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How to build your back the man: exercises and tips

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Every man wants to make the right impression on others. Reliable, strong and courageous — these are the main qualities of a defender with a powerful back. How to pump up the back of the man below it was said: “Like a stone wall” the girls paid attention and other male silently envied.

In addition to the aesthetic component, the major functions of muscles are:

  • support the spine;
  • compensation of load on it while driving;
  • exception deformation during injury and physical activity.

No need to explain how important the integrity of the spine.

The exercises on development of muscles of the back, which will be proposed below is suited for physically healthy people, not suffering from diseases of the spine and no contraindications (for exceptions should go to the doctor).

Exercises to build muscle at home: key features

In order to become the owner of a beautiful and powerful back to the gym to walk not necessarily, but preferably. But not having the time or means, it is possible to cope at home. For this we need to build a clear system of training and strictly to follow it.

Let’s see which muscles are in principle located on the back, and from there we will decide what exercises to strengthen them we need.

  • Upper back — from neck to shoulder blades, consists of a trapezoid (you can pump, wrung out on bars) and diamond (for them pulling) muscles.
  • The middle of the back is the most extensive division, made up of many muscle fibers. The broadest muscle responsible for one of the most desirable terrain, and they are not difficult to train and exercise selection for this large enough.
  • Along the spine from the base of the neck to the sacrum is a long muscle, the main function of which is to support the vertebrae. It perfectly pumped through hyperextension.
  • At home you can pump the muscles of the back, but still need to have multiple devices for lessons. Ideally, to equip a sports area in which it is desirable the presence of the Swedish wall bars, beams and a set of dumbbells and kettlebells of various weights. Having a home sports complex, supported by the use of the pool, running and cyclocross — to gain relief back at home is achievable.

    What exercises should I do to pump up the back

    Consider the option without restrictions for health reasons.

    In this case, effective horizontal bar for the pumping muscles of the back, no fixtures, no matter whether it is bought in store or made by hand.

    For a productive study it back muscles you should use a special grip, involving the unusual position of the thumb (abduction it aside, or podvorot inside). To catch up to the lintel need only the chest and not the chin, and in the process you can feel how tense the widest. Pull-UPS should be performed smoothly, slowly. In this moment there is consistent work the muscles of the back, which cannot be achieved in lifting jerk. Technique is important, and once you get to do the exercise correctly, no less than 8 times in a row, you can add the weighting.

    Hyperextension is possible to perform at home, but with the help of an assistant. Need to lie down on a flat surface (ideally a bench), to the upper part of the body hung limply, and partner with their weight should keep your legs and pelvis. For the correct execution of exercises should not forget about holding a straight line torso. Upgrades should be done gently, to feel every muscle. This slow implementation can give additional load to all muscle groups of the back, especially longitudinal. In the initial stages, should learn the correct technique. When the result will be no less than 15 times for 4 sets, you can add weighting to enhance the load.

    In the presence of dumbbells at home, you can do the following exercise. Putting feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend them at the knee, and, picking up a dumbbell, to perform forward bends. Do not forget about the straightness of the back, that’s the whole point. Should perform 10 — 15 times, starting with 3 approaches and gradually increase to 5.

    If you conduct classes on the street, using a variety of metal monkey bars in public playgrounds, you can add exercises on the bar and dips.

    Classes at the gym

    Exercises for back muscles should be performed first, as they require serious consideration. The whole complex is about the flow is divided into primary and secondary parts. To the core include deadlifts, pull-UPS, thrust rod in the slope, where the to increase the mass, increase the weight a small number of approaches. Exercises with dumbbells, hyperextension, thrust blocks and T-pull are divided to the auxiliary.

    Exercises for upper back

    Srage with the shell. Is the shrug (the shrug is translated with the English — shrugging). For correct execution we will need a barbell or dumbbells (weights). Blades are moving upwards, in any case do not rotate the shoulders, are more likely to injure themselves. Sragi perfectly pumped the trapezius and scapular muscles.

    Exercises for middle back: chin-UPS

    Well in any conditions: in the gym, at home, on the street. The most ancient and natural exercise for back, productively developing the broadest muscle, this is the width of the “wings”.

    When performing this exercise you should not give load to the biceps, which often happens. To avoid this, we must learn to feel the muscles work. Grip when tightening can be narrow, wide or medium. In this work a narrow grip gives more load on the biceps and a wider grip is aimed at the widest. If there is no skill to eliminate from the process the biceps, it is easier to choose a medium grip.

    The position of the brush also affects the load direction, the perfect solution for the effective pull-UPS, parallel grip.

    Pull the vertical block

    The thrust block on top of a narrow grip will involve the trapezius and rhomboid muscles. It’s like a lightweight version of pull-UPS and for newcomers it will be a lot more. If you already have good preparation, then traction can be connected after performing pull-UPS to finish off the load on the widest.

    Pull dumbbell with an emphasis on the hands

    Working with dumbbells (each side worked separately) captures the work the deltoid, trapezius, broadest muscle. At run time, you need to follow the vertical movement of the hand and straight back. The emphasis of the hand will slightly reduce the load on the spine and thus it is better to feel the muscle work.

    As mentioned above, there are secondary exercises that complement the overall picture of the training and will undoubtedly contribute to a variety of loads. They are useful to alternate between them, so as not to allow the body to become accustomed to a certain routine and get the exercises for the greatest results.

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