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How often do you train the same muscles?

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It is interesting not only for beginners strength training, but also experienced athletes. Everyone wants to succeed, and soon. Ignorant people thinks that the more often, the supposedly better. Quick-witted and realize that not everything is so simple. How to find a middle ground?

What is the meaning of “fitness”? This adaptation of the body to external factors. In other words, when a stressful (non-standard) load the body increases its own quality motor. These include strength, agility, endurance, etc. Thus, to adapt to some kind of stress, any human being needs a certain period of time. Only it adapts to the load, and it becomes commonplace for him. Therefore, future development need more progress.

Why are we telling all this? The time required to adapt to new stresses (loads), and determines the rate at which you can build muscles, and whether or not to engage at all. For a particular person characteristic different patterns, hence different time intervals.

The scientific approach
After many tests, physiologists have noticed that the FIRST negative changes in the muscles occur NOT EARLIER than after 1 week after the cessation of exercise.

Under the negative changes in this case involve restoranist muscle (deterioration of strength, agility, endurance, reduction in muscle fibers, etc.). This can occur after 7 days, and 10, and later.

A well-known bodybuilder as well as a writer and philosopher Mike Mentzer in his book “Super training” got even deeper. He offered to train 1 category muscle every 10-14 days given the fact that the lessons will be “shock”. And he was right. Because the training is harder, the more time it requires for muscle recovery. Thus, relying on a scientific approach, some muscles need to work once a week. However, it does not discuss options with anabolic steroid use, when the recovery process is much faster.

Is it possible to work out the same muscles more than 1 2 times a week? Allowed, but then 1-I workout – heavy and 2-I – light. Otherwise, the muscles just don’t have time to recover. And it is not good to work all muscle groups at the same time 2 p. per week. It is better to stay 1-2 backward. And 2 times a week is a maximum (exceeding the limit can lead to a cessation of development). So scientists say.

If you do twice a week and quite tired at their work, then engage with each group muscle 1 p. in 7 days. Or even 1 p. in 10 days, on the recommendation of Mentzer. Similar experiments were conducted more than once, and had experienced positive results. Everything is easy: if you do twice a week, then you can make 3 trainings and execute them one by one. So, every training occurs once in 10 days.

To summarize

Beginners are best to start with training each group of muscle in 1 p. for 7 days. And then be guided by their feelings. Of course, that work the same muscle it is necessary not less than 1 p. in 2 weeks, and not more than 2 p. in 7 days. It all depends on how fast your body can recover. And it is influenced by many factors:

  • the complexity of the training;
  • age category;
  • floor;
  • stress at work;
  • the General condition for the day;
  • the number of workouts per week;
  • medical support, etc.

Remember that the female body recovery is faster for men, and over the years, adaptation decreases. Good luck!

This article is aimed primarily at those who want to increase muscle. As for weight loss the simultaneous growth of muscles impossible. So you can train more often.

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