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How to avoid failure in fitness?

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In the quest to achieve fitness goals all people face the same error. Someone overcomes difficulties and develops further, some disappointed and throws fitness.

According to statistics, the third week of January is the time when most people fail in fitness and abandon their goals. These are the same people who promised yourself to do fitness in the new year. This happens at any time of the year a few weeks people are disciplined, train hard and eat right. But then the motivation drops, a gym and healthy foods are not so attractive. On average, the primary motivation enough for 2-3 weeks.

One bad meal or one missed workout is not to be considered a failure in fitness. Failure is frustrated in its goals and values a healthy lifestyle. Experiencing failure one time, most people abandoned the attempt to get in shape. For that you have not suffered such a fate, you have to understand that one bad day or a small setback in the progress cannot be considered a failure. Failure is when you admit that you were defeated, and completely gave up trying.

The first step towards sustainable development in fitness without setbacks is to set achievable expectations. If you put a too high goal, then adherence will inevitably lead to disappointment. Fitness goal is progress, not achievement of a fictional ideal. The pursuit of an unattainable ideal is disappointing, and the evaluation of their progress for the week or the month – happy and motivates for further development.

In order to succeed in fitness, you need to change your way of life. First of all you need believe you will become slim, active person who eats right and regularly goes to the gym. Such a goal is quite realistic and achievable.

If you go to the gym in order to lose weight, it does not consider how much weight you have left to throw, concentrate on how much weight you have lost.

Changing eating habits and body takes time, the more ingrained bad habits – the more time it will take to get rid of them. Big changes start with small changes if you accustom yourself every day to a healthy Breakfast and to go to the gym twice a week – this is huge progress relative to what it was previously. When healthy Breakfast and gym twice a week becomes a habit, you need to strengthen your lifestyle, a healthy lunch and visits to the hall 3-4 times a week.

Fitness classes will bring not only favor, but also fun, if you can learn to notice changes in your body and enjoy them. A healthy lifestyle consists of habits, the development of each takes some time, so fitness can’t be rushed. Slow systematic movement sooner or later leads to the goal, if you break into the fitness run and try to rebuild their lives for a week, then this will be followed by disappointment and a return to his former life.

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