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How quickly pump up the press side

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How to get a raised pressure with the eye-catching sides? Why are oblique muscles difficult to pump? What exercises are most effective? What is the role of balanced nutrition in upgrading the oblique muscles? The answers to these questions, read on.

Relief abdominal muscle figure is athletic and toned figure. To acquire the physique of a professional athlete is impossible, not training abs and obliques. However, many beginners don’t know how to pump up the sides, which is why even the most exhausting workouts do not bring the desired effect. To get relief and eye-catching oblique muscles, you should follow a whole set of rules.

Features of the structure

Obliques are core muscles that include abdominal and lumbar. Boca are on a slant from the chest to the lower abdomen, and when the load working in conjunction with abs and serrated muscles. Therefore, the slant is better pumped during the comprehensive exercise. Executing isolated exercises, on the contrary, impedes progress.

Oblique muscles consist of two divisions: external and internal. If both parts are well developed, it is possible to visually narrow the waist, not dropping weight.

Oblique muscles are reduced at the bends and slopes of the body, – this feature lies in the construction of the program of training aimed at their study.
Useful tips

Novice athletes often don’t know how to pump side of the press, which during training are faced with injuries and discomfort. To avoid problems will help the following recommendations:

  • the last meal before class in the gym should be no later than 2 hours;
  • to prevent stretching any exercise abdominal muscles starts with a warm up that includes bending, turning and rotating of the housing;
  • compliance with exercise technique will provide better result than a long grueling workout;
  • during contraction it is necessary to stretch the muscles;
  • first meal after workout should be no sooner than an hour.

To do abdominal muscles on an empty stomach is impossible, because the body needs energy for effective exercise. Otherwise the performance will decrease. Oblique, and press, recover quickly, so a week is recommended to do 4-7 times.

Many inexperienced athletes, especially girls, often refuse to workout your abdominal muscles for fear to increase the waist in volume. However, even professional athletes are not always able to train so that muscle mass in this region was completely replaced by fat. In addition, during pumping of oblique sides, on the contrary, become more elastic and toned.

Beginners should be careful to work out the abdominal muscles, gradually increasing the load in 3 phases:

  • starting exercises without weights (2-3 weeks);
  • medium – exercises with weights (dumbbells or pancakes);
  • advanced – perform the difficult exercises in vis with weights and without.

To obtain the result you do not need to use heavy weights – the weight of the shells may not exceed 3 kg.

Standard exercises

This category includes the most basic exercises that will suit budding athletes. Beginners are best to work out the oblique muscles will help:

  • Inclinations in the parties with the weights. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then lower yourself alternately left and right, pulling the arm with the weight to the limit. Depending on the level of fitness the mass of the weights can be adjusted from 1 to 10 kg.
  • Tilt the body sideways on the treadmill. Adopt the prone position at an angle to hyperesthesia, place hands on waist or near the head, and then descend to the side and vibrates. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.
  • Twisting in vis on the bar. Grab your straight arms to the bar, then raise your legs alternately left and right in front of you, bending at the knees.
  • Each approach try to complete maximum number of repetitions. The optimal load for efficient pumping the oblique muscles – 3 sets of each action.

    Additional exercises

    For a comprehensive study of the oblique muscles is recommended to perform a number of supporting exercises which will make the torso more ripped and fit:

  • Sit-UPS lying on its side. Press your back into the floor, bend your knees and push to the side, one hand put on the stomach and the other behind his head. Do the maximum number of twists first to one side and then on the second.
  • Alternating crunches on the floor. Take supine position, bend your knees and put your hands behind your head. Alternately pull your leg towards your chest, attempting to connect with the opposite elbow. Repeat the same steps on the other side.
  • Rises feet in vis on the bar. Grasp the bar with your hands, bring straight legs together, then alternately lift them in front of that slant in different directions, not bending his knees.
  • Recommended load for each exercise is 3 sets.

    Advanced exercises

    Professional athletes with a developed oblique muscles can improve fitness more challenging exercises. Among them:

  • Leg lifts on the bars. Press on the bars, resting them straight arms. Ensure that the shoulders were straightened, and the back sags. Turn the body right, and then lift the straight leg diagonally to the left at head level and slowly lower back. Follow the same steps for the opposite side.
  • Twisting in a standing position with a harness. Hang elastic fitness band on the bar, stand under the crossbar. Raise your right hand and get a hold of the harness so that in case tensions arose. Run a small bending down with a turn to the left diagonally. Repeat on the opposite side. Ensure that the arm was fixed.
  • Bending the legs in the support position. Press your straight arms to the floor, and your feet in the wall. Bend under a right leg at the knee and slide it diagonally to the chest left, then right and again abut the wall. The same steps repeat with the left leg.
  • If the maximum number of repetitions noted weak performance, it is recommended to perform exercises in superset.

    Training program and nutrition

    Abdominal muscles not only recover quickly, but easy to get used to the standard load. To get the result, muscles must be regularly subjected to stress. For this training program must be periodically change, alternating the above exercise, varying the combination and number of repetitions. Due to this oblique muscles will constantly get the “shocking” load, which will cause them to grow faster.

    But even the most competent set of exercises will not ensure progress in the absence of a proper diet. The athlete who wants to get eye-catching oblique muscles, you want to exclude from the diet of harmful products and create a caloric deficit. By following these tips, after a few months you can get a slim torso with raised sides and press.

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