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How to avoid overeating after a workout?

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After a workout, most people feel hungry if he has to give in, overeating is inevitable. How to organize your workouts and meals, not to overeat after class?

After a workout you want to have in mind the idea that you spent a lot of calories and can afford to eat well. You succumb to hunger and overeat as a result you receive more calories, than you spend. The result is not happy – you’re exercising but gaining weight. How to organize workouts and meals so as not to overeat?

Do a small snack before a workout

A small healthy snack before exercise will give you more energy to perform exercises will help the muscles recover after training. This snack will make the feeling of hunger after a workout is more moderate.

Take a workout before eating

If meal time coincides with the end of the workout, you will satisfy your hunger without excess calories. Plan your lesson before lunch, and then the calorie balance will remain on your side.

Don’t overestimate calories burned

Most people tend to overestimate the amount of energy spent on training. You may find that you work out hard and spent a lot of calories, but studies show that people overestimate the energy spent 3-4 times.

Keep drinking regime

Water will not give a long satiation, but to confuse thirst and hunger very easily, especially after intensive exercise. Drink more water throughout the day, particularly on training, and then after her hunger will become more moderate.

Make a workout more fun

Scientists at Cornell University published an interesting study, they stated that hunger after a workout does not reflect the real need for food. In the study, two groups of people took a walk on the same route, the first group said that the walk is held with the aim of training participants in the second group – just walking. People who believed that training ate after the walk much more than those who walked for pleasure. Hence the conclusion – it perceives training as fun, and hunger will be much lower.

Drink a glass of milk

A glass of cow or soy milk will provide protein for muscle recovery and will partially satisfy your hunger. In this situation, ordinary milk will work better than sports nutrition.

Get rid of habits

Most likely overeating after a workout has already become your permanent habit. Pay attention, most likely the volume of the ingested food does not depend on intensity of physical activity.

When determining the volume of the meal pushes not from habit, but from a real need.
Snacking on exercise

If the session lasts more than two hours, snacking should not only before training but also on training. Planning a long Hiking or Cycling, take it with a healthy and nutritious snack.

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