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How genes affect orgasm and 6 unexpected facts about genetics

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can you distinguish the truth about genes from fiction?

The female orgasm is associated with genes


The influence of genetics on female sexual health and behavior is actively studied. Scientists have found a correlation between certain gene variants and the age of first intercourse, the ability to orgasm during Masturbation, loyalty partner, severity sexual desire and arousal, readiness to marry and a tendency to frequent change of partners.

In most of these studies, scientists examine genetic variation in the dopamine receptor, which is responsible for our motivation.

There were also genes that determine how much of your sexual Constitution will affect, for example, antidepressants.

If a person falls asleep during times of stress, all because of genes


Narcolepsy is the most well-studied, from a genetic point of view, the disease of all sleep disorders.

Already in 1984 it became known that it is associated with HLA genes (those that play an important role of tissue compatibility in organ transplants). Later it turned out that in the development of narcolepsy contribute and other genes and risk variants, characteristic for the Japanese and Europeans do not always associated with narcolepsy in African-Americans.

Genes prevent to quit Smoking


Genetics does not interfere and does not help to quit Smoking. But how quickly you have formed a bad habit, Yes. The propensity to abuse substances that cause dependence, according to scientific data, 40-60% is genetically determined.

The genes responsible for the sensitivity of the receptors to nicotine: people who have sensitivity is lowered, more prone to the formation of dependence.

Genes determine the degree of aggressiveness of a person


To justify the aggression can never be. No matter what genes you inherited, it is the duty of man to learn to live with them and correct the possible negative influence of the available methods to work on yourself, to seek the advice of a therapist…

But DNA analysis will help you understand whether you have problems at the genetic level, scientists have discovered genes associated with aggressive behavior.

Increased tendency to aggression is associated with variants of the gene CDH13, which is responsible for neural connections in the brain, MAOA, which is involved in the production of dopamine.

If the genome of one and the same person got “aggressive” variants of both genes, the risk of a particularly serious crime increases several times. However, this does not mean that anyone with those things is a criminal from birth.

Depression is associated with genetics


Depression is associated with several tens of genes, including those that affect the serotonin and dopamine receptors, and COMT enzyme responsible for the breakdown of dopamine.

While genetics determines not only the likelihood of disorder, and how effective the action of certain antidepressants.

There are genes cynicism and altruism


Indeed, geneticists have found gene variants that are associated with altruism and other features of the psyche.

This version of the COMT enzyme that destroys dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls emotional sphere. People have different “versions” of the gene COMT: depending on what version you got, you’ll be more or less inclined to sacrifice themselves in the interests of other people.

In addition to altruism, variants of the COMT gene is associated with increased anxiety and anxiety and other behaviors.

Talent and success depend on genes


Or rather, more likely than not. For example, in one study, the “successful” version of the DRD3 gene is almost two times increased the likelihood that a person will have their own business, compared with those who have less “business” option.

Intelligence is more complicated: all the data indicate that intelligence is largely transmitted through the genes, but the identification of specific markers, representing the power of the mind, is hard — too many genetic factors contribute.

However, genetic “tags” a very high IQ to detect still failed. It was also revealed that the intellectual abilities of 5-6 year old children almost do not depend on genetics, but the influence of genes significantly increases with age.

It is therefore very important to pay sufficient attention to the development of cognitive abilities of the child. Athletic achievement and physical fitness are also associated with genetics: genes specify the maximum force of muscle contraction, the limit of their endurance, then, “responds” metabolism for cardio and how fast is the weight gain the abuse of fatty foods, how high probability of fractures, dislocations and torn ligaments.

Found statistical dependence between the genetic code and musical ear, the ability to write correctly, good memory, mathematical abilities. The “right” genes definitely help in achieving success, but, anyway, it all depends on the effort.

Just remember: social factor equally affects the formation of personality and, therefore, hands can not be omitted. As classic said, the soul is obliged to work.

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