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How fast to build muscle?

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Many people dream of a beautiful relief body. To achieve a positive result, you must put a lot of effort. Together, let us consider what exercises will help to make the body more muscular.

How to determine the number of classes?

The first thing you need to determine the number of classes per week. Good effect really even achieve with the training once, the burden on the muscle groups a lot of exercises and repetitions.

Another variant of the training week from Monday to Friday:

  • The pectoral muscles.
  • The muscle fibers of the back.
  • Of the shoulder girdle.
  • The muscles of the legs.
  • The muscle fibers of hands.
  • When you workout 1 muscle group 1 time per 7 days increases protein synthesis for 1 or 2 days after power loads.

    After 1.5 hours he normalizerbase.

    There are several options for training programs a week.

    Classes 3 times a week in a day

    Training can be conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thus the program for muscle is constructed as follows:

  • Monday pumped muscles.
  • On Tuesday a legitimate break.
  • On Wednesday, the training of all muscle groups.
  • Thursday a legitimate break.
  • On Friday, pumped all the muscles.
  • On Saturday legitimate break.
  • Sunday we treat ourselves to a day off.
  • 4 times a week

    The principle “up-down”. Thanks to this rule of classes each muscle group muscles pumped 2 times a week. Let us consider the program of training:

  • Monday pumped upper body.
  • On Tuesday, pay attention to the bottom.
  • On Wednesday, a legitimate break.
  • Thursday is pumped to the top of the body.
  • On Friday pay attention to the bottom.
  • On Saturday legitimate break.
  • Sunday – your legal holiday.
  • Training “push-pull and legs”

    Training is held 3-4 times a week.


  • Monday – included iMovie exercises for chest muscles, shoulder girdle, triceps.
  • On Tuesday, the focus of traction for back and biceps.
  • Wednesday – legal holiday.
  • Thursday is the leveling legs.
  • Friday rest.
  • Saturday – program starts at step 1.
  • It is important to choose the proper weight.

    Exercises for fast muscle gain

    A quick set of muscle mass is not possible without basic exercises.They imply the use of large weights. Let’s look at exercises for mass:

    • Horizontal iMovie. This can be a press of a bar lying on a horizontal or inclined bench. It should comply with the main requirement is that the angle of thirty degrees. Plus, doing dumbbell bench press on the same principle. Effective exercises are push-UPS.
    • Vertical iMovie. Perform the bench press bar in a standing position. Also shake dumbbell, standing and sitting.
    • Horizontal traction. This includes the traction unit to the belt. Also doing exercise with dumbbells and pull-UPS in the supine position on low set bar.
    • Vertical traction. Are the group exercises pull-UPS, and pull the upper block to the chest, BUT we recommend that you do with a narrow reverse grip.
    • To work out the quadriceps. Perform squats, split squats and leg press.
    • For the study the muscle fibers of the hamstring. The program should include the classic deadlift. To complicate the training, add to it the Romanian deadlifts and the leg curl on the machine.

    The number of sets and repetitions depends on your physical capabilities. It is better to do less time, but adhering to the correct techniques. Weight increase gradually. With these weights you should perform 5-8 repetitions. Between sets should do the rest for one or two minutes. So the muscles can rest and recover for the next exercise.

    Do not make movement to muscular failure. Thus it is possible to get injured. When the deadlift is not necessary to round the lower back.

    Every exercise necessary to achieve metabolic fatigue – burning sensation in the muscle fibers. Muscles are pumped and it seems that they will explode. To achieve this state is possible in several ways:

    • Implementation of a large number of approaches with a high number of repetitions with little rest for a minute or two.
    • Training with the use of harnesses. Thus the limited circulation and there will be metabolic fatigue.
    • The use of drop-sets.

    Exercises with your weight and otnositelnye to perform better with low speed at a moderate pace. In the rest of the movement is to perform it quickly.

    To achieve a positive result, it is important to draw up a training plan. To do this, you can keep a diary. It is also necessary to arrange fasting seven days every 3-9 weeks of classes.

    If you are gaining muscle mass, you should increase the number of consumed calories a day at 250. During the day and training it is important to drink a lot of water.

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