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How fun to do fitness every day?

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How fun to do fitness every day?

The contents

  • The basics of proper fitness training
  • Frequency fitness training
  • Optimal schedule of fitness classes

Many people are beginning to sports, ask the question — how often can I train? Some believe that to get good result is enough 2-3 times a week. Some prefer almost free, almost completely surrendering to the training process. So you should still understand whether it is helpful to practice each day and how much time to devote to fitness.

The basics of proper fitness training

For a start, it should be noted that there is an integrated approach that combines proper nutrition, relaxation and fitness workout on various muscle groups of the body. Quite often, those who are involved in sports for a long period, choose a daily workout with one day for rest and recovery. However, this intense regime involves regular massage and the use of various food additives, so most everything is only used among professional athletes.

Nontrinitarianism people who chose fitness classes for weight loss or maintenance, it is better to use a more simple program. It includes cardio and strength exercises. While cardio exercises are physical training of the heart and blood vessels, which increases heartbeat and body is actively saturated with oxygen. Such fitness is especially necessary for those planning to lose weight or just develop endurance and improve the body. The most popular options for cardio are running, swimming and jumping rope.

Strength training, in turn helping to pump various muscle groups and improve the terrain of the body. They can be performed on special simulators, and using a variety of weights — dumbbells, barbells, and even weight of your own body.

With regard to duration of employment, there is need to consider the age, physical condition and individual characteristics of the person. Fitness activity should be sufficient to achieve the planned result, but not excessive, so as not to harm the health. The average sports need to devote about 1 hour a day. Furthermore, large muscle groups should work about 10 times, and the small is 15.

Frequency fitness training

Despite the course objective is weight loss or maintenance — you should maintain a balance between load and rest period. If you do fitness training too often, then the muscles won’t have time for a full recovery. Thus, the body starts to resist the excess stress that can affect not only physical, but also mental. As a result, such highly intensive exercise will not bring any pleasure, but only hurt.

There is also the opposite variant is too rare and irregular fitness workout. In this case, during the long break the body wean from the physical exertion and losing some of the developments. In sports there is the concept of “phase of supercompensation”, which means “optimal load cycle—recovery”, where each subsequent class have a high number of trained bodies. If this point is overlooked too rare training, then their overall effectiveness will be reduced significantly.

It is curious that even professional athletes bodybuilders disagree about the frequency of fitness activities. So, the famous actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says that for best results, you need to exercise twice a day. But not less famous American bodybuilder Mike Mentzer believes that two workouts a week is enough.

In the past, many coaches encouraged their wards daily workout. However, the observations showed that under these conditions the body does not have time to fully recover. Thus, instead of improvement, it is not fully resting and wears out faster. And fall not only power efficiency, and fitness, but there comes a nervous breakdown.

Thus, the muscles need to relax 3 days. However, this figure is somewhat average and depends on many factors — age, physical fitness, sports experience, etc. it is Also noted that different muscles require different time to recover. The smaller the volume of the muscle, the faster it recovers.

For example, legs, muscles, which make up almost half of the total muscle mass of the body, does not require too frequent loads. But muscles account for about 25% of the mass of all muscles of the body, so to restore them you need twice less time. It is also necessary to take into account that muscle groups affect each other, which affects the length of rest.

Optimal schedule of fitness classes

Thus too rare or frequent fitness training will not bring the expected effect. Especially for non-professionals rather simple exercises that help to build athletic and toned body. This works best to do fitness 3-4 times a week. This can be done both at home and in the audience. Thus it is necessary to divide the entire set of exercises and perform them on different days. For example, on one exercise to work the abdominal muscles, and on the other the thighs and legs.

Because the muscles after fitness session is restored about 3 days, split training will allow you to load each muscle group with an optimal frequency — not more than 1 times a week. This will promote active muscle growth, since the phase of supercompensation comes just about a week after the previous exercise. Thus, it is better if each muscle group will be worked on not more than 2 times a week.

Also be aware that sport activities involve a healthy lifestyle, including giving up cigarettes. Because Smoking adversely affects the respiratory system of a person, people with this addiction will be very difficult for a full and without shortness of breath to spend the rest of my fitness training.

Thus, if you make your own set of exercises to develop the right training schedule and give the muscles a rest, the path to the intended target will be easy and enjoyable.

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