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How to build forearm at home: exercises for beginners

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How to build forearm at home: exercises for beginners

The contents

  • Power fitness workout for pumping the forearm
  • A set of exercises without weights
  • Tips for beginners, organization fitness

Men who seek to pump up hands, often perform exercises for major muscle groups – the biceps and triceps, forgetting about the forearm muscles. But without proper development of the forearm muscles it is impossible to achieve effective results increase the muscle mass of the upper limbs.

Power fitness workout for pumping the forearm

Fitness classes, aimed at elaboration of muscles of the forearm, should be based on the following training movements performed with free weights:

  • Flexion of the hands, reverse grip.

To sit on the bench, put his forearms on thighs, brush dangling from his knees. Take fingerboard grip in which the wrist is pointing up. Straining his muscles, slowly bend the wrist and gently straighten them. Repeat the curl 2-3 sets 15 times each. This movement can be performed with dumbbells. This option is useful if the fitness training is conducted at home.

  • Flexion with the use of direct grip.

The technique of their execution does not differ from similar movements with fixation of the neck reverse grip should sit, put hands on hips and making flexion-extension of the wrist joint. The difference in the exercise is how the projectile is held. In this case, the wrist must be directed downward. The number of repetitions of a standard – 2 – 3 sets for 12-15 times.

  • Bending of wrists with the rod, performed in a standing position.

Stand up straight, comfortably, and wide enough to place feet for stability, to undertake a ballast straight grip. Hold fitness shell near the hips on the exhale, bend your arms at the wrists. Inhaling, smoothly bend the brush. To repeat a job 10-15 times in each of 2-3 sets. In this exercise, it is recommended to use a shell with a curved fretboard, because it can provide the brush position, the most appropriate anatomical.

  • “Hammer”.

Standing with legs wide apart, to pick up a dumbbell and fix them near the outer side of the thighs. Breathing in, bend your elbow and bring the head of the projectile to the shoulder at a distance of 5-10 cm Amplitude of flexion should be about 90 degrees. Exhale at the moment of greatest tension in the muscles and relaxing them, smoothly and controlled to straighten the elbow, lowering the dumbbell in the down position. To do the exercise in 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  • Bending hands with a barbell behind your back.

Stand up straight, hold the barbell straight grip behind at the level of the buttocks. Breathing in, slowly bend wrist joints. Exhaling at the peak load, unfold the brush. Due to the small amplitude of motion of the projectile in this exercise allowed the use of much greater weight, than when the other elements for strengthening the forearms. The recommended number of repetitions – 10 times in each of the 3 sets.

  • Hold weights.

To fulfill this element of the fitness classes you need to take the pancakes from the rod with your fingers and keep the weight over the largest possible period of time. To complicate the task slightly to throw the ball and catch it. The execution of such movements of trains not only grip strength but also agility and coordination.

A set of exercises without weights

To strengthen the muscles of the forearm is possible and without visiting the gym, conducting a simple fitness training at home without using weights. In such classes may include the following training dynamics:

  • Vis. For its implementation need to take two hands on the horizontal bar or wall bars and hold your own body weight for as long as possible period of time. To enhance the load in your fitness activity can be in the performance of visa you hold down legs additional weight or wear a heavy backpack on your stomach and linger in the air for half a minute, during which it is necessary to change the nature of the grip.
  • Vis, in which the rungs need to stick with one hand. Hanging thus in several approaches, trying to hold in the air as long as possible.
  • Vis on the towel. Slung across the bar strong, but not a thick towel, you must take it with both hands and hang on as long a period of time. In one lesson, fitness need to do 2-3 sets of this visa.
  • Pull-UPS, under which the rungs need to not stick the whole brush, and fingers. In this exercise, you need to move slow and controlled, feeling the tension of the target muscles.
  • Work with carpal expander.
  • Exercise that mimic the fight with fists, with band expander.
  • Tips for beginners, organization fitness

    Each fitness session was most productive and very safe, new to power training, must adhere to the following recommendations of experienced athletes:

    • to put a load on the forearm only after they are sufficiently heated as a result of the quality of the workout. In warm-UPS before a fitness workout, which will be developed the muscles of the forearm, may be, for example, jumping rope, a swing, upper limbs, rotation of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints;
    • to strengthen the forearm is necessary in combination with exercises for other muscle groups of the upper extremities. The only way to achieve proportional development of the muscles;
    • working weight should be individualized, focusing on the degree of training of the muscles and the fact that the exercises to work out the forearms do not have to use heavy ordnance. The initial weight should be small, but gradually it should be increased;
    • all the exercises you want to perform smoothly, avoiding jerks, so as not to provoke injuries of the wrist;
    • in the breaks between sets you need to stretch the forearm muscles to stimulate the blood flow to them and relieve excessive tension;
    • don’t have to complete the whole training complex for the development of the wrists. 2-3 is enough exercise to provide quality load on the target muscles. Periodically, these movements need to be replaced to prevent adaptation of muscles.

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