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How to build muscle at home

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Stack can be anywhere. At least on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, at least in the free on-street hall, even at home. Need a bit of patience, moral resistance to different distracting things, and time. Yes, fast muscles grow only in fairy tales about “12 weeks of an I. T. guy in the Hulk” or “8 weeks of the accountant in Miss Bikini”. Home workout can be effective if they are aware. People need to understand that does – basic anatomy, differences exercises from each other, technique, periodization should not be empty sounds. Don’t you know? Alternatively, you can take a good program. Or to evaluate in detail the technique of each movement in the video, which is removed during training. But first you need to understand a little bit with the theory and get a couple of programs for beginners.

The contents

  • 1 What happens to muscles during exercise
    • 1.1 a Complete beginner
    • 1.2 Hypertrophy
    • 1.3 Hyperplasia
    • 1.4 System adaptation
  • 2 is it Possible to pump without equipment
  • 3 rookie Mistakes
    • 3.1 high expectations
    • 3.2 the Myth of the champion’s volumes
    • 3.3 Lack of motivation
  • 4 Exercises without equipment for beginners
  • 5 Best exercises without iron
    • 5.1 a simple Squat
    • 5.2 Attacks
    • 5.3 Bulgarian squats
    • 5.4 Squats pistol
    • 5.5 Push-UPS
    • 5.6 Pull-UPS
    • 5.7 Plank and side plank
    • 5.8 Superman
    • 5.9 Twisting and reverse twisting
  • 6 Inventory for a full body workout at home
    • 6.1 Than it is to replace
  • 7 a Complex of exercises for all muscle groups
    • 7.1 Exercise 1
    • 7.2 Exercise 2
  • 8 How to develop legs
  • 9 the Development of hand muscles
    • 9.1 the lifting on the biceps
    • 9.2 Extension of the head on the triceps
    • 9.3 dumbbell Bench press for shoulders standing
  • 10 Features of the training for girls
  • 11 Food
  • 12 Ideal products
  • 13 Important notes

What happens to the muscles during workout

The most common – exercise injures muscle fibers, and help them to grow. During the class we perform exercises that damage the muscle fibers and create incentives for growth. When we rest, eat adequate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and sleep, the hormonal background of the organism switches on anabolism. Muscles are “stalling” because the body “understands” what they need, people will soon be loading them again. Over time, the muscles increase, and the person acquiring the physique that you want.

In theory fitness changes in the body and muscle tissues are divided into training periods.

A complete beginner

Imagine that someone spent his entire life on the couch. At school he was freed from physical training, or some irregular classes something like running or football. At the University a couple of years he didn’t go anywhere except the bars at all, but then I saw that belly, and thin handle no one likes, and shortness of breath does not add to personal effectiveness. Our imaginary hero decided to build muscle.

He bought a home dumbbell, horizontal bar in the doorway, stops for push UPS, and dug up in the country grandparents a set of weights. In the hall he’s not going, because there greedy trainers bred newcomers for money. He goes on YouTube, where some blogger teaches him to do pushups and pullups with compensation of the weight of the body with the help of the jump. So our hero does push-UPS, pull-UPS, squats with no weight and light exercises with dumbbells.

For a month his nervous system gets used to digest the load, improves sleep, appetite, soreness goes away, followed by that at the beginning of every session. Gradually increasing power, so he can already do push-UPS more than 20 times, and had to buy lugs and weighted vest.

In the first 3-4 months, the increase in strength is directly proportional to the growth of technical skill, so when you work with a trainer tasks like pumping muscles not put. But this is not a beginner demotiviruet! He wants to quickly see the cubes on a soft belly, and the peak of the bicep in place thin chicken arms. Therefore a competent trainer in this difficult period, tell the ward about proper nutrition. With the normalization of diet, people will look better in a few weeks. This will be the first visual result.

Training at this time preferred exercises with body weight or minimal weights. The program built around pushups, pull-UPS, goblet squats, lunges with minimum weight, squats without weights and direct twisting on a press. These exercises should be performed slowly, to follow the technique.


The next couple of years – a turning point in the life of a novice fitnessista. An ordinary person does not see any results from home training and throws. Yes, it is because we have been taught that muscles need to grow as advertised, that is, 3-4 months we should see significant changes. Instead, six months, a man comes into the club “dusty dumbbells”. Yes, those who lose weight, the more chances for long-term friendship with the sport. They reach the result, mainly, with the help of proper nutrition. The more carefully they observe your diet, the better they get to change themselves. Such people are successfully losing weight and then start to gain muscle mass already.

In General, if you take a disciplined guy 3-4 times a week to engage in weight training, increasing the load progressively, and eat on “mass growth”, he gets a couple of years about 20 lbs. Yeah, not all of it will be muscle, and partly to the increase of fat component too. So it’s not much “ruined the aesthetics of the” specialists recommend to alternate masonboro cycles with “drying”. But the fact remains the same – 2 years to genetic potential hypertrophy of muscles in the most natural of athletes is not limited.


The word also refers to the increase in muscle volume by dividing muscle fibers. By the way, not all scientific studies confirm that people, in principle, able to increase mass due to hyperplasia. Experts from bodybuilding refer to the theory of Professor Seluanov, and recommend his method. Either they propose to train in high volume with light weights, and say that so the person will gain about 10 pounds of muscle.

Sad, but to test the words in practice units fails. It’s not that people are lazy to swing, and that most theorists very closely used not only sportpit, but also anabolic steroids. Then the science is unequivocal – human, who is training for sports pharmacology is capable of hyperplasia of muscles. Yes and lots of it is growing much faster.

System adaptation

They say that not every Builder can get to the stage where nothing works. All in notorious circumstances. A little saving here is that power sports in practice alternate. Someone starts to just build muscle, and then goes to crossfit or powerlifting, to begin these muscles to use. Other alternate “weight” and “dried” and delay this moment. But when adaptation occurs, it is believed that the athlete can only maintain good form and ensure to avoid any injury.

Is it possible to pump without equipment

Yes, it is possible to pump even at home, even in the hall. Only not all succeed. Why? Lack of discipline, unwillingness to learn the techniques, minimal knowledge about the progression of the training loads. The truth is that the first couple of years, the newcomer must do as a powerlifter or weightlifter to gain weight naturally. Then you can apply the legacy of bodybuilding fully.

What’s the problem home workouts? Of course, the lack of equipment. And you will miss not fashionable gakk machines and some sort of cable and block equipment, and load frame platform, good jimboy the bench, and a competent belayer. Yes, it is possible to strengthen muscles without this stuff, using weights and dumbbells, as well as pulling and performing other exercises with body weight. But if we operate with categories like “gain 20 pounds of muscle” and not just “look as if swinging on the beach”, it is better to go to the gym. Let the cheapest, basic, with old equipment, but in space.

Rookie mistakes

For a start, wanting to know how to pump Google at home exercises for biceps, and begin to follow them fanatically. But the point is not in the biceps, and not applicable in the body of the prerequisites for the establishment of the anabolic background. Simply put, the person is simply “not to raise” muscles, especially if he is contemptuous of the food, and believed that if we trained at home, mashed potatoes with sausage pass for an athlete’s diet.

The biggest mistake is the unwillingness to develop strength. Yes, Yes, all the athletes of the “Golden era” was a good law enforcers. And even any modern crossfitter will perform CCM on individual movements in powerlifting. But the gloss from the sport assures us that “it will do” — bend with something, take some exercise in mnogopotochnoy mode, and you inflate. No. Force, by the way, to a certain extent you can develop at home. The only question is desire.

High expectations

Yes, the guys in this respect even worse than the girls. If second believe that after a couple of episodes gluteal bridges with no weight and some side steps with rubber bands, they will have the appearance as speakers fitness bikini, the first ready with foam at a mouth to argue that the same Denis Gusev could turnichki get hammered if he didn’t have access to the gym. Everyone needs a role model, but if you are doing home fitness, you don’t need to set goals like “to look through the 3 month model.”

The myth of the champion’s volumes

Almost anyone who has instagram photos with huge shoulders and biceps, and life can get in a standard suit. Yes, the big guys Ampat muscles before you capture the results of their labors. And the poor newbies are doing 200 reps with the resistance bands for biceps, to somehow get closer. Of course, this way you can develop endurance, but not strength, not volume.

Lack of motivation

It’s not about the videos from the network where the guys from the ghetto catching up on the bar, and their more affluent “counterparts in sports” pumping iron in expensive halls. Talking about banal laziness. Biceps and deltas for those who may not be a priority – it is, for example, is ready to play until 2am, and then sleep training. Or go drink beer instead of training on the turnichki. Or… And if come summer and all we have to forget about your classes. Because it’s hot! The winter is cold. Fall – depression. And so on, in a circle. Nakachatsya one who is fanatical to perform the exercise program.

Exercises without equipment for beginners

The truth is that the beginner is better not to buy equipment from a home. It is not known yet if he would like to do, whether it will give enough time to physical development, or abandoned the whole thing halfway back on the sofa.

With body weight you can perform:

  • “air” squats and lunges;
  • Bulgarian split-squats with support one leg on the sofa;
  • squats pistol;
  • pushups with various width setting hands;
  • pullups with different width setting hands;
  • strips, “Superman”, twisting the press

The best exercises without iron
A squat simple

Stand up straight, hands to cross in front of chest, try to keep your back upright and not to pull the buttocks back. Inhaling down, spreading his knees apart, pelvis – below the knee. Exhaling, stand straight. Do not lean forward, do not change the position of the back, and not to change the position of the knees – not to bring them inside.


This exercise resembles a squat prazniku. From the starting position for simple squats need to step one leg back and the other left in the position of “heel under the pelvic bone”. Then perform a squat to touch the floor knee. You should do the same number of lunges on each leg.

Bulgarian squats

Technically, this is an attack with fixing the “back” leg on the sofa or other support. It should fall directly below the knee of the front foot was not “sharp”, and the angle between the Shin and the floor to stay straight.

Squats pistol

Technically similar to normal, but you need to stand on a small prop (such as a step or a step, if he is home), bend the leg at the knee and lowered so that the pelvis was below the knee. The output in the original position should be done without swinging the body back and forth.


This exercise is well known to all from school physical education lessons. The beginner should start with a medium setting of the palms under the shoulders. Arms should be perpendicular to the floor, and a stop into the fence. Back – tense thighs too. You have to gradually drop chest to the floor, spreading out his elbows, and gently to wring out from the floor.


Pull-UPS is also better to start with a medium width grip. Make vis on the bar, palms facing away from the face, and gently bend the arms at the elbows. To perform a pull-up chest to the crossbar and straight down.

Plank and side plank

You need to take starting position for push-UPS, pull press, pull the stomach, and in that static position to hold from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Side plank is output on the forearm, with side parallel to the floor.


Lying on his stomach off the floor hips and legs and hands and head. It looks like the flight of Superman. Exercise can be as dynamic when the approaches and the retries occur one after the other, and static when the person stops at the top, and does not movement dynamics.

Twisting and reverse twisting

From a prone position on the floor you have to either raise the body and allow the lower ribs to the pelvic bones, or to raise the pelvis and legs up at the same time. In both cases, the motion of the loins should be pressed to the floor, and a press – fit.

You can perform other exercises – burpees, jumping from the squat and lunge, but the muscle pumps they have nothing to do. It is a functional movement for the development of General endurance, which are used in athletics and martial arts.

Equipment for a full body workout at home

There are options ideal and there are low-budget. In the first case, training is relegated to the garage, there is a power rack, barbell, platform, a bench and set of weights. Additionally dumbbells. By the way, it’s not so expensive. You can look on Craigslist, yard sales, as well as from private owners. Many will be glad to get rid of inventory, which is not in use. Yes, and modern manufacturers make a lot of good “iron” with the expectation of small domestic rooms.

If the budget is strictly limited, you will have to choose small equipment:

  • Mat for fitness;
  • Bench or step;
  • The dumbbell with the ability to change the weight matched;
  • Horizontal bar and parallel bars, or horizontal bar stops for push-UPS;
  • Rubber buffers

Than it is to replace

The stairs replace the stepper, and two sturdy chairs – stops for push-UPS. But the weights will not replace anything. Yes, you can write many blissful things about the benefits of exercises, bottles of water, sandbags, and natural stones, but that’s all fine, if you can keep the back. If you are not able to simultaneously gather the scapula to the spine and to reduce the press, he is unlikely to qualitatively raise the weight in the goblet squat with a bottle of water.

So if you can not afford to buy weights, it is better to do on the parallel bars and horizontal bar, along the way looking dumbbells and barbells at flea markets or “Avito”. For those who do not believe that the exercises with body weight can be challenging, there are benefits for callisthenic.

The complex of exercises for all muscle groups

Beginners home it is better to do by fullbody. Splits, that is, the distinction between “top” and “bottom” or groups of muscles, until they are needed, as fullbody faster will provide an overall load growth.

Exercise 1

  • Plank – 3 minutes, by
  • Dumbbell bench press standing – 3 sets of 12 repetitions
  • Pulling with rubber or thrust of the shock absorber to the chest from a vertical position – 3 10-12
  • Dumbbell deadlift “Romanian”or tilting the dumbbells forward – 3-10
  • Classic lunges – 3 at 12.

Exercise 2

  • Side plank – 3 minutes on each side
  • Push-UPS with weights or a normal 3 to 12
  • Thrust dumbbells to his belt in the slope 3 to 12
  • Squats with 1 dumbbell chest – 3 12-15
  • Bulgarian split squats with no weight – 3 12-15

You can run these complexes one after another through the day. The training mode can be set in a day, or twice a week if really bad recovery. Ideally, to increase my working weights when the power plateau is to take a dumbbell slightly heavier, but to reduce the number of repeats by two.

How to develop legs

Often mistakenly believe that the jumping and the jumping “shake” the legs. Mnogoobraznye jumping rope, running and other cardio activity, rather, endurance. For strength development will either have to jump on a support, for example, a box height of 50 cm or to perform the movement with the weights.

Realistic can do at home following motion:

  • Goblet squats and squats with a pause;
  • Lunges with dumbbells;
  • Squats with dumbbells on the chest and the rubber shock-absorber;
  • Thrust from the floor with dumbbells and Romanian thrust
  • If you require a more substantial weight, recommended, or add rubber bumpers or go to “legged” versions of squats and pulls, or to go to the gym.
  • The development of the muscles of the hands

    There are just a few of the features are the same exercises as in the hall, only with dumbbells.

    Lifting on a biceps

    Sitting or standing need to press the forearm to the body, and bend your elbows, raising the dumbbells to the shoulders, and then slowly lower.

    Extension from behind the head for triceps

    Sitting on the bench, bring one dumbbell behind your head and gently straighten your elbows. No need to “paste” your elbows until you feel it click important the smoothness.

    Dumbbell bench press for shoulders standing

    You need to stand up straight, bring the shells to the shoulders, and smoothly to get in an arcuate path to the top.

    Features of the training for girls

    “Women’s” workouts do not differ much from the male. The girl-a novice can do with the same basic plan fullbody. If she wants to focus on the buttocks, you can add 1-2 Seth swings leg back with the weights or rubber, and lead hip to the side. But it’s not necessary. At the level of beginner it is better to ensure regularity of the training and to avoid technical errors.

    Basic rules a bit:

  • The priority is power. Cardio can be replaced by walking, Biking, or not to do just by walking 10,000 steps a day;
  • Exercise should be regular, every other day. It would be desirable to train only the “problem areas”, you need to do exercises for the whole body, otherwise increases the risk of injury;
  • To eat properly you do, everything cannot be achieved by just training and “caloric deficit”
  • Food

    Training to ground require not less than 4 g of carbohydrates and 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. The fats in this case, it is best to keep at 1 g per kilo of your current body weight. To calories from natural products is a must.


    • Drink 2-3 liters of plain water;
    • To abandon empty calories from sauces, sugar and fast food;
    • Eat regularly, at equal intervals of time

    Ideal products

    All these natural products can help to gain weight:

    • Pasta, potatoes and sweet potatoes for carbs;
    • Legumes of all kinds – for carbohydrates and protein.
    • Rice is the most available source of energy for the bodybuilder;
    • Eggs, poultry – protein;
    • Fish and seafood protein and omega-three;
    • Beef and offal – protein and iron;
    • Vegetables – cellulose;
    • Fruits – energy vitamins and natural simple carbohydrates;
    • Nuts for healthy fats

    Important notes

    Fitness is simple. But weight can be a difficult task if the person is not easily recovered due to domestic stress. You first need to build a dream, then everything else.

    It is important to distinguish between:

  • Meals with lots of carbs to ground;
  • “Drying” with a small amount of carbohydrates, a calorie deficit and cardio
  • Practicing at home should remember that it is better not to add large amount of cardio, if the goal is mass.

    Otherwise, any goal is achievable if you approach them with intelligence and diligence.

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