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How to calculate the duration of fitness training

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How to calculate the duration of fitness training
The contents

  • Hormones and fitness
  • Maximum time strength training
  • The effect of burnout
  • The duration of a fitness exercise
  • Planning fitness activities
  • Insights

Beginners who decided to start the gym, it will be interesting to know how the duration of exercise most effective. According to scientific studies, the average lesson should last 40-60 minutes. But the exact amount of time needed for quality training depends on the physical preparation of the athlete, fitness, goals, classes, and selected exercises. This article discusses theoretical issues of the relationship of human physiology with training duration, and provides practical advice on selecting the optimum time for a workout in the gym.

Hormones and fitness

During execution of strength exercises in the human body is the active release of hormones. This biologically active substances anabolic group responsible for growth and muscle recovery:

  • testosterone;
  • insulin;
  • growth hormone.

Additionally, physical activities stimulate the production of the catabolic hormone cortisol, impacting metabolic processes and increasing blood sugar levels. Excess cortisol raises blood pressure, depresses the immune system, leads to a sharp increase of glucose level. Therefore, it is too long the power bar in the gym can cause serious health problems and increase body fat and decrease lean muscle.

Because the body responds to the stress it receives during employment with the weights. Thus to specify a clear boundary to the duration of fitness for all men or women can not. All depends on the individual: the physiology of the athlete and his physical qualities.

Maximum time strength training

In the United States was conducted research to determine the most time-efficient training strength athletes. Scientists at the University of Massachusetts found that fitness exercise heavy physical load give the maximum benefit if the exercise time exceeds one hour. Lessons of longer duration can produce a side effect, followed by:

  • the decreased production of testosterone and growth hormone;
  • increased levels of cortisol;
  • an increased risk of injury.

Thus, for young athletes we should not think that the more they spend time in the gym, the better the result. Well-planned training for 60 minutes will be the most useful for muscles than, for example, 90 minutes of grueling training.

The effect of burnout

During the classes with the weights of the muscular and nervous system work together. Long-term training can cause them significant stress and exhaustion. And if you don’t pay attention to it, sooner or later there will come a neuromuscular burnout. Its level depends on factors such as:

  • the type of exercise;
  • the intensity of performing strength exercises;
  • the duration of employment.

Not to provoke a negative effect, you need to choose not only the duration but also its frequency. Muscles and the whole body needs to fully recover between visits to the gym.

It is considered best to train 2-3 times a week. Experienced athletes enough even 1-2 workouts that efficiently work on increasing your strength and muscle volume. Therefore, do not lead the body to exhaustion. Conduct fitness classes under the plan, without forcing the events.

The duration of a fitness exercise

Beginners power athletes would be interested to know about the optimum time for performing some exercises. To answer this question, knowing the purpose of training. If the work in the gym aimed at increasing muscle strength, endurance and volume, it is recommended to exercise intensely for 1-2 minutes. In this case, the body consumes energy stored in the form of glucose.

The athlete who wants to dry the body and get rid of excess fat, you want to use in your training, lower intensity but longer time exercise. For fat burning and weight loss, you must start the process of obtaining energy from glycogen and lipids accumulated in tissues.

Thus, your fitness needs to build on the basis of their physical abilities, goals workout set sports objectives, and other important factors. So that nothing is missed, it is recommended to make the perspective plan and exercise program for at least 2 weeks in advance.

Planning fitness activities

To achieve a good result in the power gym can only be the case if you perform exercises for all muscle groups. The recommended training plan based on your goals:

  • Work on strength and mass.

In this case, one class worked out 2-3 muscle groups.

  • Weight loss.

To achieve the effect, you will need to train all muscles. This approach will enhance the fat burning process, making it more effective.

  • Relief.

There is no single way of organizing and planning training. All depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. You can make the muscles more prominent and more beautiful by losing weight, or working in the same direction, gradually increasing the amount of muscle.

Workout plan need to tell the athlete what muscle groups he will work, what should be the duration. In the program of study detailed exercises of the day, the order of their execution, the number of sets and reps. Fitness classes can and should be corrected, based on the results of previous training, health and other circumstances.


Summing up, it can be argued that for beginners the duration of fitness in the gym should not exceed 60 minutes. But we need not just to be in the hall, and to work actively. Do not waste time talking, walking, water, advice from instructors or experienced athletes. All these questions need to be addressed before training.

Classes with less than 40-45 minutes will not give the desired effect. If time is limited, you need to increase the number of weekly workouts, which also does not fit all. It should be understood that the total training time and duration for the fitness exercise at everyone.

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