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How to become a fitness instructor: specifics of the profession

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Features the work of the fitness instructor. How to find a job in a sports centre? Does that require a special education? The answers to these questions, read this article.

A fitness instructor is a popular profession with high pay. But for this to work an active desire to play sports is not enough. Fitness trainer – specialist able to select and plan activities for the person according to his individual peculiarities of the organism. Therefore, the instructor needs to have not only a great figure, but also to understand the anatomy at the level of a certified physiotherapist.

Required skills and knowledge a fitness trainer

The instructor should:

  • To develop a high level of physical preparation and good health. The condition requires regular improvement of physiological characteristics: muscle mass, strength, endurance, flexibility, relief. The lack of a slender toned body for fitness trainer – a serious drawback. Applicant applying for this vacancy must engage in their own appearance, paying attention to the regular workouts and diets.
  • To study the physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy, and nutrition science. Experience and knowledge in these areas will help the instructor to create a proper training program for clients and to provide medical assistance if the visitor of the gym get injured. Appropriate education is provided when attending special courses. Basic knowledge is acquired and accumulated by using video tutorials, online trainings, webinars. As a professional trainer is available only in the presence of higher medical education.
  • Receive training on age-related physiology and pedagogy. These skills are needed to work with children and teenagers. Physical training of young people under the age of majority, is a sought – after trend in the fitness industry, making a profit. The coach is not able to work with children, losing extra income.
  • To learn about safety when performing physical exercises. Sports coach responsible for each customer, located in the fitness center. The instructor must know how to deal with projectiles without risk to health, and to convey that information to visitors.
  • These skills – mandatory minimum for a person wishing to become a fitness trainer. In practice, sports instructor has to face many difficult issues, regularly improve the skills and self-development.

    Where to study to become a fitness trainer

    Before becoming a coach, is required to obtain proper education. In addition to training, popular fitness instructor:

    • end medical school;
    • get higher physical education.

    The applicant for the position of instructor is required to pass the exam and sports tests selected by the management of the institution. In Universities the advanced examination in chemistry and biology. Higher education allows you to get in the organization premimum class and train professional athletes.

    In the absence of opportunities to go to College in order to graduate, future instructors are trained in sports specialty. These services provide physical and medical schools. The described variant is suitable for people with a medium level of education in medicine or pedagogics. Without a diploma, confirming the required qualifications, the probability to succeed in one’s career is minimal.

    A valid condition for employment in a standard gym – completion of special courses and regular improvement of knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, reading relevant literature, learning from professional coaches.

    Fitness courses are taught in the professional sports clubs. The training is conducted by a group of instructors who teach different subjects. After the exams at the hands of the certificate confirming the qualification. The advantage of the sports club, the private coach is the availability of training equipment and the provision of a document, allowing you to get a job.

    Tasks of a fitness trainer

    The goal of the fitness trainer is to provide the student a safe and effective exercise program, which will help to achieve this goal. Training of visitors is not limited to the preparation of a set of exercises and control techniques. Sports instructor must:

  • to evaluate physical capacity and health status of the client before training;
  • to test the body and the body of the ward;
  • if necessary, guide the visitor to a medical examination;
  • to create a workout program depending on the individual characteristics and the client’s goals (muscle mass, eliminate excess weight);
  • to teach the beginner the proper technique of execution;
  • provide recommendations for compliance with diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Fitness trainer is additionally engaged with a tour of the gym, checking equipment, monitoring compliance with the order. An experienced and popular instructor helps the client in training and psychological support.

    The ability to not teach school fitness these qualities are formed independently.

    The main factor influencing the size of the salary fitness trainer, gym, chosen for future work. Wage is formed of such conditions as:

    • A set salary. Upon employment the applicant will be billed the rate is fixed monthly salary. The average instructor gets per month 15 – 45тыс. rubles.
    • Personal trainings. In gyms premium the cost of one personal training session is 1-1,5 thousand rubles. For fitness centers the low level of this ratio is equal to 500 rubles and below. Earnings over 100 personal training is up to 50 thousand rubles.
    • Attendance. The number of customers directly affect the income of the sports club and the salary of the instructors. Accordingly, a fitness center with high traffic.
    • Team. In large sports clubs running at the same time, several trainers, which is why there is competition. In the presence of hostile employees number of personal training will decline, adversely affecting the wages.

    Fitness training is an important step towards a successful career of sports instructor. But for a coach plays an important role, the presence of impeccable reputation, to acquire which, without experience it is impossible. Therefore, before you attempt to get to the elite fitness center, it is recommended to work in a small gym with low permeability. This decision will help to gain necessary experience and skills while providing further movement on a career ladder.

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