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How losing weight and drying takes health

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It is not necessary to think that drying is an easy and fascinating procedure, just like losing weight, it leaves its mark on the state of health. The possible difficulties that you will encounter when losing weight or drying out subcutaneous fat are not a reason to abandon your plan and put up with the imperfection of your body. This is an occasion to reflect and revise the program, predict the negative consequences and do everything possible to prevent them and maintain health.

When losing weight and drying the body, health risks will inevitably arise. We consider them separately, the first category of problems is psychosomatic.

Psychosomatic problems

The physical and mental state of a person is interconnected by hormonal mechanisms, the psyche suffers from changes in physiology and vice versa. Both when drying and when losing weight, the body is faced with a calorie deficit, for him this is an unpleasant shock. With a high percentage of body fat, losing weight is easy, getting rid of the last few kilograms or drying out will be much more difficult.

Problems arise when approaching the minimum fat content in the body, the concentration of stress hormones increases, this affects the mental state and general well-being. You will be sluggish, perhaps even sleepy, this is the result of saving strength and energy, other manifestations may be anxiety and exacerbation of self-doubt. In order to minimize the effects of stress, you need to be prepared for them.

The answer to psychosomatic manifestations may be motivation. Having a clear plan for improving your body before your eyes, you will perceive sport and diet not as a duty, but as a means to an end, yourself – not as a miserable victim, but as a purposeful person who comes close to what you want. If we are talking about drying, then the cheat-mills strategy helps a lot, small exemptions every two weeks give emotional strength and load the body with carbohydrates, removing it from a state of saving resources. As for weight loss, cheat cheats can only be used if they fit into the overall strategy.


Cosmetic problems

The main cosmetic problem for drying is dry skin, during this period the skin will especially need the intake of useful fatty acids and vitamins from the inside, as well as moisturizing from the outside. When losing weight, you need the same thing, but the problem will be more serious and pronounced – not just dry skin, but its sagging, the appearance of stretch marks. How quickly your skin can shrink when losing weight depends on various factors, some of which can be adjusted – these are aspects of lifestyle and nutrition.

Those who intend to lose 20% of their current weight or more are most at risk. A weight loss strategy should be designed so that each month the body loses no more than 5% of its current weight. Even with minimal weight loss, it is important to maintain water balance and use cosmetics for the skin. It is useful to combine weight loss and strength training, muscle mass will gradually take up the volume released under the skin and give the body beautiful shapes. But strength and other training leads to problems from the next block.

Sports issues

Usually occur on the dryer, because unlike losing weight it is impossible to carry out without sports. When training with free weights, you will notice that you have become less strong. This is not a reason for panic, especially since you should not force yourself to accomplish the impossible. During drying, strength indicators always fall, after you return to your previous nutrition, the body will restore its energy reserves and previous abilities.

If you try to overpower yourself, you can get injured, since the connective tissues become weak and vulnerable.

Most likely you will encounter problems such as pain in the joints, when they occur, you need to reduce the burden during training. Reducing the number of repetitions and power approaches, do not reduce the total training time, spend free time on medium-intensity cardio. In order to strengthen the joints, it is recommended to take nutritional supplements – collagen, omega-3 acids, chondroprotectors.

Sugar problems

During weight loss and drying, problems with blood sugar will occur even in healthy people. In the presence of the initial problems with sugar – diabetes, insulin resistance and other diseases, weight loss should occur exclusively under the supervision of a doctor. Independent diets in this case are dangerous not only for health but also for life.

As for healthy people, when drying and long-term weight loss, they need to monitor glucose and glycated hemoglobin in the blood. When the indicators approach the lower limit of normal, it is good for burning fat and dangerous to health at the same time. If you feel weak, apathy, you feel dizzy and sometimes an irresistible urge to eat something sweet suddenly arises, then these are certain signs that it is time to review your diet. While maintaining the same calorie content, you can reduce protein intake and slightly increase the amount of carbohydrates, revise the frequency of meals, compare diet with exercise. If the symptoms become pronounced, interfere with exercise and adhere to the usual routine, you need to contact an endocrinologist and undergo a more thorough examination.


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