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How many sets and reps you need to do

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8-12 is for mass, 12-15 – relief. 15-20 girls. The first approach warm-up, then add some to the workers. Want to grow — make a “pyramid” from 15 to 8 reps. About such recommendations for Seto-re schemes can be heard in any provincial rocking chair. Yeah, it kinda makes sense, but look at how we train professional bodybuilders. One can hardly say that Chris Duffin – girl. But it performs and 50 presses with their feet in order to “blow up” your quads. But Valentine Mishin – just a girl. But you can see how it squats with a heavy barbell for 8 reps. Where is the truth?

The contents

  • 1 Why follow the rules
  • 2 Different goals – different number of repeats
  • 3 Over-volume training
  • 4 Approaches
  • 5 rest Time
  • 6 Beginners after injury

Why follow the rules

You can see how newcomers perform in 10-12 working approaches, literally “Obuasi” in the hall. They become more physically fit? Unlikely, usual fans, wiggle the biceps in 10 approaches and remain with hands-branches, while a good coach will instruct them on the right path.

Important: the training process should be periodisierung. Macropodidae is the division of training depending on the global goal. Macrocycle fitness can be focused on the development of technology, reduce fat, gain muscle or overall weight loss and establishing healthy habits. Depending on the purpose of the build mesocycles macrocycle, that is, the training months. And painted Seto-re scheme in the microcycle, that is, the number of “sets and repetitions” of each exercise

You need to understand that all these rules are not invented by some athlete based on their experience. They are scientifically substantiated and came from a slightly different techniques of sports – the weightlifting. The closest thing to fitness scheduling workload in bodybuilding. But the technique of this sport is strongly influenced by such factors as the use of pharmacology. You can talk about the fact that bodybuilding requires hard work at first, and then doping, but the latest changes a lot of things. The athlete recovering much faster, his physical ability is higher than the average person. There’s the taken a terrible drop-sets for 6 “drop” weight, and workout load one group of muscles in exercises 10 and 5 working sets.

Professionals operate in terms of “time under load”, “training volume, training intensity, and rest time”. Most important is for us the second and third criteria, if the goal is to transform the figure. Volume is the total number of reps for all working sets. If we are talking about hypertrophy of the muscles, it makes no sense to exceed 32 to 36 repetitions.

In this volume, the intensity, that is, the weight may not be very high. In terms of sports “very” is 80-90% of odnoprovodnoi high in exercise. For the purposes of muscle-building makes sense to train in the range of from 70 to 80%.

If we are talking about “losing weight”, that is burning fat and keeping muscle mass, you will need to reduce the volume to about 16 reps in General, but not to reduce the intensity. These rules apply to the basic mnogosloinykh exercises. “Isolation” can obey, and others.

Strength training aimed at developing physical qualities – strength, run in the amount of 15 to 25 repetitions. With a good restorative abilities, the volume can be raised up to 36 reps, but no more.

Has value and such factors as the time of rest between work sets. Optimal for training, not related to strength development, rest 60 to 120 seconds between sets. Weight training in powerlifters style can require more time to rest.

That’s the theory, but in practice can take many different layouts. Practical training is a relevant factor as a General recovery of the athlete. Therefore, the approaches and repetitions can vary individually.

Different goals – different number of repeats

How to write “layouts”? Start from the General information:

  • To develop strength, perform 1 repetition to 5-6 in the approach. Strength training is the most “accurate”, it does not allow the athlete to engage in “intuitive” in most cases, and does not require a work refusal. Strength training implies that 4-6 repetitions is performed in the range of 70 percent of odnoprovodnoi maximum, the “Troika” — to 80%, an “f” and singles is higher. It uses “technical odnorotornyj sets” when an athlete performs work on 1 REP with a lighter weight that he can lift for 4-6 repetitions. The difference is that each repetition is performed in the competitive technique, that is, from the starting position at the beginning of the set, but not as in bodybuilding, from the position in which the knees can be slightly bent;
  • For hypertrophy, i.e. muscle growth – 6 to 12 reps. The sources of the data vary, the “Golden mean” here – to do exercise at a normal pace, and try to detect how many repeats will be performed for 30 seconds. About right for hypertrophy for a beginner. The more experienced can reach up to 40 seconds and kolodeznyi repetitions;
  • Losing weight does not need much, we have already found out. But sources on bodybuilding insist that they were doing 15-20 repetitions. In fact, it has no special meaning in the situation of fitness. Most are not professional athletes it is difficult to keep a safe starting position. They really break down the technique and can get injured. Or another option is doing “aerobics with gantelkami”, that is, perform a power movement with minimal weight, and is not able to maintain muscle because of this. To ensure fat burning, and not to provoke the collapse of the muscles, it is recommended to do two or three sectionrary power set of basic exercises at the beginning of the workout. And then you can do whatever you want, for example, 20-second “aerobics with gantelkami”.
  • The main problem of fitnessista is an adequate choice of the weights. Some people tend not to modify, other, make each approach a little too close to failure and perekreditovanija. Some even avoid normal barbells and dumbbells, and being healthy, for some strange reason doing with rubber bands or something like that.

    Ideally, you need to make at least “adjust” threes and count it from your PM in the basic exercises. But those who are afraid to lift heavy, can make one “exemption” approach with the usual weights to find in the Internet the calculator 1 PM.

    It is better to comply with the override above, and can raise the operating weight in proportion to strength, not as pleased. Approach when on one training person lifts a 100 kg in the squat, and the other with terrible equipment trying to get to 150, because the hall came the girl of his dreams, not if we are talking about fitness for health.

    Over-training volume

    Imagine of the long distance runner. He needs the leg strength, and sufficient power of their work. But to carry 100 kg of muscle mass it is absolutely not required. Sverhozhirenie training is used when it is necessary to develop power endurance and the skill of effective functioning under prolonged or repeated stress.

    In this embodiment, can be used training schemes 1, 2 and more minutes under load. A similar methodology is different exercise for weight loss with a mini rod- Hot Iron, Body Pump.

    You can use different methods:

    • For the development of power endurance, for example, for run on average distances, can be used long sets with prolonged rest;
    • “Slimming” is usually prepared by means of different pyramids, the “ladders”, and other techniques to increase the number of repetitions in the approach and extend the time under load


    How to do approaches? There are typically 12 – on the same muscle group should not exceed 12 business approaches in General. This applies to weight loss, and set. For strength training, these rules do not work, there the load is measured in KFS, that is, the amounts of lifting of the weight, and take into account individual characteristics. There are athletes who do not fit volume training, but there are those who can’t do intense, and constantly stick to medium intensity and high volume with rare exits to the peak.

    In practice the following scheme:

  • At 3-12 approaches to strength training;
  • 3-4 for hypertrophy and fat burning;
  • Scheme of “cross-training”, and circuit training to improve strength endurance.
  • Rest time

    Few people observe, but if the rest timer, and not according to the dictates of the heart, the results will be more impressive.

    The rules are simple:

    • 45 second rest periods for mnogofotonnykh training on strength endurance;
    • Minute for hypertrophy;
    • 90 seconds for basic exercises for hypertrophy;
    • All that and more – to develop strength and power

    If the relaxation time is observed, but to perform all the planned repeat not go wrong picked up weight load. In this case, we recommend to reduce and to comply with the time intervals to rest more carefully.

    Beginners after injury

    In training for beginners is recommended to reduce the number approaches 1, but remain true to the “layouts” for the repetitions. This will allow you to avoid overtraining, but it will help to activate the muscle fibers sufficiently enough for growth. Generally, beginners need to keep track of equipment, so in the beginning, training is recommended for 8-12 weeks power cycle to turn out of the exercises. Then move on to schemes “to ground” and “on relief.”

    Recovery after injury must be according to the recommendations of the doctor. If the period of absence from training was more than 12 weeks, you should start to practice program for beginners, and choose the working weights intuitively based on the absence of discomfort.

    Important: sometimes injuries the pain goes away from heat, that is, when the acceleration of blood circulation. This does not mean that we need to deal with a high load immediately, but it may mean that the trainee is better to stretch and do simple exercises physical therapy

    The meaning of coaching – individual selection of exercises and Seto-re schemes. If you do the selection yourself does not work, there is a direct sense to contact the coach for program.

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