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How to become an athlete and not to harm health?

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How to become an athlete and not to harm health?
The contents

  • To check their health
  • Make a plan and set goals
  • To monitor physical activity
  • What to include in fitness training?
  • How to make exercise a habit?

It would seem that what is easier — get off the couch and go to the gym, but not so simple. About a third of all who wish to increase their physical activity retirements just starting your way to a slim and patanatomy body. Some shaky stops for no reason health. How not to hurt yourself and for a long time to make friends with sports?

To check their health

It is the first thing you need to begin your acquaintance with the sport. It does not matter whether a person is in the history of any disease. He may not know about them, and of their own contraindications. According to statistics, the majority of cardiovascular pathologies revealed precisely when the increase in locomotor activity. That is, in ordinary life man it feels great, and it’s worth it to run a bit, play with the kids to the football on the ground, as the heart begins to misbehave, feel dizzy, and the pressure rise.

With age, the risk of various cardiovascular pathologies is increased even more. But even if it turns out that the heart is normal, it does not guarantee absolute health. In some sports, the door can still be closed. For example, with prolapse of the stomach can’t do the heavy lifting, as in uterine prolapse or predisposition to this pathology. However, this does not mean that man is not to do fitness, swimming, dancing. Reasonable reasonable load will only benefit the health.

Make a plan and set goals

Often the person himself does not know what he wants. Some come to the gym with a friend, and some just want some exercise after a hard day at the office. Special concerns of physicians and trainers is causing a group of citizens who want all at once. For example, pump abs for 2 weeks or to train the biceps in 7 days. The exhortation of specialists that miracles do not happen, especially if the person before didn’t lead the most healthy lifestyle and managed to gain a lot of extra fail. Newbie rushes right off the bat, begins to engage to the point of exhaustion and all that stands for is the strongest fever and aversion to sports as such.

Therefore, the approach to training needs with a clear plan, which is not superfluous to consult with the coach. Goals also need to be more realistic and close to reality. If training begins people with excess weight, it needs to perform, and how many months or years have gone on such the growth of their parameters? If it took such a long time, why he thinks to throw it and to build muscle he will be able in just 2 weeks? Compulsory condition for the improvement of the relief is to get rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat, but it is a long and difficult process in which not to do without the correct nutrition, all kinds of cosmetic procedures, etc.

To monitor physical activity

According to the American College of sports medicine and physical activity, adults need 150 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate severity a week. Experts recommend to break this period of 3 to 4 times and thus exercise a day for 35 to 40 minutes. No breaks can be, as trained muscles need time to rest and recover. For this reason, it is impossible to constantly pump the same muscle group. The type of physical activity needs to be changed, for example, on Monday work only with arms, Wednesday legs, and Friday to pump the abdominal muscles and back.

If we talk about the run, it is also important to moderation and a gradual increase in strength and endurance. A rough plan for the first run is: 5 minutes warm-up area 5 minutes in the fat burning zone and 5 minutes in the aerobic zone. Physical activity and its duration in the very high needs to increase gradually and as gradually should be reduced the normal step, which often go beginners in the beginning of his career. It is very important to monitor their condition, monitor pulse and BP, and at the first sign of dizziness, weakness, nausea and other signs of deterioration in their wellbeing and health, exercise to stop and rest.

What to include in fitness training?

No matter what sport people chose to improve their health. Its the same components will be warm-up and hitch. Neither stage of fitness training cannot be ignored, as it is fraught with the development of a variety of negative consequences. So, strength training without proper training and warming up of muscles can cause injuries and strains, more intense and painful delayed onset muscle soreness. Hitch is also very important because it helps the muscles return to a natural state, to restore normal breathing, the flow of blood and lymph.

Quality warm-up allows to achieve better performance, to increase the fruitfulness of the training. It consists of a sequential execution of warm-up exercises for the major muscle groups and may include waving the arms and legs, circular movements of the head, rotations of the pelvis. The hitch is a regular extension with the addition of a light cardio, is able to normalize the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. It includes smooth and quiet stretching exercises, walking, slow running, bending, rotation of the torso.

How to make exercise a habit?

If the life of a sport and physical activity, this does not mean that they are and will remain in it. So fitness became a habit, a necessity, you need to exert a lot of effort. At first you literally have to force myself to go to the gym. After 3 weeks, exercise will become a habit, because so much time is required to consolidate a new skill. But this is possible only under one strict condition — if they will be fun. Otherwise, it will be over before it began. Therefore, it is important to find a sport you love, and if man is abhorrent to carry heavy weights in the gym, pay attention to swimming, running, Nordic walking, dancing, finally.

You must listen to your body, to trust him and to seek high-quality motivation. Short-term motivation type to lose weight for the upcoming holiday — not the best solution. To improve health, to address the prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases can only regular exercise. So you should look for better motivation — good mood, which always gives fitness, well-being, ease, confidence and its appeal. After evaluating all the advantages and charms of healthy life, to abandon it will not be so easy.

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