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How to build six pack abs girl home

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Many women dream of a flat and taut stomach. Regardless of social status, age, and physique. But few of the female half of society can allocate time for training in the gym with an experienced coach. So nothing left but to pump up the abs to the girl in the home, that is their own.

Given a set of exercises and recommendations are right for the female half of society. A strong sex structure of the abdominal muscles different from the girls that you need to take into account. Men are better to gain muscle mass doing weight training, and for sure Vice versa. Exercises should be done for resistance and stretching.

How much time will it quickly pump up the press at home the girl

To achieve a beautiful belly will take no less than two months, is in constant sports. To work better every day by spending half an hour a day than several times a week, spending from an hour to two. To believe that there is a special low-calorie diet and exercises that will help to make your home tummy elastic for one or two weeks is a myth. And in cases when a woman is overweight, then the problem becomes much more serious. Such a goal, how to build a press belly at home to achieve will be extremely difficult.

If the fat layer in the abdominal region larger than one centimeter closes the press, get rid of it even with intense training quite difficult. It is desirable to include for athletic activity, proper nutrition, training for weight loss or drying of the body. Without healthy food, you will not be able to see the cubes on your stomach. Should not think that the right diet, it’s starvation. We are talking about a variety of balanced menu without any hazards. The primary purpose of which is burning the layer of fat, not only in problem areas, but also throughout the body. To achieve good results, you must experience a caloric deficit. Girl needs to spend more energy, than receive. Everyone, without exception needs a special power supply, which is compensated from the food we produce. If properly created the calorie deficit, the body will take reserves, while burning fat.

Another important point, but that does not make for a beautiful tummy, have to learn how to count calories.

Do not be afraid, it is not difficult and within a short period of time will become a habit.

Basic rules of exercise

To pump up the press at home, special sports equipment is not required. Let me go in the handy tools. To begin with, we need a hard surface, so to swing the dices on the floor better. If available, use a Mat for fitness or yoga. Before every workout do a warm-up. What exercises to do doesn’t matter, it can be yoga, dance, gymnastics, or stretching. It is necessary to warm up the muscles. First, to avoid injury, and secondly, the main burden will be more productive. You need to engage in two hours after a meal and before going to bed, at least for three hours.

So the approximate scheme of training for women is:

  • Pumping all the abdominal muscles. Includes exercises:
    • side twisting;
    • scissors;
    • the rise of the legs.
  • The study of the muscles of the corset. This includes:
    • strap a normal;
    • the side plank.
  • Exercise vacuum.
  • The technique of each exercise

    Side twisting. From a position lying on your back, bend legs and pull to chest. At the same time, the body must be stationary. Next, the legs need to flip one way then the other. Be sure to strain the stomach. Do 25 – 30 times.

    A pair of scissors. Lie on the floor. Limbs to be leveled and raised about 40 centimeters from the surface. Without bending the legs perekidyvaem them. Be completed within one minute.

    Leg lifts in the supine position. Starting position lying on the floor one leg bent at the knee and ubiraem to the floor. The second – level. Push off the supporting leg and raise the other, in such a position delayed by 20 seconds.

    To strengthen the core muscles, there is only one exercise – the plank and its several variations. Works the whole muscular system of the body. It helps to make a flat stomach and slightly narrow the waist.

    Conventional strap. Take the emphasis lying down, to rest on your elbows and toes. The back does not bend. The entire body must be parallel to the surface. For beginners this exercise can be performed with emphasis not on socks, and on his knees.

    The side bar do on the side resting on the elbow of one hand. Hips should be off the floor and stood. In this position delayed from 20 to 60 seconds. Then go to the opposite side.

    Only vacuum can use the internal abdominal muscles that will help to draw the abdominal wall. If you do it daily, maybe fast enough to get rid of extra layers of fat, sagging of the abdomen, and the waist is significantly reduced.

    Running this exercise. Lying or standing (whatever you like). Do slow breath through the nose, and then exhaled sharply and most involved the stomach for 15 seconds. After a breath, and do 3 repetitions.

    So, we told you how to build a press belly at home. Now it’s up to you, most importantly do not be lazy and succeed.

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