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How to build a press without harm to health

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Want relief stomach? You are new to the sport? Want to choose an effective exercise program that will not harm Your health? In this article You will learn how to build a press for a short period of time.

Key points in training

For effective pumping of the press requires complex regular workout. Please note that the relief can only be obtained with intensive subcutaneous fat, so diet is a must.

If You decide to train at home, we recommend you to do it in the second half of the day because after sleeping lower back is relaxed, so pumping the press can lead to back injury. If this is not possible, before execution of the exercises at the press, good warm up the back muscles. Please note that You need to eat two hours before training.

Don’t forget about the importance of proper nutrition. Exclude from the diet of fatty and fried foods, and baked goods and sodas.

Consult with a trainer or nutritionist, they will help to make an individual a balanced diet for You.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, it will help to bring toxins from the body faster and eliminate fat.

Cardio training is another prerequisite. Start Jogging or do an active sport. Performing exercises, control the correct breathing (breathe in the initial position). Do not go overboard, do everything in accordance with the program. If You are a beginner, practice three times a week, over time, increase the number of workouts up to five times.

Please note that you need to change the training program every few months to keep the organism time to adapt to the loads.


When you exercise don’t strain your neck, and engage the muscles of the abdomen.

Program, how to build a press:

  • Take a horizontal position, close your hands on his head, legs, pull yourself so your feet touch the floor. Pull the elbows away from the head and on the exhale lift your upper body, straining a press. Do not touch face-to-chest. If You are just beginning to exercise, do the activity as many times as you can. Twenty times is the standard number of repetitions. If You at the end of the exercise you feel pain in the press, then You did the right thing.
  • Take same position as in the first exercise. On the exhale, lift your body and touch your right elbow to the left knee, again, lower body on the floor. Repeat the action, only with the left hand and right leg. Do the exercise with a relaxed neck. Do 30 lifts on three approaches.
  • Again take a horizontal position, hands along the body. Without taking the back off the floor and touch your left fingers to the heel. Repeat 15 times on each side and do three sets.
  • Take same position as in the first exercise. Raise your lower body so that your heels were pointing up. Lift hips off the floor three times and take its original position. When performing exercises, don’t bend your knees. Check that your back off the floor.
  • This exercise heavy enough, requires endurance. Starting position: rest on forearms and toes into the floor (shoulder width apart). Not prohibite lower back and keep your buttocks above the back. Hang on a rack a minute, with breaks of half a minute, repeat the step two more times. The first time you do the exercise resting on the floor with his knees, so it will be easier to hold out 60 seconds.
  • How to pump up the press, we understand. Go to frequent mistakes beginners make. Performing exercises, monitor the following points:

  • Don’t hold your breath.
  • Strain your press, even when lower case.
  • Do the exercises slowly.
  • Do not skip classes, eat right, lead an active lifestyle and You will succeed! Good luck!

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