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How to become more flexible?

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Flexibility plays an important role in sports development in any direction, shaping the quality of life. What determines the flexibility of the body? What you need to know about flexibility, why, and how it needs to develop?

We call the flexibility to maintain normal range of motion of joints and elasticity of muscles. Flexibility is important in sport and everyday life, it affects the potential for injuries. For example, if there is an insufficient level of flexibility in the hamstrings and muscles of the lower back man begins to suffer from lower back pain. Increasing flexibility is needed to perform certain physical and sports activities. These are the facts about the flexibility needs to know everyone who cares about their health and wants to achieve success in the sport.

It is necessary to warm up the muscles

The best time to work on the development of flexibility – after the main workout or after the workout. To ensure that the body is prepared to exercise flexibility, muscles should be warmed up, blood flow accelerates. Trying to stretch cold muscles lead to sprains and even tears.

To do 2-6 repetitions

Training to enhance flexibility, have their own regulations, to maximize the effectiveness of each exercise should be performed in two to six replicates. You need to stretch until you feel mild discomfort, position of maximum tension necessary to hold 10-30 seconds.

Important a certain order

You need to stretch all the major muscle groups, but in a very specific order. First you need to do stretching exercises of the major muscle groups, then move on to stretching the target muscle. Target muscles in this situation are those that you want to stretch. When exposed to the target muscle isolation is important, untapped part of the body must be obezdwijivanie, it will reduce the risk to shoot down your breath and get injured.

Pain is not normal

You should not stretch to the point of pain. When you reach a point of pain the muscle is not stretched, and is at risk of injury.

While stretch marks will be discomfort, but it should be soft, not sharp.
There are gender differences

Flexibility depends on the age of the person. Women are by nature more flexible than men of any age. Program starter level to increase flexibility for women and men differ greatly among themselves in the programs of the advanced level the differences are less noticeable.

Age also matters

As you get older the flexibility of his body is getting worse, it results in decrease of mobility, incomplete range of motion of body parts. Regular exercise on the development of stretch marks allow you to maintain mobility and flexibility. A sedentary lifestyle brings physical stiffness and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

We need to be patient

Stretching does not come overnight, for a noticeable increase in flexibility will require months of training. In order to progress, you need to exercise regularly and do not be discouraged if the workouts do not bring the expected results. Development of flexibility is an individual matter that varies from person to person, so to set any time frame would be impractical.

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