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How the music affects fitness training

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How the music affects fitness training

Many fans of a healthy lifestyle listen to music while doing sports. The attitude of professionals towards this ambiguous – some even believe that while running with headphones involuntarily closes his mouth, and this reflects poorly on supplying the body with oxygen. To resolve this dispute will help a number of scientific studies.

Improving outcomes for strength exercises and fitness classes

The athletes involved in the music, overcome when running is about 15% greater distance than those participants who were without sound. This is the result of an experiment conducted by the British Association of science in sport and exercise. They also found that rhythmic melody line the rhythm of the movements, and reduce the need for oxygen and the human fatigue by 12%.

Similar results have been obtained by the group of German scientists led by Thomas Fritz. The study, which was attended by 63 people showed that the musical background reduces the feeling of heaviness. The first group of participants invited to engage in fitness under the uniform background music, the rest of the athletes are provided equipment which reproduced the track while working on it. The melody is accelerated simultaneously with the movements of the participants. It turned out that while listening to music load perceived more easy, than it actually is.

Temp has a value of

British researchers led by Professor Waterhouse found that listening to fast paced music enhances the performance and the reaction of the athletes. To determine this, twelve students were given bicycles and a set of tunes with different tempo. In addition, each track was played at different speeds.

The intensity of pedaling and the scope of work is directly dependent on the playback speed. Similarly varied and subjective parameters: feeling of comfort, of gravity loads and the attractiveness of the playing track.

The music you more benefit

Medical advice from Hamilton of the University down to the fact that to increase strength and endurance athletes should prefer the music of your favorite artists. In the study, twenty volunteers worked on the bikes for different music tracks. When they were allowed to make their own personal playlist, it was found that their level of fatigue decreased, and the speed and overcome the distance increased significantly. The head of the team of sports doctors, Matthew stork suggested that this is due to improved concentration, as well as creating a familiar and comfortable rhythm. The phenomenon is called “excitable response of the body.”

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