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How to achieve the perfect figure with the help of exercises Zass?

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About 35 years ago Alexander Zass was invented by isometric exercises, which was a big discovery in the sport. Through this program, many athletes have achieved great results. What is the system of such training?

Today, the scope of such exercises are yoga and Pilates. This training relates to the security type in which the angle and muscle length does not change during contraction. This is due to the fact that execution occurs in a static position, but involve all joints and muscles.

The benefits of exercise Zass

Identify the following advantages of the system of isometric exercises:

  • The execution time of the training, a quarter of an hour.
  • Does not require special equipment.
  • It is possible to train in any convenient place.
  • Tendons are strong.
  • Use during rehabilitation after injuries or preparation for competition.
  • Used for any muscle group.
  • It is possible to achieve maximum power results, as the exercises practically do not spend energy.
  • The person becomes more flexible.
  • A small risk of injury.

Disadvantages of execution of the training Zass

Besides the obvious advantages, there are disadvantages of the system:

  • With the available serious injury and increased blood pressure.
  • It took some time to get the right to use training.
  • You should learn to control your body, muscles and breathing, which is not so easy.

The exercise intervention Zass

Alexander Zass exercises can develop the strength of the tendons and increase their size.

To perform these exercises the necessary will power, ability to control muscles, strength muscle tissue, proper breathing.

Isometric exercises will help to lose weight. Weight loss is due to the activation of dynamic training. From a large number of exercises is necessary to choose the suitable for yourself. To purchase expensive equipment – optional. For exercise, you use the chain, which is attached to the handle. Depending on what exercise handles, you can adjust the length of the chain, prizeplay handle certain links. Also part of the exercises require a belt loop.

There are such training Zass:

  • The equipment is yours, the chain is stretched, swinging triceps and abs.
  • When doing exercises bent at the elbows hands, will involve muscles in the arms and chest.
  • Chest wrapped in a chain: on the inhale, the element is stretched, swinging the muscles of the chest and back.
  • To the extreme links of the chain are attached to the loop, and pass through the feet. In tension will be involved a-line and hands.
  • Lying down, your body will be in constant tension. Chain stretch so will strain your shoulder muscles and triceps.
  • Exercise in the handstand. Swinging arms, back and neck.
  • Stretching the chain, removing the leg to one side, strained hamstring.
  • One arm is bent, the second straight, holding the other end of the chain. From time to time the situation changed.
  • Adopted a support position on the floor. Swinging muscles of the shoulder girdle and triceps.

Thanks to the Zass exercises it is possible to achieve good results, to learn to control your body.

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