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How to build the neck: exercises and principles of training

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How to build the neck: exercises and principles of training

A strong neck is the part of an athletic appearance. Well padded neck gives the impression of strength and power. At contact games developed neck muscles allows you to better take a punch and reduces the risk of injury. If the neck muscles are strong, there is less tension that arises in the neck and shoulder Department from stress or a long stay in an uncomfortable position.

To download neck – employment is unsafe for health. The cervical vertebrae are easily damaged, so exercise for neck trying to perform smoothly, without sudden movements and jerks.

Fitness for the neck: exercises

To fully inflate the neck muscles, you need to practice several exercises because the head tilts forward, backward and sideways are different muscles.

The most common and simple exercise – flexion and extension of the neck, lying on the bench. The athlete lies on a bench stomach down, leaving the weight of the head, neck and shoulders, on the back of the head puts the weights and slowly begins to tilt his head and raise. Then exercise again, turned over on his back and holding the weighting on her forehead.

The neck trying to bend and straighten as possible. Propulsion is achieved smoothly and slowly. The fitness enthusiasts who have just started to train the neck, enough to do 10-15 repetitions in two sets on each exercise. The first lesson it is better to limit one set. First, take a disc weighing 2.5 kg. Instead, you can ask the partner to put pressure on the forehead or the back of the head, or work on the crossover, wearing a head strap and pulling the rope with the weights.

Side bends lying also perform with a partner or using the drive. While flexion and extension of the neck when standing or sitting on your head wear a special device resembling a harness with weights. The head is lowered and lifted, overcoming the resistance of the load.

After two or three months, you can go to the worst exercise called “workout on the wrestling neck bridge”. You need to stand in a wrestling bridge with support on hands or without them and moving the body forward and backward, rolling on the floor, its head thrown back.

Swing the neck without harm for health: basic rules

Experienced athletes load the neck at the end of the training, when the cervical muscles are well warmed up. Before performing the basic exercises for the neck always do a warm-up, making a circular motion or bending.

Enough to train your neck muscles twice a week, trying 2 workout perform full range: flexion, extension, lateral bending. You should start with two approaches of 10-15 repetitions. Movement should be smooth and soft not to displace vertebrae and not to pinch the nerves.

Do not forget about the trapezius muscle. Well padded trapezoid add the neck volume. The trapezius muscle is to train immediately before the exercises for the neck.

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