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How to build calf muscles?

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Exercise program of calf muscle. What exercises provide the growth of the calf? The most common mistakes beginners. How to train calf without risk of injury? The answers to these questions, read this article.

The calf muscles are in the list of the most problematic areas of most bodybuilders. 95% of people have underdeveloped calves feet, which disturbed the symmetry of the whole body. The most effective exercise to correct the imbalance is the rise on socks standing in the simulator. But for the full development of the legs requires a comprehensive approach, which includes intense weight training and regular increase of load.

The value of the calf muscles in sports

Developed calf muscles not only give the body the aesthetic beauty, but play an important role in training. They increase resistance, creating a push during leg lift and provide movement. Muscle group is composed of fast fibers, responsible for bending the legs at the knee and the ankle.

Pumped calves:

  • help athletes to carry the load when performing strength training;
  • improve the performance in running disciplines (football, bobsled, skiing, skating);
  • enhance the ability of instant jerk (wrestling, fencing, volleyball, gymnastics).

Without developed muscles of the calf increases the risk of injury during exercises that involve the legs. One of the reasons for the lowered effectiveness from intense training is just in underdeveloped calves.

Common mistakes

Pumping of calf muscles – a difficult task requiring a special approach. Improper system they are practically not developing and visually look the same as before training. The performance deteriorates for two reasons:

  • the lack of sufficient load.
  • excessive elaboration.

Both errors in most cases occur because of ignorance of the anatomy of the beginners.

If the beginner is not familiar with the structure of the body, it will be more difficult to understand how to perform the exercises.

The calf muscle group consists of two parts:

  • the surface layer (25%);
  • the soleus muscle (75%).

The second creates the bulk of the lower leg, but to see the terrain under the skin impossible. Young athletes don’t know about this train and the surface layer of the calf, having no inclination to acquire massive forms. For this reason, intense weight training for the calf muscles often do not work, slowing the overall process of development of muscles.

Rise on socks standing

Training calf standing in the simulator, it is possible to study only a quarter of the total muscle group. But without this exercise it is impossible to form a relief, giving Shin the aesthetic beauty.

Training in the simulator is performed while standing as follows:

  • Starting position. Socks are placed on the lower platform of the simulator, the heels are over the edge and are on weight.
  • It is necessary to abut the shoulder in the upper mount, holding a special pen.
  • The position of the feet. Feet stand firmly on the platform parallel to each other. The knees should be slightly bent.
  • Exercise. Is a smooth rise, the movement of the socks, and then slow down.
  • Spin while maintaining smooth and straight.

Exercise 3 approach. The number of repetitions is regulated independently. This exercise can be carried out without a trainer, using weights to create a load in the shoulders.

Lifting on socks sitting

This exercise has a similar technique to the previous one but allows a better work out your calf muscles. For its implementation it is necessary:

  • in a sitting position in the simulator, installing socks feet on a special platform;
  • lower the lever with stops on the knees;
  • pull down the heel until you feel a stretch in the calf;
  • straighten socks up for 2-3 seconds and return to starting position.

The system described will bring the maximum benefit if you spend stretching. The exercise involves from 5 sets of 20 reps each.

Lifting on socks lying

Increase the burden on the muscles of the calves during the workout, if you perform the lifts on the socks in the supine position. Technique exercise the following:

  • accepted position in the machine;
  • platform straightens up and fixed legs;
  • socks rested at the edge of the support, the heels are on weight;
  • the clamps are removed, and the weight of the platform has a load on feet;
  • support squeezed toes to maximum height and lowered.

Training includes 3 campaign for 8-20 repetitions. Described is a serious injury risk, so execution without safety supports are allowed.

Step-up platform

To increase the load on the soleus muscle and to increase the effectiveness of using a step platform. Technique similar to the climbs on the treadmill in the standing position:

  • socks must be put on the edge of the platform, and heels must be in a free position;
  • the back is straightened;
  • is the rise socks up and return to its original position.

The main goal is to achieve maximum stretching of the ankle. To do this, the heel down until it stops, and the position of the feet changed periodically. The described technique allows to work out different parts of your calf muscle groups. Allowed to use dumbbells to strengthen the load and the use of props to increase resistance.

Jumping with dumbbells

This exercise provides the load on different muscle groups of the body and legs, including calves. Proper training helps to develop muscles and increase physical strength. Technique exercise the following:

  • accepted a position in the half squat with dumbbells in hand;
  • straight back tilted forward;
  • is a smooth rise with a jump, after which the body returns to its original position.

Described workout not suitable for beginners because it introduces a risk of injury. Unprepared for athletic activity and leg muscles are not able to withstand such an exercise.

Useful tips

With the right loads, the volume of calf muscles can be increased in two times. To avoid errors and accelerate the muscle development, must adhere to a set of recommendations:

  • As a warm-up before exercise are aerobic exercises.
  • The main load on the soleus muscle is while sitting. Therefore, a full pump of the calf in the standing exerciser impossible.
  • The growth of muscle fibers is ensured not at the expense of performing a large number of different exercises, and due to the increased load.8 repetitions in one approach with more weight provide better effect than 20 reps without weights.
  • The gastrocnemius muscle consists of a pair of beams. Exercises on mixing increases the load on the outside as breeding on the inside.
  • If you place your foot in a neutral position when working with large weights, the risk of injury or stretching is minimal.

If you do the described exercises and adhere to them, you can get ripped and muscular calves by training them twice a week.

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