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How quickly pump up the press relief

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How to build a beautiful and washboard abs? The training program for developing abdominal muscles. What exercises are most effective? What are common errors encountered by beginners? The answers to these questions, read this article.

Washboard abs – one of the main indicators beautiful sports figures, among women and among men. It is activated when you perform virtually any exercise and plays an important role comprehensive training body. Not only newcomers, but many experienced athletes don’t know how you can quickly pump up the press. However, without this muscle group, it is impossible to get a slender toned physique and bulky muscles.

The structure of the press

Press refers to the core muscles that support the entire torso. With his help during the execution of power exercises, the load is optimally distributed over the body, providing maximum performance. Weak press allows you to train other muscles with high efficiency, resulting in sports progress slows down. Therefore, exercises aimed at pumping the bark, are present in the training program of any experienced athlete.

One of the most common myths associated with the structure of the press, is that he is perceived as a set of muscle groups. On the basis of this principle, the program of training aimed at the elaboration of individual parts of the abdomen (e.g., lower and upper).

In reality, abdominal muscles, solid muscle, fully loaded in any exercise.

To study separately each row of blocks is impossible.

However, the abdominal muscles really consists of three muscle groups:

  • rectus abdominal 6 pack abs;
  • oblique;
  • front gear.

These divisions operate together, so to achieve high performance is possible only with a comprehensive elaboration.

Top 5 worst mistakes in the AB workout

Novice athletes who don’t know how quickly pump up the cubes, press, often make mistakes, hindering progress. Because of this, even with regular load of abdominal muscles the training effect is minimal. A list of the most common mistakes when pumping the press included:

  • Incorrect technique. Most often found in the ordinary twisting in an attempt to do more reps, pulling your body with your hands behind your head. Also, a common technical error – the indentation of the hands into the floor while raising the legs. These methods allow you to perform greater number of repetitions, but reduce the effect of the development of the press.
  • Improper breathing. The exhalation is done at the time of bending, and breath – in extension. This technique will help to increase the number of repetitions at the press and make the waist already.
  • Insufficient amount of exercise in vis. Any load on the press during training on the bar help to increase performance and positively affect the stabilizers of the pelvis. Exercises in vis additionally pump your arms and back, so that the body gets a complex effect.
  • Insufficient number of exercises. Press recovers much quicker than other muscle groups. For this reason, to achieve good results, training the abdominal muscles 5-7 times a week.
  • Isolated exercise. If loading pack abs with no other muscles Cora, progress will slow down. Therefore, the elaboration of the abdominal muscles is recommended to include in integrated training program.
  • Some athletes no result even with all the rules. This problem occurs if you have not configured the muscular connection known as amnesia abdominal muscles. To activate the press needs to take a supine position, lift upper torso, pressing the lower back to the floor and stay in this position for 2 minutes. Professional athletes can replace this method by the rotation of the torso in vis on the crossbar. After that you can start performing any exercises aimed at pumping the press. Described tips will help to abdominal muscles feel much better during your workout.

    Basic exercises

    Novice athletes who don’t know how fast to pump the stomach, should begin with standard exercises:

  • Twisting. Take supine position, move legs to his, bending your knees. Raise your upper body without lifting the lower back off the floor, then slowly lower back.
  • Lifts the lower body. Straighten legs and pull forward. Press your back against the floor, then raise your legs along with pelvis and slowly lower back.
  • Torso twists. Take a sitting position, and lean back, while the press will not have voltage. Bend your left leg and pull her right hand, simultaneously by turning the housing. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.
  • In each approach, you must execute the maximum number of repetitions. These exercises are recommended in conjunction without interruption. Superset complex will work core muscles, increasing the effect. The optimal load to get the result – 3 approach.

    Exercise on uneven bars

    Training the bark on the beams will allow to study all areas of the abdominal muscles in one superset of 3 exercises. For this you need to squeeze the body up, then fix a straight arm. The shoulders don’t have to sink downwards, otherwise the load will be redistributed to other muscles. You then alternately perform:

  • Climbs straight legs in front of him. Do repetition without a swing, pulling his feet at face level.
  • Leg lifts on the diagonal. Turn the body to the left and pull the straight leg right in front of him. Repeat steps in the opposite direction.
  • Reverse pushing the lower part of the body. Strain a press, relax the feet and lift the pelvis back, then slowly take the starting position.
  • In each exercise it is recommended to do maximum number of repetitions. Describes the training program further strengthens the triceps and shoulders, allowing you to pump and other muscle groups.

    A balanced diet

    In the absence of proper nutrition, even the most efficient exercise will not help to get relief the pressure with a well-defined cubes. First, you need to balance the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Allowable rate differs depending on the goal:

    • a set of muscle mass (carbohydrates – 40-60% fats and 15-25% protein – 25-35%);
    • maintenance (carbs – 30-50% fat 25-35% protein – 25-35%);
    • weight loss (carbs – 10-20% fat 30-40% protein – 40-50%).

    Each component plays an important role for the body. Excluding one of them (for example, fats), you can get health problems.

    Second, as the recruitment of muscle mass and the weight loss is based on controlling the amount of calories consumed. Often enough to combat obesity do not have to make significant changes in the diet – just reduce portions and eliminate unhealthy products. Balanced diet – 80% result when pumping the press. By improving the diet, getting the first results from training can be very fast.

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