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How to build a sturdy and strong neck?

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If you asked this question, so serious about training, and with exercise it will not be a problem. This article answers questions about how to build a training this muscle group, what precautions must be observed.

Amateur athletes, as a rule, familiar with main muscle groups and are able to feel them. Those who never touched the neck of their workout needs a little familiar with her anatomy to understand what to do the exercises, about which we will tell.

Anatomical aspect

The neck consists of 15 different muscles that perform several functions. Cervical spine is very mobile, but extremely vulnerable, including because of the variety of the attachments of the muscles and their functionality. In short, the muscle involved in the flexion and extension of the cervical spine, implement rotations of the head, raise ribs to inhale, several of them work when swallowing and lowering the lower part of the jaw.

From the complicated anatomy of the neck it is clear that not everyone will approach the training of this muscle group. Contraindications are if people are sick with degenerative disc disease of the relevant Department, is an infectious disease of the respiratory tract (e.g., colds will be a contraindication to exercise). High blood pressure is also a reason to stop training aimed at the development of the neck muscles.

How to rock the neck?

Muscles also develop in the basic exercises, which give impetus to the growth of the entire musculature of the body. Therefore, the complex for the neck would be correct to do at the end of strength training on upper body. At home, the following exercises can be done after a workout the pectoral muscles.

Warm up at the beginning of the workout

In addition to the challenging device, the muscles of the neck are pretty sensitive. On the one hand, this allows you to quickly achieve volume and strength and on the other requires caution. To exclude the traumatic effects of the recommended workout at the beginning and weight training before exercises aimed at the development of the skeleton of the neck muscles. Thus, we first warm up, and then swing the neck.

Simple exercises will not take more than 2-3 minutes, this will warm up the muscles and gives them elasticity. Maybe it sounds funny, but you have to remember the school exercise:

  • with the different twists of the head;
  • with rotations clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • the tilt to each shoulder.

To save stamina, you should do 5 reps per exercise on each side and feel the warmth spreads in the cervical spine. This means that the muscles are ready.

Warm-up is slow, without jerks.

Feel the stretch and hold for a second at the peak, before you do another repetition. Be careful to avoid discomfort, only a pleasant tension in the muscles. Now for the answer to the question of how to strengthen the muscles of the neck.

Training neck. The basics of training

There are several types of exercises, which will result in strong shape neck:

  • exercises with weights;
  • the resistance of the hands of a partner or your own hands;
  • with their weight.

Where used weight, number of repetitions should not exceed 10, the best would be to do 6-8 reps to muscle received its greatest impetus for growth. In the lighter exercises with a partner or on your own allowed to do 15-20 repetitions, as the load is small. Pick 2-4 exercises that will allow you to work different muscles, and do three approaches each.

Most likely, you will also be wondering how to pump up the neck in the gym. The first type of exercises just for this, the other two are suitable for home workout. Perhaps, house a makeshift gravity, therefore, will address first these exercises.

Flexion/extension of the neck with weights

You will need a bench or two stools pushed together. For exercise neck there are two positions – lying on your back or stomach. Now, depending on the posture, put the cargo on the forehead (in advance having spread a towel) or on the back of the head. Go slow flexion and extension in the full amplitude.

Exercises with the harness

Will suit experienced athletes, because it allows you to work with serious weights.

The head of the athlete for this worn leather frame with straps, the ends of which are attached pancake or a small weight. Exercises are performed sitting or standing. The task is to tilt your head as low as possible, touching the chest with chin and reject back to your maximum. Is slow and controlled.

How to swing a neck in the home

For the complex do not need any additional devices. Pushed two chairs instead of a bench and a dumbbell or a bottle with sand or water.

Exercises with resistance in the hands of the partner

  • Already familiar flexion/extension are performed with pressing the hands of an assistant. The pressure should be such power to execute the approach was hard, but not really.
  • To do tilts or head turns with resistance. Partner holds your head, and your task is to do 10-15 tilts and turns in one direction and then in another.
  • Exercises with your weight.

  • Flexion/extension of the neck on the bench. Lying on the back are flexion and prone — extension of the neck. When flexion the chin touch the chest and stretch the muscles in the negative phase. Extension done while lying on the stomach. Perform them as possible, slowly and carefully.
  • Exercise bortsovsky the bridge. This exercise is popular among wrestlers, but it can also be done on a floor Mat. To take starting position, you need lie on your back and stick your head in the Mat, so to make a bridge, but only with a head instead of hands. Now you can start the movement of the head forward and backward, and movement in the side by the same principle. If the neck is still weak, you can help yourself with hands.
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