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How many times a week you want to train for weight loss and for weight?

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How many times a week you want to train for weight loss and for weight?

The result of the fitness depends on the number of workouts per week, so the question of their optimal frequency bothers many athletes. In the first place should listen to the advice of doctors and professional coaches who recommend building a circuit of visits to the gym depending on the main goal of the training. The optimal frequency of doing sport for weight loss and muscle mass .

How often should you have strength fitness for muscle building

The athlete who seeks to build muscle, you have to remember that his body should be enough time to recover. Otherwise muscle growth could slow down and even stop. Experience the best fitness coaches shows that for a successful weight you should do two times a week. The effectiveness of the program, depending on the frequency of visits to the gym looks like this:

  • two training sessions per week – 60 percent of the best results;
  • three training sessions of 90 per cent;
  • four and five 100%.

This scheme does not mean that every time you need to exercise with the maximum weight. On the contrary, the more often the athlete visits the gym, the less load he needs. Too often resorting to intense training, can earn such a threat to human health condition as overtraining.

In General, the average fan of a healthy lifestyle for a successful muscle mass enough three workouts weekly. The increase in the number of classes to four or five gives an insignificant result, so often only makes sense if you have free time.

How regular should be fitness workout aimed at weight loss

People who want to get rid of extra pounds, and bodybuilders seeking to study the terrain, moving to their goal in one way – by using fat burning. They use similar exercises, so these two types of physical activity will be considered together.

Trying to lose weight, not necessarily full recovery during rest. To give a good boost to the metabolism, you need frequent train. The estimated efficiency in percentage of the maximum result looks like this:

  • two classes per week, 40 per cent;
  • three classes – 60 percent;
  • four – 80%;
  • five 100%.

In the number of weekly visits to the gym should also be considered strength training, and cardio. The optimal frequency can be considered as four fitness classes weekly. It is not necessary to reduce that number to two times, as the efficiency will be reduced significantly. But do a little more, although the improvement is fundamental.

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