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How to become a cyclist?

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Cycling is a convenient, useful and exciting, it represents a compromise between training and entertainment. Benefits of Cycling, how to join it, where to start training?

Lifestyle of modern man does not imply high activity, as a consequence, many people complain about their health. Lack of exercise leads to diseases of the cardiovascular system and joints, the appearance of extra weight and even cancer. The best way to take care of yourself is to start training, but how to do it, if you never played sports? How to start your way to health?

There are many payloads, but each of them will take a certain time. Cycling is different from other exercises, it will provide a healthy load of cardio, but it will save time, a Bicycle is not only sports equipment, but also convenient transportation.
When riding a bike work all the major muscles in the body, workouts will be held outdoors that promotes the oxygenation of the body. Each walk will burn a lot of calories, develop strength and endurance, train your heart and joints. Classes will not be perceived as a workout, rather as a fun. The main value of Cycling is that people assume the physical form, without putting in much effort. Learning to ride once, unlearn not work, so the bike is never too late. Only need the existence of the Bicycle, comfortable clothing and protective equipment.


The bike should be easy to manage if a beginner will take a heavy model, then the workout will not be fun, and he very quickly lose motivation to them. You have to choose a model with good shocks, these bikes are easily overcome small obstacles. It is important to test the effectiveness of the brake system, faulty brakes is a safety issue.

Any bike is adjustable and adapts to its owner, after a few walks you determined by the position in which you’re comfortable.

For Cycling in warmer seasons wear any comfortable clothing – pants or shorts and a t-shirt material that transmits air, as well as socks made from cotton fabric. You may need sleeves to protect hands from the sun, and a hat, all depends on the time for walking. Outfit for winter is more serious, its task is to preserve the heat, clothing should be layered and protect the body from heat loss, especially in the neck, face and hands. Gloves for Cycling will need at any time of the year, they make the grip more comfortable and improve handling.


Helmet and other protection is needed not only for off-road driving, city streets, too, are fraught with many dangers for the cyclist. Safety should be the priority, a bruised elbow or knee, head trauma, fractures and dislocations is very unpleasant. There is also security lighting for riding in the dark, they make the bike and the cyclist visible to other road users. It is necessary to observe rules of the road and to be particularly vigilant in places with heavy traffic and crowds of people.

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