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How to achieve abs?

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Many people dream of six-pack abs. To achieve a positive result, will help regular exercise and proper nutrition. Let’s look at what exercises you need to perform and what to eat in order to pump up the press.

Exercises for six pack abs

To achieve six pack abs will help the following exercises:

  • Twisting. Through this exercise, swinging the upper part of the press. To perform you need to take a lying position on the back. My knees thus bent, feet flat on the floor. Begin to strain the abdominal muscles. You need to curl forward, that floor looked only the scapula. Doing movement slowly and without sudden jerks. The muscles of the back, arms and neck are not strained. Do for 7 times. If you are performing the exercises with hands behind the head there are difficulties, you can leave them lying along the body.
  • Touch the heels. Involves obliques. You need to lie on your back, bend your knees. Foot while standing on the floor and are shoulder width apart. Arms extended at the sides. It should slightly raise the body and touch the right hand heel. Then return to the starting position, but do not give blades to the surface. Now my left hand on the heel. Do 5 times on each side.
  • Another exercise to pump press – bar. In this exercise the deltoids, the chest, the thigh part, the lower back and legs. You need to stand up to the classic bar to lean on his elbows. Exercise can be difficult. In this position, raise in turn the legs or pull them to the side. Perform for 30 seconds. Over time, the load can be increased and stand at the bar for a minute.

  • Bike. Train the abdominal muscles, hips and back. You need to lie on the floor and stretch your legs. Hands should be positioned behind the head or along the body. The blades are reduced, shoulders straightened. The head, neck looking right. The feet are raised above the surface and slightly bent. Perform a circular motion, like riding a bike. Do for 30 seconds.
  • Following the exercise, trainees press for beginners – the crease. Used oblique and straight abdominal muscles. You need to take a lying position on your back. Hands straight up. Legs straight. Feet together. Both legs, body and hands connect. Fingers touch the feet. Then return to the starting position and repeat the movement. During exercise the abdominal muscles always tense. The arms are straight. Do for 7 times.
  • Side plank with twists. Train oblique, deltoid, pectoral and femoral muscles. Lie on your right side. Then you need to sit up and to focus on the hand. The left rises up. The hand slides into the space between the surface and the right side. You need a little curl. Do for 30 seconds on each side.

Nutrition for six pack abs

Many people wonder how to build washboard abs? For it requires more than just exercise, it is important to follow a proper diet. The first thing is to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate food. It is not desirable sweets and fast food.

It is better to eat slow carbs. Such include: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, cereal, bran, nuts and vegetables. Carbohydrates are best consumed in the morning. At this time, they are quickly digested and not stored as fat.

The quantity of carbohydrate food should be between 25 to 30 percent.

The remaining 70-75% – proteins: eggs, meat products, milk, sea fish, cheese, protein shakes.

Sample menu to achieve six pack abs:

  • Morning – scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, toast, fish oil, multi vitamin complex.
  • Lunch – 150-200 grams of meat, which is cooked on the grill, in the oven or steamed. Can vegetable salad no dressing, fish oil and multi vitamin complex.
  • The second lunch or snack – oatmeal, buckwheat or porridge bran 100-150 grams, vegetable salad, dressing on the side, 5-10 g of BCAAs.
  • Dinner – whey protein, meat, vegetables, fish oil, multi vitamin complex.
  • Before you sleep, 200 grams of cottage cheese, fruit, 5 to 10 grams of BCAAs.

Tips to achieve the inflated press

Before you start training and preparation of diet should carefully read the guidelines professionals on how to pump the press:

  • Should be excluded from the diet the following products: sugar, sweets, starchy foods, starchy carbohydrates. You can leave the bread out of the flour. Also unwanted fats of animal origin. Such include: lard, butter, cream. It is necessary to increase the amount of protein: lean chicken, low-fat cottage cheese, fish, protein rich mixture. This way muscle tissue will not break down due to lower caloric content. Encouraged the consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • After strength training is to perform aerobic exercise for 30-40 minutes. It can be run on the track, exercises on the cycle Ergometer, elliptical skier jumping rope. Exercise intensity should be moderate. If the load increase, then instead of burning fat is cardio.
  • To get rid of the extra pounds use of L-carnitine and fat burning media. Also caffeine, guarana extract and ephedra. Use before training.
  • You may want to reduce consumption of salt and seasonings.
  • For beautiful six pack abs and do exercises with big weights and common approaches.

If you follow a proper diet, regularly engage and listen to the advice of professionals – the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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