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How to build big muscle in the back

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Where is the biggest muscle of the back, and how to pump? What exercises are best for training? How often should I do and how much rest? The answers to these questions, read this article.

Without massive and embossed back even big biceps and pumped chest will lend a sporty appearance. This problem is inherent not only for beginners but also for experienced athletes who are often excluded from the training program of important exercises. However, the large muscle of the back is the most important muscle group not only for athletes but for anyone. It supports and protects the spine and helps to cope with almost any load.

Anatomy of the back muscles

Before you start back training, you should study its structure. Depends on the harmonious development and balanced weight. Musculature of the back is composed of four muscle groups:

  • the widest (“wings);
  • trapezoid (“trapezium”);
  • extensor;
  • gear.

In most cases, during training they work in a bunch, but loaded unevenly.

The widest and trapezius muscles form the bulk of the back, so that they emphasize the selection of suitable exercises.
Pumping the widest

Exercises for muscular development this Department are divided into two types: its own weight and with weights. The most effective ones:

  • pull-UPS;
  • traction.

The first exercise increases the width of the “wings”, and the second volume. Any pull back load, regardless of the type of grip. Similarly, thrust can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells, blocks or even a harness. The main condition is proper technique. To exercise brought the maximum performance, you must:

  • to minimize involvement of the biceps;
  • to breathe in on the relaxation and exhale on the flexion of the hand;
  • the maximum strain your back during load;
  • to perform a negative phase for the extension of the hands, concentrating muscle tension.

These recommendations apply to all variations of pull-UPS and deadlifts. At observance of technology of performance of exercises number of reps will decrease, but they will provide higher efficiency.

Pumping the trapeze

The trapezius muscles form a powerful back and a massive neck. Most effective exercise for training the Department of srage. They are due to the motion of the shoulders in a straight line the amplitude of up-down. The exercise is done with weights:

  • dumbbells;
  • weights;
  • rod.

The first option is most acceptable, as it increases the trajectory of the hand movements along with them in the same position. The main error when running sragow – circular movements of the shoulders, increasing the risk of injury, but not increasing the load.

Pumping extensor

The extensors of the back represented the lumbar spine. This muscle group provides support for the entire body and the lower part of the spine. Training trapeze and a wide will not bring maximum effectiveness in the absence of an inflated extensors. The best exercise for their development:

  • giperestesia;
  • deadlifts.

For the first exercise you will need a special incline bench, and the second rod or a dumbbell. In violation of equipment run increased risk of injury. Therefore, repetition is recommended to be done slowly and with a straight back. If during exercise in the lower back no pain and felt only the tension, the exercise is done correctly. The advantage of deadlift and hyperextension – additional study, glutes and quads.

The training program

Any exercise starts with a warm-up lasting 5-10 minutes. The program for the pumping of spins varies according to the physical fitness of the athlete.

For beginners:

  • pull-UPS;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • srage;
  • hyperextension.

For intermediate level:

  • pull-UPS;
  • thrust rod in the slope;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • srage;
  • deadlifts.

For experienced athletes:

  • pull-UPS with weights;
  • thrust rod in the slope;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • deadlifts;
  • srage;
  • thrust block in the simulator.

For the execution of each exercise is recommended for 3 approach. The weight of sports equipment and the number of repetitions is regulated independently. The latter approach is performed before failure.

Useful tips

The following recommendations will increase the performance:

  • the use of equipment will reduce the likelihood of injury;
  • back training in conjunction with other muscle groups will provide a symmetrical development of the body;
  • wide grip pull-UPS will increase the burden on the widest.

The growth of muscle fibres takes place during rest because of experienced athletes train back once a week. Otherwise the muscles will not have time to recover and the weight will slow down.

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