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How to build muscle at home?

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Many dream of beautiful and aligned the body, but no time to go to the gym. It is possible to train at home, not really. Let’s look at exercises that will help to achieve a positive result.

Exercises for inflated muscles at home

Many people wonder how to build muscle at home and is it possible? Thanks to special exercises it is possible to bring the body in shape and to look attractive. Let’s look at them:

  • Superman. To perform lie down on your stomach. Hands and feet are raised above the surface. You should then lower limbs. You have to feel like you’re reaching forward. Knees not bent.
  • Push-UPS. You should get on all fours. Hands are shoulder width apart. The legs are straightened. The weight of the body is held through palms and toes of the feet. You must maintain upright position, stomach in, back to align. The head is fixed in one position. Then the chest is lowered to reach the floor. The distance between the housing and the surface should be no more than a fist. At the bottom delayed. Then return to the starting position. The pelvis does not drop and does not rise during exercise.
  • Breeding of dumbbells in the slope. How to build muscle with this exercise? Quite simply, you need to use a special projectile weights. In the home can be replaced with ordinary bottles filled with water or sand. Starting position – torso should be parallel to the surface. Back straight, but slightly bent at the waist. Palm deployed towards each other, arms straight. Elbows a little bent. When the lifting arms perpendicular to the floor. They have not discharged. Dumbbells go up as high as possible. At the top nor should be higher than the back.
  • How to swing with squats with dumbbells? You must stand up straight, hands slightly wider than shoulders. The palm of your hand with the shell deployed inside. To perform a squat until thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Abdominal muscles. You need to sit on the surface, bend your knees at a right angle. The trunk is deflected back, when lifting the body turns to the right, the next time left. When you run back down on the floor. To do 5-7 times.
  • Breeding dumbbells lying down. Lie down on the stool so that the legs reached down to the floor. Then his hands with shells pulled forward over the body and are pulled apart. Thus, you will learn how to pump up the upper and outer chest muscles.

Recommendations that will help you quickly build muscle

To the result was positive, it is important to follow proper technique on each exercise. It is also worth listening to the advice of professionals:

  • Stick to proper nutrition. Food that enters the body, gives energy. It is consumed during workouts. Without protein muscles can grow.
    Should have a diary to monitor the amount of calories you consume per day.
  • Give training to complete. How to build muscle, if you don’t study hard? If in the morning after a workout not sore muscles – the lesson was in vain.
  • You need to train at least 3-4 times a week.
  • A healthy sleep. Night the body needs to rest to recover strength and energy. Muscles grow during sleep. So if you do not sleep, the person feels ill, protein synthesis slows down. Need to sleep eight hours a day.
  • Ditch unhealthy habits – Smoking and alcohol. As this makes it difficult to pump the body? Slow down the processes of growth and muscle recovery. Decreases the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. Smoking has a bad effect on sleep and breathing.
  • The number of workouts per week should be such that each muscle group was worked twice. Also between classes should be 1-2 days. This will help the muscles recover and prepare for the new exercise. In one workout you can combine similar groups of muscles. Relaxing days can run.
  • How to lift weights? It is important not the quantity but the quality. Correct exercise 10 times more effective than 20 incorrect. Movement should be smooth. On the lifting or relaxation of doing breath in a moment of stress – exhale. Back is always smooth, no need to slouch.
  • Before the exercise should do stretching, and then hitch. This will help prevent unwanted injuries and prepare muscles for future exercise.
  • For serious training, you should think about sporting equipment for the home. Among these: band expanders, dumbbells, horizontal bars, which are installed in door openings.
  • To get rid of extra pounds using cardio.

If a person has an injury or disease, the better pre-workout to consult a doctor.

After the lesson, a great snack will be a low-fat chocolate milk. Pasta is better to use only durum wheat. Healthy fats are contained in avocado, nuts, olive oil and eggs. Should give up fatty foods, fast food. To learn more ways on how to bulk up is recommended to talk with the coach.

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