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How to behave at the gym?

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A visit to any gym involves adherence to the rules of etiquette, if you never went to the gym, can they not know. How to behave at the gym?

Each gym brings to its visitors a number of rules – visitors must have a change of shoes, to return the equipment to the place after work to take care of the equipment and other prescribed provisions. But in addition to these rules there are unwritten principles of etiquette, if you never went to the gym, then you probably are not aware of their existence. How to behave at the gym?

Wipe exercise equipment

If you’re studying hard in the simulator, you will sweat, sweat will stay in the gym, benches, weights and other equipment. After using the equipment it is necessary to wipe the other person is not in contact with your sweat.

In many halls there are antibacterial wipes and tools in your gym if they do not, you will have to acquire your own.
Use headphones

Not all visitors to the hall share your musical tastes, some do not like to listen to music at practice. If you want to do with the music, bring headphones, no need to bother other people with sound from the speaker.

Share equipment

At certain times there will be a lot of visitors, each of them, it is important to have time to work out its programme. In the halls are not made to take cardio exercise machines more than half an hour, especially if someone waits for the track or exercise bike. No need to sit on the trainer during the break between sets, during your break, they can be used by another person.

Do not talk on the phone

People come to the gym to train, not to hear your conversations with your friends. Nobody cares about your problems at work and details of his personal life, don’t insult others and you’re wasting your time in the gym.

Don’t take away the space

Most people want to have private space if the number is ten treadmills and one of them is busy, take one that will be away. Almost all people need privacy, don’t have to steal their place.

Don’t treat the locker room like your own bathroom

The locker room at the gym is not your personal bathroom, people come here to quickly shower, get dressed, and leave. You can be comfortable to walk around the locker room half-naked or completely naked, but most of the people around it will embarrass.

To take mirror

The mirror in the hall don’t need to do self. Trainees looking at your reflection to ensure correct exercise technique. The people who hold the mirror just so immensely annoying. In order to make selfi or build faces, you have a mirror at home, don’t need to do this in the hall.

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