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How to build trapezius muscle alone?

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Trapezius muscle located in the upper part of the back and goes into the back of the neck. Beginners often do not know how to build the trapezius muscle, and, moreover, I do not understand why it to train.

Good work very important: this muscle is responsible for rotation of the head and neck, and raises the shoulders and helps them to move. It is often overused (especially in office workers), and this impairs blood flow and causes severe pain. So for her health especially need to follow.

So, how to build the trapezius muscle? To begin to examine the anatomy: the muscle has three divisions (upper, middle and lower). Need to work on all those departments. By the way, one of the common mistakes athletes different study and preparation of a trapezoid and deltas. There are three win-win activities that will allow you to evenly work out the trapezoid.

1. Training with dumbbells

Take a dumbbell with the right hand, inhale and pull your stomach. Lean forward so that your back was parallel to the floor, and put your other hand in the power bench. Important: right hand, meanwhile, must hang freely. Then tighten your neck so that it was a “continuation” of the straight line of the spine and begin to lift the dumbbells to hip level. Then slowly lower it. Then change hands. Gradually increase the number of repetitions.

2. Training with parallel bars

Climb on the bars on outstretched arms and, straining the lower part of the trapezius, try to sit up a little more and stay in this position. Then relax and tighten again. Also exercise, increasing the load.

3. Training with a barbell

Exactly stand up, taking the barbell “grip top”, and hold your breath. Trapezius muscle strain and dilute with elbows parallel to the barbell, try to lift them up. Rod, meanwhile, should go along the body up to his chin. When the rod is lifted, exhale, try to tighten even more, and gradually start to lower to the original position.

Important! Before you start training, remember to warm up, otherwise the load on the muscles is too strong.

If you advance will take care of the stretch, then warmed up muscles can withstand a greater load, and the painful consequences of training will be less noticeable.

When performing these exercises, you should not strive for more weight. Training should take place systematically and thoughtfully: each of them must gradually increase the load. Perhaps, every athlete had the desire to take the maximum weight to achieve everything at once, but you need to understand that this is an illusion, and no good, alas, will not bring.

How often should you have?

Depending on your physical fitness and predisposition to increased muscle, you can do one to four times a week. If the progress is obvious, one exercise is enough – you can just make a couple of approaches of the three of these exercises. If not, individually, determine how often you need to do.

Do I need to change the food?

The answer to this question depends on how you eat now. The athlete should eat 5-6 times a day, and for muscle building necessary protein is 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. Shortly before training you can eat cheese, but an hour after it – to use protein protein mixture.

A proper combination of diet and physical exercise will surely have the desired effect, but it is important to realize that achieving it takes time.

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