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How much rest between sets?

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How much rest between sets?

About the necessity of rest between sets you know and experienced fans of a healthy lifestyle, and those who came to the gym recently. The sticking point between visitors gyms is the duration of those breaks. It is believed that the optimal duration of the pause depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete and his condition. So, the great value has a figure sports person, because ectomorphy able to withstand more intense training than endomorphy.

Current research does not stand still, to replace the many myths about the length of rest between sets come tips. To determine the ideal ratio of repetitions and breaks, should begin with the study of theory.

What happens to a person’s health during sports

During intense load on muscle fibers the human body begins to break down the molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. Thanks to this released sufficient for effective muscle energy. Losing part of phosphorus, ATP becomes adenosine diphosphate (ADP). This process is started during any kind of physical activity, whether the activity power with fitness or prolonged cardio.

Derived from ATP, the phosphate acting as raw material for the synthesis of creatine. A valuable source of these compounds is creatine phosphate. In the next phase involved the glucose, however, the key are the first two components, since they provide the active contraction of muscles.

Understanding of biochemical processes in the human body, it is necessary in order to determine the optimal time of rest. The fact that the replenishment of ATP and creatine phosphate takes two minutes. Thus, the break between repetitions should be at least two minutes – this time will be enough to not hurt the effectiveness of the following approach.

Why fitness can’t rest too little

Many beginners mistakenly believe that they will last one minute. There is a common misconception that a short break stimulates the production of testosterone and growth hormone. In fact, stress increases the synthesis of cortisol, which just inhibits the growth of muscle mass.

During the class, you should consider what type of muscle fibers involved in the exercise. In strength training involve fast fibers, which require a two to three minute break. Endurance exercise load slow fibers, which are able to recover in just a minute.

Another useful rule of thumb: the more repetitions the athlete performs, the less it should rest between them.

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