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How to build a press for a minute: the basic exercises

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To abs of your dreams in a short period of time, you should follow the rules described below. This will help to change the appearance, health status, improve mood and most importantly – tighten the belly. After you read this article, you will learn how to build a press for minutes in day, doing regularly.

To quickly achieve such a press, as in experienced bodybuilders, of course, fail. However, it is never too late to start working on the figure and to strive to build muscle of your dreams.

Tips for young athletes

You can pump relief press, spending a minute a day. But be sure to follow all the rules described below.

Rule # 1. Abdominal exercises to perform better in the morning. No wonder experienced bodybuilders perform cardio in the morning, not yet eaten, because the stomach is empty. In this period of time is much easier to use fat reserves. Before beginning to drink water that will help to start the digestive processes and the functioning of the organism. Important for training intensity. You can spend just a minute a day (for those who don’t have time), but better, of course, more.

Rule # 2. Practice at home. Many people think that good pumping the press need to visit the gym. This is a misconception. To work on the abdominal muscles don’t need equipment and working from home, you will be able without hesitation to perform the exercises.

Rule # 3. Exercise regularly. The most optimal – to do 3 times a week i.e. every other day. Over a period of time abdominal muscles will have time to relax and be ready for new feats. More experienced athletes can train more often.

Rule # 4. Do the exercises slowly. When you exercise, the abdominal muscles are utilized all types of media: direct, external, and internal oblique. It is better to perform the exercises, developing all kinds of muscles. Even if you only have a few minutes, pick one exercise for each muscle and do them in slow mode.

To achieve the desired cubes, you need to do smoothly, without jerks, pausing in the effort for a couple of seconds.
Exercises on press

  • For leveling the top of the cubes lift the torso, lying on the floor and bending your knees. Hold at the top for 2-3 seconds and take the starting position.
  • For leveling the bottom of the press lie on the floor and raise your straight legs up. Do the exercise gently 10-15 times on the last climb of the leg hold for 5 seconds.
  • For pumping internal muscles lift your torso and knees and do quick lifts, not going to end on the Mat.
  • For the lateral muscles of the abdomen do the twisting diagonally: lying on the floor with hands behind the head, alternately datalimits elbows to knees on the opposite side.
  • Exercises on the bar – effective form for a good stomach pumping. Hanging on a horizontal bar, raise your straight legs as high as possible, then the knees bent feet together and alternately. To strengthen the oblique muscles straight leg raise and rotate left and right. Alternate each exercise, performing 10-15 reps.
  • The bike is a quality exercise that develops both the transverse and internal press. Lying on a Mat, bending your knees and lifting the torso, pull the opposite elbow and knee. When the right leg is bent, the left should be straight and located 10 inches from the floor, and Vice versa.
  • For better results, exercise in 3-4 approach, gradually increasing the load.

    To a minute a day to achieve the perfect abdominal muscles, do the exercise “plank”. Press your straight arms and legs, keeping the torso perpendicular to the floor. The lumbar spine must be perfectly flat. Hold the bar as long as possible – from 30 seconds to a minute. Use a stopwatch to calculate the time, because the exercise is very complicated, but effective. Perform a side plank for 30 seconds on each side: push on the floor with one hand, bent at the elbow, crossed straight leg. The second hand keep stretched upwards. The body does not Vegemite or up, or sideways. Should be a straight lateral line (head, neck and shoulders should form a straight line).

    Diet for a perfect press

    To achieve pumped press one of the exercises is not enough. You need to follow a special diet, the main purpose of which is to maintain a dense structure of muscles.

    The most important thing is to eat healthy food through frequent equal intervals of time. In the morning I eat porridge and cereals, then eat a meal containing complex carbohydrates. The dose should not exceed 200-300 grams. In the rest of the day, especially after workouts, eat foods rich in proteins and fiber such as vegetables, boiled chicken breast, rice, bananas, honey, etc Portions should be small. Also useful for olive and Flaxseed oil, nuts.

    By eating a healthy diet and performing frequent exercise, you can’t just quickly pump up the press and quickly remove the excess fat from the abdomen, stimulating the metabolism through thermic effect of food.

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