add energy and health.

  • Drink plenty of water.

During the day you should drink at least 2 liters of clean water for proper functioning of the body. Moreover, contrary to the exhortations of many coaches and athletes to drink water during class can and should be primarily for health. After all, during the training, the body loses large amounts of fluid, which needs to be restored, otherwise there may come a dehydration that will affect the wellbeing and effectiveness of training.

  • Eat right.

Fill your diet with healthy and natural food, it must contain a minimum of artificial additives and a maximum of useful nutrients.

  • Drink tea and coffee.

If you lack energy that can serve as a reason for postponing a workout, drink a Cup of organic coffee (or green tea) — it will give the body tone and will have a positive impact on metabolism.

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