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How fitness workouts affect our bodies

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It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the main purpose of any physical activity is to keep yourself in good shape, provide the necessary level of activity, strengthen muscles, and tighten problem areas. However, another important property of fitness is getting rid of stress and depression, maintaining a stable mental and emotional state of a person, producing hormones of joy and pleasure. All that is necessary for this is to find a sporting direction to your liking, which will allow you to form and continue to support your dream figure, and will also bring a sense of complete satisfaction from your work.

The beneficial effects of physical stress on the body

Undoubtedly, regular exercise is the key to maintaining strong physical and mental health. Many adherents of an active lifestyle also note that almost any physical activity helps to get rid of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and obsessive negative states. Moreover, many psychologists advise their clients to begin regular fitness training to increase their own self-esteem and to establish the process of endorphin production.

It is noticed that people who play sports constantly are less susceptible to premature aging than those who do not want to keep fit. Athletes are distinguished by their vigor, healthy complexion, as well as the ability to recover quickly after suffering a serious illness, injury, surgery or a stressful situation.

The benefits of aerobic exercise

The benefits of aerobic exercise

If sports are new to you, it is recommended to start with aerobic exercise, which is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age, level of physical fitness. In this case, the main thing is to correctly determine the intensity of the training.

Cardio exercises are very diverse, so among them everyone will find suitable options for themselves. The most popular of them include:

simultaneous dilution of arms and legs;
walking with high elevation of the knees;
alternate lunges back and forth;
all variations of bepery;
"Exit" in the bar;
alternate leading of the knees to the chest while in the plank pose.

Not inferior in effectiveness to the above exercises and the usual jumping rope, running, skating or roller skating. If, by virtue of age, poor physical fitness or due to a recent illness, intense physical activity does not suit you, try simply walking at a fast pace. Of course, walking is much inferior to running in efficiency, however, it will also serve as an excellent sports start, or as a means to keep fit.

An important feature of aerobic fitness is increasing endurance. This quality will be most welcome in everyday life – for example, during long journeys or business trips.

An important component of the performance of cardio training is the regularity of their conduct. Here it is important not to overdo it: it is necessary to increase the intensity of classes gradually. You also need to remember that the most appropriate time of day to perform aerobic exercise is morning. Therefore, it is recommended to start the next day with a run or other physical activity (preferably in the open air).

Cycling as an effective fitness workout

Of course, not everyone has a bike. Moreover, many people prefer him an exercise bike, which is available in almost every gym. However, it is difficult not to agree that not a single occupation in a closed room can replace a relaxing bike ride through the green surroundings. Some even compare measured pedaling with meditation. And no wonder: the monotony of such movements really helps to restore the nervous system, getting rid of negative thoughts, anxiety.

The duration of such fitness can be only 30 minutes – this is enough to burn a fairly large number of calories (up to 400), as well as strengthen the main muscles of the body. Do not forget that cycling, like any other physical activity, contribute to the development of endorphins, which positively affect the emotional state of a person. At the same time, there is an increase in self-esteem, energy is acquired, clarity of thoughts, a sense of purposefulness.


Many still mistakenly believe that climbing is an extreme sport, suitable only for trained athletes. In fact, this type of physical activity does not threaten the risk of getting any injuries if classes are held under the supervision of an experienced instructor and in compliance with all safety requirements.

Today, climbing is most often regarded as a kind of sports recreation, which helps to develop all the major muscle groups, improve coordination of movements, make the body more flexible and flexible. For those who are afraid of heights, this is the best and safest way to deal with this phobia.

In addition, rock climbing promotes the acquisition of important skills: the ability to quickly make decisions, the development of visual memory, observation, spatial, tactical and strategic thinking. In short, if you are bored with doing regular exercises, be sure to pay attention to the fitness area in question.

The best stress reliever

The best stress reliever

Each of us experiences difficult life situations in different ways. Undoubtedly, the best way to deal with bad mood and inner feelings is to conduct a fitness workout, which will suppress the negative and contribute to reducing the production of stress hormones.

Lovers of quiet rest will like such directions as yoga and callanetics: during such classes you can bring your psychoemotional state back to normal, achieve emotional balance, peace and tranquility. Also, the techniques contribute to the development of proper breathing, which is very useful to everyone in moments of great excitement.

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