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How to build muscle at home: features fitness complexes

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How to build muscle at home: features fitness complexes

  • The program fitness workouts for muscle building
  • Especially the performance of the fitness exercise
  • Terms of muscle growth: load, rest and nutrition

Fitness classes men are usually subordinated to one goal — to build muscle mass. To implement this goal, the training program, which will take into account the load on all muscle groups, not allowing “distortions” in the working out muscles. The best solution is the gym, but, if necessary, increase muscle mass and at home.

To work on the present program will require barbell, dumbbells and a kettlebell. Fitness exercise with a barbell work the main muscle groups, creating more proportionate figure, and a functional movement improve coordination, develop stamina and load isolation of individual muscle groups.

The program fitness workouts for muscle building

The program consists of two complex fitness exercises that you need to alternate performing workout 3 times a week. For example, in the first week day 1 and 3 on the first complex, the second day doing the second set. Next week at the 1 and 3 day working in the second set and in the 2nd — on the first.

The first training complex:

  • warm-up: running, jumping, active exercises — 10 minutes;
  • classic squats, 2 sets 15-20 times;
  • squat with a barbell, 3 sets of 5-8 times;
  • pushups, 2 sets 15-20 times;
  • bench press, 3 sets of 5-8 repetitions;
  • the snatch of the kettlebell with both hands, 2 sets 15-20 repetitions;
  • deadlift, 2 sets 6-8 repetitions;
  • lifting dumbbells for biceps, 2 sets / 10-13 times;
  • “lumberjack”, 2 sets 15-20 times (for lack of a simulator exercise performed with a dumbbell, squeezed with two hands).

The second training complex:

  • cardiopatici;
  • squats, 2 sets 15-20 times;
  • the squat with a barbell 3 sets 6-8 times;
  • pullups, 2 sets 15-20 times;
  • bench press bar in the standing position, 3 sets of 5-8 times;
  • thrust block to the waist while sitting, 2 sets 15-20 repetitions (at home you can replace the thrust dumbbells in the slope);
  • thrust rod to the belt 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions;
  • dips, 2 sets 10 to 12 repetitions;
  • “lumberjack”, 2 sets 15-20 repetitions.

In the early stages when working with small weights is recommended to increase the number of repetitions. For the complexity of the program increase the weight and reduce the number of repetitions.

Especially the performance of the fitness exercise

When working with weights it is important to have a partner who can insure and trace the technique of performing exercises. Inattention to such details raises the risk of injury. The fitness exercise performed with an interval of 90 seconds, during which travels and moves around the room, flexing muscles. Rest between rounds is 2 minutes.

You should not repeat the mistake newcomers and actively take exercises, developing only the muscles of the arms. The load should be uniform, including the legs, otherwise the body will lose a proportional appearance. The fitness program has enabled effective exercises for arms are dips and lifting dumbbells. Their performance enough so that the muscles developed in harmony with the rest of the body. When working with weights it is of paramount importance to honing technique, and only then increase the weight.

Power fitness training should not take place on an empty stomach. Lack of energy will adversely affect performing exercises can suffer equipment and load level. So 20 minutes before a workout, the body requires a special diet, including 15-20 grams of simple carbohydrates and 10-15 grams of protein isolate. The replacement for this will serve as a full meal for one and a half to two hours before the start of the program. At the end of the exercise the body needs building material for muscle tissues, so immediately take 30-35 grams of protein isolate, but after 40 minutes — a hearty meal with complex carbohydrates.

Terms of muscle growth: load, rest and nutrition

Muscular development is subject to several conditions, one of which is enough power for the muscles. Muscle growth can be maintained only if the surplus of calories, enough to increase total caloric intake by 10-15%. The diet should be balanced: make sure the consumption of complex carbohydrates and sufficient protein. A considerable role is and the choice of food, frankly fatty and junk food will lead to increase of fat, impair the quality muscle mass. Do not forget about the water balance of the body. You need to drink pure non-carbonated water — not less than 2-3 liters per day.

A great influence on the growth of muscle mass has a rest after fitness. The increase in muscles occurs due to microtrauma to muscle tissue: Saiva, it increases the volume of the fibers. Therefore the recovery process should last at least a day without a break. To relieve pain in the muscles during this phase, perform exercises to stretch the muscles right after strength training. Sleep athlete should last more than 8 hours.

The achievement of the result is due to the progress of the load. The load of each fitness session should be slightly more than the previous. Achieve this several ways: reduce rest periods between workouts, increase the weight or number of sets. To track results, it is recommended to conduct a training diary where you can note all the changes that occur in the program.

In the process, it is important to feel the muscles involved in the movements. Hold the peak contraction stress will allow a more efficient loading, “finishing off” muscles.

To quickly gain muscle mass can be subject to the regular progressive fitness training, including intensive weight training. This program should be combined with a balanced diet that will provide the muscle cells with nutrients necessary for their division. In the process of exercise the most important role for technology — only after honing is recommended to increase the weight and number of sets in the workout.

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