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How many calories you burn some burpees?

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Some burpees is one of the best exercises for weight loss, high load help to burn extra calories. How many calories are spent when you do one burpee, how to spend more calories?

Army exercise some burpees have attained the highest popularity, the secret of success is that burpee for women and men is one of the best remedies for weight loss. When performing a burpee load get all the major muscle groups, and the pulse rises to the zone of burning. Burpee allows you to spend a lot of calories, different variations of exercises allow you to control energy costs, if you choose a more complex version, or add weights that will spend more calories.

Performing burpee promotes weight loss not only due to high energy consumption. Exercise gives a strong stress on the back, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, chest, shoulders and arms under the influence of regular loads, the muscles are strengthened and increase in volume. The higher the body’s muscle tissues, the more calories you spend at rest, the metabolism is accelerated. The higher the percentage of muscle mass in the body – the lower the percentage of fat.

The answer to the question how many calories one burns burpee, cannot be expressed in exact figures. The size of energy costs depends on the sex of the person, his biometric data, execution speed. It is believed that one burpee for men weighs about 80 kg burns approximately 1.43 calories, the higher the speed of the exercise – the more calories expended. If you do seven burpees per minute, will be spent 10 calories when performing forty repetitions for five minutes will burn 50 calories. Five approaches for five minutes can burn up to 250 calories.

Bosu training involves energy costs about 300 calories, so some burpees helps get rid of excess weight.

There are many ways to do a burpee is to spend more calories, the most obvious of these is the use of weights, for example, when using the vest have a weighted. Burpee also do with medicine balls, during a jump it is raised over the head, often jumping to replace the chin-up, this exercise becomes much harder.

Best way to lose weight with some burpees is to use it as part of circuit training or superset. To conduct circuit training is selected 5-7 exercises for different muscle groups, each of them performed at very high speed over a certain period of time, then without a break the same is performed following exercise. For example, choose six exercises, including burpees, each for two minutes, then one round of the workout will take 12 minutes. One workout should consist of 3-4 laps, the break between rounds is less than 5 minutes.


The call supersets pair exercises that make with weights or with a weight at very high speed. For example, you can choose burpees and squats, alternating exercises from this pair 3-4 times per set. For one exercise usually use 4-5 supersets, choosing exercises so that they involved all muscle groups, this is a great strategy for weight loss.

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