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How to build shoulders in gym

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Program training shoulders in the gym. How quickly to pump up the shoulder muscles? Equipment of performance of exercises. Why the need for the pump training? The answers to these questions, read this article.

Broad shoulders – the main indicator of physical fitness of the athlete. However, their training is a long and complicated process that requires a lot of effort. To simplify the task by using special training and regular practice in the hall.

Features of the training

The presence of broad shoulders defined the aesthetic beauty of the athlete. The training program for the development of shoulder muscle group individually. The best way to pump up the upper section of the hands – exercises with sports equipment. At home easiest way to achieve that goal, using dumbbells or kettlebells. In the gym, we recommend combining exercise with a barbell and dumbbells.

Pump shoulders is not easy. Training process requires compliance with two conditions:

  • systematic;
  • correct execution of exercises.

The main objective is the rational distribution of load on the deltoid muscle. She, in turn, consists of 3 muscle bundles:

  • medium;
  • rear;
  • front.

For the balanced development of the shoulder group, it is necessary to distribute the load on each beam.

On this basis, the training Delta should include a set of exercises, providing for each individual beam loading. If one of the beams behind in growth, used insulation equipment.

Every training session starts with warm-up. Its task is to warm up the body before exercise. Beginners often make the serious mistake of ignoring this step. The lack of warm-up reduces the efficiency, while increasing the risk of injury. To warm up the shoulder Department, are:

  • swings and jerks;
  • circular rotation with the ball in his hands;
  • push-UPS.

Standard duration of the warm-up phase is 10 minutes. After completing it you can move on to power exercises.

Basic exercises

When training any muscle group including shoulders basic exercises provide the greatest effect. They have complex effect on different parts of the body, increasing the stress response of the organism to sports. Due to this it produces a large amount of testosterone and growth hormone depends on the successful development of the muscles.

Professional athletes for the study of the shoulder muscles prefer to do the bench press bar in a standing position. Specified exercise trains the average beam of the Delta. The implementation requires compliance with the following conditions:

  • slow repetition;
  • breath when lifting;
  • exhale when lowering.

The weight of the rod is chosen individually depending on the physical capabilities of the athlete. Many beginners try to lift heavy weights which leads to sprains. In progress are not allowed jerks. Ten correct repetitions with low weight will provide better results than twenty repetitions with jerks.

For leveling the front and rear beam deltas running:

  • the military press;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • Jim Arnold.

The last exercise is a sophisticated technique. For its implementation used a dumbbell. In the initial position sports equipment should be at the level of the neck. Hands slowly raised above the head, but not fully straightened. Bent elbows increase the burden on the shoulder not allowing the muscles to relax in the process of implementation. The weight should be less than the standard operating weight. Movements are made smoothly without sharp turns.

Described exercise provides a good performance, but is accompanied by a high risk of injury. Therefore, beginners are not recommended to perform it by yourself.

Additional exercises

The advantage of playing sports in the gym – the presence of a coach who if necessary will talk about the correct technique or help with insurance. This increases the variety of exercises to train the shoulder muscles.

A set of exercises on the shoulders contains:

  • Crossover. The load must be below the permissible limits. During the execution of repetitions of the blades are stationary. Most of the load receives a back beam. Additionally, I train the trapezius and rhomboid muscle.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells in a standing position. Load similar to the previous exercise, but the trauma of the above. Therefore, the motion should be as smooth and without jerks.
  • Mahi hands in the parties with dumbbells in a standing position. Specified exercise trains the trapezius muscle and the middle beam of the Delta. A slope in the direction is fast, and lowering slow. Dumbbells don’t have to hit the hip.
  • Dumbbell bench press in sitting position. The main burden of getting the front and medium beam deltas. Additionally, swinging triceps. This exercise is suitable for beginners to athletes because of simple technology and minimal risk of injury.

Described exercises are combined in one workout with an equal amount of sets and reps. Otherwise, muscles can develop asymmetrically.

Professional athletes are often faced with a slowdown in the development of muscles.

The reason for this phenomenon is the habituation of the body to similar loads. To move the progress with the space, adding in the training program, new exercises. It is best suited for this purpose:

  • Swings kettlebell for 4 minutes with 10 second breaks. One approach includes a minimum of 20 repetitions. Therefore, beginners should start with a 16 kg kettlebell.
  • Lifting barbells for Boobs. Runs in 5 sets, each of which includes from 5 repetitions.
  • Crossover. The exercise involves 4 sets of 10 reps. The maximum interval between sets is 2 minutes.
  • Lifts dumbbells with breeding over the head in a standing position. Within four minutes you must perform at least 20 repetitions.
  • Slow lifts of the rod to the chin. During the 4 minutes runs 8 approaches with 10-second breaks.

The specified number of repetitions is conditional and fits most athletes with basic training. The load is controlled individually depending on the physical capabilities of the athlete.

Workout program

The growth rate of muscle fibers depends on the selected training program. The full effect is achieved if in the process of training shoulders in the gym loaded different parts of the Delta. The sports program is represented by two variants:

  • systematic exercises aimed at leveling the shoulder Department, in the framework of the comprehensive training (conducted at intervals of 1 every 48 hours);
  • focused training to develop exclusively deltoid muscle (conducted at intervals of 1 time per week).

The first option is used by athletes who prefer to study through the day. Such a program fits into the complex for a total workout of the body muscles. The second option allows you to dedicate a whole workout pumping the shoulder Department. This system is used by athletes who prefer to exercise every day, training one muscle group per day. The described system is considered more effective, because muscles get maximum load and more time to recover.


Pumping-exercise – a set of intense exercises, created for rapid weight gain and the formation of relief. The purpose of this program is to “score” the shoulders and break the deadlock in the growth of muscle mass.

The benefits of professional training include:

  • Superset. Consists of two exercises: swings out to the side and lifts dumbbells in front of you.
  • The military press on the Smith machine.
  • Crossover with alternate lead hands.
  • Crossover with the hands.
  • Pull the rope to your forehead.

Each exercise is performed for 4 sets with 10 repetitions each. The break between sets is a minimum of time. The task of pump – complete destruction of the muscles of the shoulder group. It is no more than twice a week. On recovery of muscle tissue after the exercise it requires at least two days.

Useful tips

Most beginners prefer to do without a coach, which often make mistakes. Improper technique of the exercise performance of muscle training is reduced. To avoid this, you should consider some tips:

  • Mahi dumbbells in hand are used to pump the front beam deltas. Directing during execution of the exercise the little finger up, the additional load will get the middle and rear beam. Due to the described system provides a comprehensive study of the entire Department of the deltoid muscle.
  • The lifting of a weight in front of him is a dangerous exercise. Using the EZ-neck reduces the risk of injury. This exercise gave the maximum load, the barbell cannot be raised above shoulder level and fully lower, leaning on the hips. This technique will not allow the muscles to relax, improving the performance.
  • The Smith Machine. Exercises for shoulders in the simulator is designed for the simultaneous pumping of both hands. But, if you sit on the bench sideways, it is possible to separately train each hand, increasing the burden on the shoulders twice.
  • Crossover with alternate swings with one hand. Specified exercise pumping medium beam deltas. Many athletes in training prefer to use your own weight to increase the number of repetitions in one approach. This technique is erroneous. Maximum performance provides the stationary state of the body during swings.
  • Crossover with alternate retraction of one hand. Exercise has the load on the rear beam deltas. To get the maximum effect possible, securing the projectile to the chest so that the hand did not change position during movement.
  • Pull the rope to your forehead. Rear Delta receives the maximum load, if the elbows are in the process of the exercise are in the raised position. The ends of the rope have to get ears.

Any exercise will provide results in the presence of guests. Minimum recovery time of muscles is 48 hours.

Muscle fibers grow in the process of relaxation, not exercise.

Pumping shoulders takes a lot of time and effort. Regular use of the gym, performance of instructions of the trainer, proper technique of exercise will help to achieve goals and to get a powerful shoulder muscles.

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