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How to breathe properly during the exercises on the horizontal bar

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How to breathe properly during the exercises on the horizontal bar

The contents

  • The rules of exercise
  • Varieties of grip when pull-UPS
  • A competent technique exercises
  • Common beginner flaws during exercise
  • Proper breathing at high physical exertion

The pull is not in vain is considered one of the most public exercise for pumping the muscles of the arms, spinal area, shoulders and chest area. The element requires no additional equipment and can be performed even at home. When performing this physical exertion it is possible to simultaneously use different areas to pump body evenly.

However, the effectiveness of this exercise depends on whether the technique they run. That is why when you enable pull-UPS to your training program will need to take into account all the important nuances to make the most of training the most benefit.

The rules of exercise

To learn how to catch up on the crossbar all the rules is not as hard as it may seem to beginners at first glance. If a young athlete learn the technique, it easily will be able with the fiznagruzki effectively to pump different groups of muscles, especially the muscles of the neck area, back, arms and shoulders.

When an athlete performs high physical activity, which include pull-UPS, work actively involved a wide, round muscles, and the trapezius. At the same time worked out the pectoral muscles (large, small, serrated) as well as the biceps, triceps, Delta. In some variations of pull-UPS can even work the abdominal muscles that performs the role of stabilizing muscles, which helps the body to maintain a static position.

Proper fitness training on the bar must be performed by beginners as follows:

  • It is necessary to control every movement of my torso.
  • Need to catch up due to the strength of the muscles, helping the body lower part.
  • To raise the body very slowly avoiding jerks.
  • In the course of performing physical exercise in pulling forward the chin. If practiced fully pulling up (full amplitude), the chin should be lifted above the level of the horizontal bar.
  • After raising the body should not abruptly drop the body to the original position. Required to perform the movement slowly to avoid injury.
  • When fiznagruzki is important and breathe, as the breath allows you to maintain balance and equilibrium.
  • The body should be straight, without bends and curves along the axis of the spine. For example small natural curve in the lumbar region, allowing you to maintain balance in the air.
  • Varieties of grip when pull-UPS

    Almost all types of pull-UPS performed from the initial position of the base of the vise. The spine is thus necessary to slightly bend, and the shins just to pull up to the body and breed. There are several basic varieties of grip.

    • Straight narrow grip.

    Hands should be placed at a distance slightly less than the width of the chest. When performing exercises, you should try to touch the horizontal bar of the lower part of the chest. To preserve the orientation in space to be on your fingers.

    • Average direct capture of the projectile.

    In this case, the hands are a bit width of the shoulder joints. The blades on the lift the body has to move in the direction towards each other. At the peak voltage and at the highest point should touch the horizontal bar the upper part of the chest. To increase the efficiency of the load is required on the descent to straighten your elbows until the end.

    • Back middle taking the bar.

    Is similar to the previous exercise, but hands to grip should be deployed so that the palm facing the face.

    • Neutral grip bar.

    Exercise with the use of a neutral grip necessary when other varieties fiznagruzki already fully mastered, because the capture in the training process will change. On the first set will be located ahead of the left hand and then right. You must touch the bar lower chest. You want to grab a shell, positioning of the brush in front of the other one. The rise of the case is a little to bend the spine to maintain balance.

    • Pulling advanced grip to your chest.

    Such exercises include in the active muscles of the spinal area and biceps muscles. The brush should be set as widely as possible. Upper chest area when tightening the housing must touch the projectile. Elbow joints are sending down, but look – just over the crossbar.

    • The rise of the case on the bar wide grip behind the head.

    Effective, but traumatic variation of pull-UPS, especially in the absence of sufficient training. Before performing such a great physical activity, should be thoroughly warm up the muscles. The element is advanced capture omitted the elbow joints. When lifting you need to bend a little, trying to keep the horizontal position. This technique is developed round the dorsal muscles, which are almost not working all other options of physical activity.

    Of all the variations of pull-UPS are the hardest exercise using a wide grip. For this reason, in the beginning, beginners are advised to master the technique of all the basic grips (secondary and direct).

    Wanting to learn how competent the technique of pull-UPS on the bar, many aspiring athletes dream to achieve multiple repetitions of exercises with fewer sets. However, it is necessary to understand that during the development of the item, and when pumping of the body you should act in a measured and gradual. The longer a person exercises, the better the body adapts to the loads due to the increasing strength endurance.

    If the athlete is aware that they will not be able to perform more repetitions during training, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of sessions. To do every day is forbidden, since the body needs quality rest, and muscles in the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers. Any mode of power training with pull-UPS – no more than 3 times a week. Beginner athletes should catch up in a 2-3 set with possible repetitions.

    A competent technique exercises

    Before you begin to master the techniques themselves, pull-UPS, you must learn the basic hang on the bar. For 1-2 weeks is recommended for beginners just hang on the bar to adapt the joints and ligaments of the hands to a different load.

    Once grip becomes confident and strong, you can begin to learn techniques basic pull-UPS.

  • Hard to grab straight grip for the projectile, feet slightly bend at the knees and cross in back.
  • Gently begin to lift the body to the bar only using the working muscles of the arms and back.
  • Elbow joints should slightly dissolve in different directions.
  • Below the torso is not swinging on the rise, you should strain the muscles of the abdominals.
  • In a very high point of the chin should be slightly above the level of the projectile.
  • Softservices at the peak voltage for 2 seconds, then slowly straighten arms, lowering the body to the initial position.
  • Common beginner flaws during exercise

    To high physical activity in the form of pull-UPS brought the newcomers benefit, not injury, should avoid the common mistakes all beginners.

    The most common defects include:

    • incorrect breathing;
    • help body kicking and excessive movements;
    • making motions at full amplitude;
    • sharp descents and ascents jerks;
    • the lack of rest after exercise;
    • the failure of rhythm during execution;
    • the transfer of stress on the joints, not the muscles;
    • excessive force of the muscles of the cervical area;
    • the use of weights from the first class.

    All mistakes and errors should be discussed with the fitness instructor. Expert will give valuable advice and allow you to hone technique pull-UPS, bringing it to perfection.

    Proper breathing at high physical exertion

    Thanks to correct methods of breathing during pull-UPS novice athletes will be able less tired when performing physical activities and the body will be more productive due to the increase in the number of incoming oxygen.

    Beginners should remember that the breath should be smooth, measured and deep, and not superficial. Every effort must be made on the exhale and relax on inhale. You can’t hold your breath. It needs to be executed rhythmically in through the nose, switching from chest to diaphragmatic, deep.

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