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How to breathe during aerobic fitness workouts

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How to breathe during aerobic fitness workouts
The contents

  • Fitness and proper breathing
  • Breath in preparation for physical activity
  • The principles of breathing for fitness

Getting acquainted with General rules of conduct aerobic exercise, you somehow will find among them a paragraph about correct breathing. Some consider this point unimportant and do not pay due attention, while the breathing technique while running, affects the effectiveness of fitness classes, and overall health of the athlete.

Fitness and proper breathing

Uniform, rhythmic and deep breathing during fitness activities is very important for their effectiveness. If we talk about strength training, his main task is to maintain intracranial pressure at the proper level and the opportunity to perform a greater number of repetitions. In this case, to initiate breathing you need in a moment of relaxation, and exhale at the maximum voltage of the muscles of the body.

If we talk about aerobic fitness exercise, proper breathing technique helps:

  • to reduce the load on the heart and blood vessels;
  • to provide oxygen to all the internal organs;
  • increase endurance;
  • to increase the duration and productivity training;
  • to maintain your health at the proper level;
  • maximum use of own physical capabilities.

While running uphill or races in the long distance our respiratory system works at the limit of their capabilities. Intense physical activity leads to that starts to be out of breath, it is intermittent, superficial and heavy, to produce the movement will be more difficult. Often at this moment there are thoughts about the completion of the fitness classes, although, in fact, the distance you may be able to overcome, while having the required amount of oxygen. Therefore, the correct breathing technique helps to improve the effect of physical activity, as well as your Wellness in the course of their implementation.

Breath in preparation for physical activity

Any physical activity will be more effective if qualitatively to prepare for it. Before the run, you also need a good stretch your muscles by performing exercises aimed at warming up the entire body and increase flexibility of joints. Suitable rotation of the hands and feet, squatting, bending and torso twists.

When conducting a workout you should also carefully consider the breath to be rhythmic and deep. If during exercise your chest is compressed, then at this point you need to take a breath if, on the contrary, it expands, then exhale. For example, during a squat you exhale, make a flexion of the knees, and inhale in the standing position and on the rise. When bending inhale on extension, exhale at the end of the exercise, the lowermost position of the body.

Especially important is the correct breathing technique during exercise involving a radical change of body position, especially if they are performed with weights. If there is insufficient oxygen at this moment you may feel dizzy, which is fraught with loss of balance and even fainting. If you complete the workout in such a condition, then all subsequent fitness training will not be very comfortable and productive.

The principles of breathing for fitness

A very important element of any fitness classes is breathing techniques which need to be trained and to develop the habit to use them constantly, including in everyday life. Your endurance, and therefore the productivity of training, largely depends on how much muscle is enriched with oxygen.

Most of us in our daily life involve the process of breathing, only the chest using just a third of the total lung volume. Include the process of the remaining reserve can be additionally saturate body tissues with oxygen, thereby increasing stamina, and improving overall health.

One of the basic principles of proper breathing during aerobic fitness is its depth. Make the breath deeper, you can enable this process of the diaphragm. Such a skill requires long training and is achieved gradually, more efficiently and quickly to master them, you can use yoga and Pilates.

Just starting lesson immediately ensure that your breath was deep. At first you will be distracted and breathe in the usual way; noticing this, return to practicing the skill. This type of breathing will become a habit that no longer require control.

The second important point for a productive and comfortable fitness workout is the rhythm of respiration. Each breath should match your movements, making them more natural and easy. Otherwise the body will not receive enough oxygen, that may manifest mild weakness, dizziness, loss of coordination.

For example, when Jogging inhale and exhale need to be made about every three steps. This skill, like previous ones, will also need to practice counting in steps. At first it may seem tedious and inconvenient, but you will set the rhythm and get used to it. If for some reason you can’t adapt the described rate, reduce the frequency of breathing to two steps. With the rapid run to breathe more often and a little deeper, because muscles work harder, but because they need a much higher volume of oxygen.

And the last principle is proper breathing during aerobic fitness is required its Commission through the nose. First and foremost this is a safety issue, because when you breath in through your nose the air has time to purge and heat up, doing a light already moistened and filtered of contaminants. This is particularly important in cold or dusty weather, when mouth breathing is easy to get a cold or any infection.

Second, thanks to a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth is a high-quality exchange that allows you to get the body all of the necessary air and bring out all the harmful and unnecessary. However, there is one important thing: breathing in through the nose, it is impossible to provide the body the amount of oxygen that it needs during intensive training for fitness. Therefore, it is allowed during the run, when the feeling of lack of oxygen, from time to time to take a deep breath with your mouth.

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