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How to build shoulders at home:tips for fitness freaks

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How to build shoulders at home:tips for fitness freaks

  • Fitness with dumbbells for fans of a healthy lifestyle
  • Fitness exercises with barbell
  • Fitness exercise on the horizontal bar and push-UPS
  • Especially the fitness training at home and in the audience

Caffeine, all have the same goal — to make your figure more beautiful and toned. But each is its own ideal and its features: big biceps, washboard abs, broad shoulders. To achieve results for each of these purposes requires a different approach.

Dreams of broad shoulders can be achieved both in the home and in the gym. Muscles of the shoulder girdle is represented by two groups: the deltoid (comprising the back, middle and front delts) and trapezius runs from the neck to mid-back. During fitness activities should pay close attention to each of these groups to achieve the desired result in the form of wide shoulders.

Fitness with dumbbells for fans of a healthy lifestyle

Raised shoulders can be created with dumbbells by performing the following exercise. Before training to warm up, a jog, or jump rope.

  • Bench sitting with the slope.

Choose a weight to 10 repetitions, 1 set initially, presented no difficulty. Feature of the exercise is to stop the motion at the bottom to increase the muscle resistance during reverse movement.

  • Breeding hand in hand.

When doing this exercise important point is the preservation of the parallel arrangement of dumbbells at the bottom.

  • Breeding dumbbell in a seated position with tilt.

To enhance the effect, pause for 2-3 seconds, when the dumbbells are at the top.

  • Sragi.

The execution of movements occurs prior to exhaustion. At the top are delayed at peak contraction at the bottom — slightly relax the muscles.

The number of repetitions in one set varies from 10 to 15 times, depending on the weight of the projectile. In order to increase the load and increase the number of sets.

Fitness exercises with barbell

The fitness training with a barbell requires precision and thoroughness of execution of movements. Violation of the technique of movements can lead to serious consequences and trauma experienced, so in the initial stages it is not recommended to take large weight, and by the end of the fitness bar weight decrease.

  • The military press.

From a standing position lower back SAG and take the barbell straight grip. Lower the elbows so that the vulture was placed in front of the clavicles. Squeeze hands in the air, then returned to the original position. The look is directed forward, his head tilt back.

  • Press from behind the head.

The barbell placed on the shoulders, holding her neck. The lower back SAG, but the back straight. His hands squeezed up, then return the shell back. The movement is performed slowly and smoothly. This exercise is not recommended if you have problems with elbow joints.

  • Pull up.

From a standing position take a barbell narrow grip, distance between your hands — not exceeding 30 cm Pull the shell up to the chin, keeping your back straight, then return to its original position.

Movement during the execution of fitness exercises with a barbell should be very smooth, without jerks or jolts. Lot of weight can give not only positive results, but also cause serious damage, so it is important to carefully monitor the technique of performing exercises.

Fitness exercise on the horizontal bar and push-UPS

If you are not able to use a barbell or dumbbells, come to the aid of their own body weight. The most common exercises that are included in home fitness training — push-UPS. Classic push-UPS develop the front beam deltoid muscle groups. The width of the shoulder Department gives a medium beam, and for its elaboration it is recommended to perform pushups standing on hands. Initially as a support you want to use the wall as muscle development the need for this disappears.

Those who are push-UPS in the inverted position of the body are difficult, you can try push-UPS from yoga poses “downward dog”. It will train the vestibular system to overload, and the muscles of the shoulders — intensive loads.

Fitness training aimed at the growth of the upper arms, often include exercises on the horizontal bar. The most effective are:

  • Medium straight grip, in which pulling produces up to touch the crossbar with his chest.
  • Average reverse grip. Tightening occurs before mid-body, followed by a pause and return to starting position.
  • Narrow reverse grip, in which the crossbar touch the bottom of the chest.

Fitness classes at the bar not only develop shoulders, but also strengthen the back muscles and hands. These comprehensive exercises on several different muscle groups, quite effectively and quickly lead to the desired result.

Especially the fitness training at home and in the audience

More effective to work with the muscles of the shoulders in the gym, but, if necessary, to achieve impressive results at home. This will require dumbbells (preferably collapsible) and a maximum of diligence. For development of the front beam deltas, the effective thrust dumbbells to the chin; for the middle — presses and Mahi; rear beam — dilution of the hands.

Having the opportunity to visit the fitness club, you should pay attention to the following exercises:

  • presses of various kinds (from behind the head, front) will accelerate muscle growth and increase strength;
  • vertical lifts weights while standing and sitting will make the shoulders rounded;
  • shrugs with weights in the hands to develop the trapezius muscle and the shoulders broaden;
  • UPS of shells in side or before him, will adjust the rear and middle of the Delta.

Planning fitness activities should be approached responsibly, without flooding the body and giving it time to recover. The number of strength training per week should not exceed 3-4, so that the muscles have time to rest before new loads. The number of sets for beginners HLS — 3 x 12-15 reps each with a pause between them.

Over time, the muscles adapt to stress, so each class fitness must be a little bit more complicated. It is permissible to increase the weight of the weights, number of sets or reduce rest time between sets. In strength training the most important role is played by the correct technique of movements, neglecting it can lead to injury or the development of serious diseases.

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