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How to build a press men in the shortest possible time

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The dream of many men is raised and a beautiful press. To become a reality, of course, will take a lot of work.

How to download press right?

Initially, you need to understand and understand what exactly are the abdominal muscles. They work when a person walks, bends and turns, and most importantly support the internal organs, the stomach, pancreas and liver. If the abdominal muscles are not developed, apart from the fat layer in the abdomen, pain in the back. Since the muscle fibers are relaxed and gradually atrophy, then the load is placed on the lower back.

Abs create two rectus muscles, each of them divided into three or four dice. Their number depends on genetics, if laid for three, no complexes workouts will not help to achieve four. One muscle in the press and should remember, dividing it into upper and lower, this is just a Convention. It all depends on what exercises to do to properly distribute the load on the muscles of the abdomen. So every workout you need to download all parts and lower and upper.

A question which finds strong gender by surprise, how often to work on my core.

The optimal load is considered to be 3 times a week i.e. every other day.

These muscles are able to recover very quickly, but swing your abdominal muscles every day is not necessary, and most importantly not effective. Especially newbies with the first workouts don’t need to load the muscular system, because the abdominal pain would be unbearable. To start better with small loads, gradually increasing them. Acceptable scheme of the first class it’s 3 exercises in three sets to accomplish for 15 repetitions. The training the body to prepare for the load, and avoiding injuries to increase it.

How long you can make perfect abs?

A miracle does not happen in a week, so don’t wait and be patient. Yes, of course some changes will be visible through such a compressed period of time. Muscles become firmer and a little lower the subcutaneous fat layer. But the result that was planned, it will have to work. Month resistant, regular exercise, healthy eating and goal.

Also important in this issue is the original body type and metabolism. If a man is big with a slow metabolism, you will have to spend time a lot more and be sure to follow a strict diet. In addition, to add to your workout an aerobic or weight training (running, swimming). The person with an average body type and normal metabolism, will be enough a month.

Effective abdominal exercises for men

  • The classic plank is a basic exercise that qualitatively shakes not only the belly but the muscles of his chest, calves and back. Running it is quite simple.
  • Lie on stomach and lean on your elbows and toes. Push-UPS, when the body is in his outstretched hands linger for a moment in this position, to ensure that the tailbone does not SAG. Time should be gradually increased. From this bar you can do the side. Starting position is the same, just one hand should pull up and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then change the hand and done that for the other side.
  • The twist with this exercise, the muscles of the upper and lower press worked well. Starting position lying on your back stretch your feet into the floor. Hands to have behind your head or crossed on your chest (whatever you like). Severing of the shoulder and elbow of the right hand pull to opposite knee, do the same for the left hand. It is recommended to do 4 sets for 25 reps. Also easy to do it in a different variation. Only the legs raise at a right angle relative to the floor. Next to do everything in the same system.
  • The rise of the legs. At an angle of 90 degrees bend knees and clasp them with your hands. Next you need to tighten the legs to the chest, taking only the blade. Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 20.

This complex will help to quickly pump up the press, but be sure to add the additional load. Through such exercises, the fat layer on the abdomen and reduced right muscles will be redrawn much faster.

Now you know how to quickly pump up the press men. Using the above exercises can promptly achieve the goal.

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